Open your mouth and say that your hands can’t do anything you shouldn’t fall down here the world is where you should be are you

Xia Tian looked at the audience, which could accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. At this time, all the people were crowded with people, and none of them made a single sound.
Obviously, they were all preparing to wait for him to speak on stage. In the final game of the World Championship, he used his sharp operation and coquettish positioning to win the victory with the eye-catching achievement of killing assists. Although it was only his first appearance in a world-class event, the amazing pentakill at the end is definitely a textbook-level operation. Let’s invite Our summer classmate came to the stage and the host introduced the honors obtained in the summer world competition with a high voice The player got to this position thanks to his hard work that no one has ever done before, and he will never forget that he played games silently day after day in a rented house, and only then did he develop a skill far superior to others Xia Tian coughed slightly With a smile on his lips, he just wanted to stand up and walk onto the stage to say his favorite sentence. The king is not a coincidence. You can also be honored. Holding Xia Tian with both hands, the hands holding Xia Xia are so crystal clear and white as fat.
The owner’s big eyes were filled with tears, apparently moved by the Goddess Xia Tian’s slight smile, tears flowed down Xia Tian’s chest again, and now Xia Tian really wanted to say something, life is so wonderful, it’s just that I showed it a little Fame and fortune are all beauties haha ​​Haha Wei Wei pushes the beauty’s little hand aside, but how can beauty prevent her from becoming the world’s e-sports god? Xia Tian looked at the host who was smiling at her on the stage, and a surge of emotion suddenly rose in her heart. Today I want to prove that I will become the most eye-catching person in the world in summer. Oh, what’s the matter? I haven’t waited for Xia Tian to reach the podium. The giant e-sports themed pavilion that could hold 100,000 people is gradually disappearing. I jumped up and couldn’t help but looked around.
What I saw was a white room full of disinfectant smell.
A dilapidated TV was broadcasting a news channel. Because my head hurts in summer, I couldn’t hear the host on the TV.
I was talking about something, but I vaguely saw a game video playing on the TV, and the content looked so similar to King of Glory. The fifth season of King of Glory has entered the end. Are you in front of the screen? One billion people have become a world-class game.
As the pace of life accelerates, ordinary games have gradually disappeared in front of us, and this fast-paced mobile game domination has become inevitable. The world e-sports organization has applied for this game to be changed to an Olympic event.
A person in charge said that it was very hopeful. The news on the screen quickly broadcasted Xia Tian, ​​but he fell into confusion. He remembered that after he won the world championship, his captain invited him to dinner, poured himself a lot of wine on the dinner table, and finally stimulated himself. drive back hehe it’s cold in summer Laughing at myself, the captain of the team looks very kind, but I know that this is probably his own disguise.
He clearly knows that he can’t drink, but he pours himself on himself, and even forcefully helps him into the car at the end to let him drive back. The captain I have always admired is probably afraid of himself. Grabbed his position, after all, the team is now centered on himself. Investors have long intended to give him the position of captain, but Xia Tian politely refused on the grounds that his captain took good care of him on weekdays, but now hehe Xia I still don’t know that I have been calculated.
Xia Tian took a break and looked around the room. Although the scene around this room is similar to my original world, I can also see some clues.
For example, I have never seen the brand of the TV next to it.
And the brown mobile phone on my desk with a smiley face drawn on it, what brand is this rice mobile phone, especially the air conditioner in the room, it says the top 50 bald brothers in the world, this is teasing me, the worn-out TV is narrow and musty I felt a dull pain in my head on the bed.
I touched it, and it seemed that I was injured. This is through Xia Tian, ​​and I couldn’t help muttering that at this moment, there was a sudden sharp pain in my head.
Waiting for a moment, Xia Tian raised his head, and the confusion in his eyes gradually disappeared.
I really traveled through Xia Tian and murmured this sentence, just now a lot of things suddenly appeared in my mind Living now, I can be sure that I have indeed crossed, but it’s okay to cross, Xia Tian laughed at herself, the expected sadness of being far away from the original world, I am not like the one in my previous life, I played games all day long, and I was alone until the end No family, no love. Now that I think about it, I’m actually not happy.
Apart from burying myself in the game and using the game to pass my time, I actually have nothing. I sighed and Xia Tian slowly stuffed the quilt under my bed. Right now, I have to get out of this hospital first.
That’s right, it should be a hospital, and it’s a small hospital. Even the nurses didn’t think about it. When I was the world champion, I was surrounded by a large group of nurses.
Released a few times from the mobile phone, the nurse wrapped her hands in a warm towel, and the top nursing masseuse began to knead slowly with her soft little hands on her fingers. Kneading while using her The ecstatic eyes looked at him as if as soon as Xia Tian hooked his fingers, he would take off his clothes and pounce on him.