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Irresistible charm.
The author’s reading hall content brief introduction. Asking for people also has skills.
Conquer the other party with morality or human heart.
Whether to beg in every possible way or skillfully, as long as the goal can be achieved, asking for help by any means also requires enough patience, perseverance, thick skin and strong self-esteem to affirm this book The book is collected and produced by 80 e-books from the Internet. It is only for preview, exchange and learning.
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To download the book, please log in to 80 e-book Chapter 1: Conquering people’s hearts when asking for help, becoming famous, a certain headmaster must hide around every month, before the new semester starts The headmaster of the related household who wrote the note is young, but the school is well run.
The school’s teaching quality is good. The enrollment rate is like a dog’s thermometer. It goes up and even overshadows the key schools. The reputation of the outside world is uninvited. Gods from all walks of life want to send their children. Come to cast dragons and phoenixes, so the problem arises, who is the best child for the little Bodhisattvas? He asked two very responsible guards to block all the related accounts, but the phone could not be blocked, so he stipulated that all calls to the principal should be answered.
The principal went to a meeting.
Once the principal’s wife called and asked the principal to answer the phone. I don’t know if the other party has a bad temper.
How old are you? The principal will report to you during the meeting. The principal’s wife said, of course, otherwise he doesn’t want to eat. After a few years, the other party seems to have realized who you are. The principal’s wife replied confidently that I am his wife.
Seeing that the school is heavily guarded and fortified, there is no gap to drill, so he changed the direction of attack and went straight to the principal’s house. The principal was too paralyzed and underestimated the enemy.
Avoidance tactics at school When the doorbell rings, let the wife or daughter open the door to see unfamiliar faces, and always answer that the principal is not at home and go to the school to find something, and then shut all troubles out of the door with a bang, but soon meet a hard-boned spirit The boy, he heard that the principal was not at home, he laughed and I sat at the door and waited for him to finish speaking.
He really sat down on the steps of the corridor. The principal’s wife didn’t take it seriously and closed the door to do her own thing. At the end, the principal’s wife noticed something moving outside the door, opened the door and saw the young man still sitting on the steps, why don’t you go home and wait for the principal? I think no matter how busy the principal is, he will always go home to sleep, but sometimes he may not come back to the principal’s wife. I thought this sentence might defeat the young man’s determination. That’s okay.
Anyway, I won’t see the principal today, and my wife won’t let me go home to sleep.
The principal’s wife realizes the seriousness of the matter and closes the door. The principal made a report. Obviously, if the young man is really allowed to sit outside the door overnight, then the impact will be bad for the neighbors to see.
Besides, almost all the principals and deans of the schools live in this dormitory. If it spreads out, it will damage the image of the principal. It’s not appropriate for the young man to come in, not to mention that he has already lied to him that the principal is not at home. You let him sit at the door and wait for hours, and now he suddenly falls from the sky and sits at home. Wouldn’t it make him happy? Besides, who is behind this young man? Knowing what to do if someone catches the handle, the headmaster is in a dilemma, going back and forth in the house like a caged animal, finally the headmaster had an idea and came up with a way to turn down from the balcony. Already in the courtyard, the headmaster wiped the dirt off his body, picked up the briefcase dropped by his wife, twirled it with his arms, and walked around the yard twice, then climbed up the stairs as if he had just left work, and saw the young man sitting on the steps, pretending to be surprised. What are you doing here, young man, I saw him tearful, principal, I will wait for you.
As mentioned above, this young man achieved his goal of begging for help by sitting on the floor. One of the most effective seeking tactics.
Bubbling mushrooms is a special seeking technique.
It can strive for positive effects in a negative form. It can show your determination and perseverance not to give up until you reach your goal.
Putting pressure on the other party can also increase the chance of contact to fully demonstrate.
One’s own attitude, thoughts and feelings are used to influence the attitude of the other party to achieve the success of asking for help. This tactic seems simple.
The knowledge inside is not everyone can do it well.
Therefore, it is necessary to tell you the following tricks. Be longer than self-control and patience. It is the premise and foundation of bubble mushrooms.
When the progress is blocked and there is a stalemate, people’s immediate reaction is usually to be irritable, frustrated, annoyed or even angry. However, this does not help the resolution of the matter. You should rationally control yourself and adopt a patient attitude. At this time, what patience shows is The understanding of the other party’s situation is the expectation of the turning point and the confidence in the success of seeking someone. With this state of mind, you can put yourself in a strong position mentally, and you can mobilize all your ingenuity and wisdom to find ways to break through the deadlock. It does not hesitate to consume a certain amount of time. From another point of view, bubble mushrooms consume time, and time is just a weapon. Time is precious to everyone. People can’t afford time, so if you put it away with enough patience When confronting the opponent with a posture of playing a protracted war, it will shock the opponent’s psychology, and the confrontation will be enough to promote its change. In fact, it will speed up the work, so you have to calm down and sacrifice a little time patiently.