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In April, the light rain in Qingming took no time to fall, and the new vegetation was shrouded in the misty rain. Through the rain, one can imagine that after the rain, there will be a piece of grass and green fields, and the spring is here. Everyone in the cemetery was a little breathless due to the unobtrusive depression. The fine silver thread hit the girl’s fair face and merged with the hot tears, making her cheeks paler and paler. Looking at the juxtaposed on the cold tombstone The two names, Hao Yaoxue, knew that the two people who loved her the most in this world were completely gone. Every guest present looked at the last bit of flesh and blood left by the Hao family, who once ruled the city, with sympathy. Who among her peers doesn’t envy her as a young girl? Her appearance is still a bit green, but her brows and eyes reveal classical elegance, which is enough to turn all living beings. If there is no accident, this beautiful girl must have a smooth and rich life.
Those ordinary people have experienced all kinds of flavors in life. It’s a pity that Hao Yaoxue doesn’t need to experience it at all.
It’s a pity that once his family is ruined and his family is destroyed. The sadness and life insights inside can be followed by Mr. Cao Mengruan.
How can we not make people sigh and sigh for her? Hao Zhiguo’s company accounts had been thoroughly investigated before his death. Even if there hadn’t been the subsequent accident of falling off a cliff, he would have ended up in jail.
If he walked away like this, he ended up clean, and he left his only daughter with a good reputation.
Is there a debt at that price? Today I went first to the Hao family mansion. The entire building was seized.
I heard that it will be auctioned in two days, but it is not enough for Hao Zhiguo to leave a mess. This series of accidents has already exceeded the limit that an eighteen-year-old can bear, and this morning she was invited out of the place that used to be her home before she could even pack her luggage. The future road seems to lead to an unpredictable distance.
Looking at the photos of her father and mother on the tombstone, she silently prayed in her heart to give their daughter more strength, but she knew that no matter how frightened her heart was at this time, she had to clean up the moment she turned around, and she couldn’t leave even a trace of embarrassment behind, because not only was there behind her. It’s family, friends, and father’s enemy. Tigers, leopards, and wolves.
If they want to see a broken girl as a sideshow, she won’t let them go.
And the chuckle stopped suddenly, as if something clamped the throats of these schadenfreudes, took the handkerchief handed over by Aunt Zhang, the nanny beside him, wiped off the wetness on his cheeks, took a deep breath, Hao Yaoxue turned slowly Turning around, I don’t know when a tall man was standing quietly behind her. The man was obviously of mixed race. His overly pale skin made his hair appear darker. His three-dimensional outline made his amber eyes deeper and quieter. This is a man.
The man with the elegant and dangerous aura of Count Dracula clearly saw the person coming Hao Yaoxue only felt that the calmness that he thought he was fully armed with was no match for the meaningful glance of this man exuding a terrifying aura. A short, thick fat man in the crowd saw the man’s eyes that were squeezed into a slit by grease, and his eyes suddenly brightened twice. With a smile on his face, Quan stepped forward and held the man’s hand. Whoops, I never expected to meet you here. I made an appointment with your secretary for half a month last time, but you are always too busy. The fat man is still holding on. It was close, but the man didn’t even look at him, he had already pulled out his hand, slowly took off the glove on his hand and threw it to the assistant next to him, then took the wet towel handed over and wiped his hands, the face of the fat man It suddenly became a pickle in a sauce jar, his hands hanging in mid-air, he was so embarrassed that he didn’t know how to look good, but the people next to him snickered and wanted to flatter them, and they didn’t do their homework well.
After wiping their hands, the assistant next to them handed over a bouquet of flowers. When Hao Yaoxue saw the flowers wrapped in exquisite wrapping paper, she couldn’t help being surprised. The flowers were freshly cut.
How many flowers have not yet been cut? The petals are fully unfolded. Perhaps only Hao Yaoxue, who was influenced by her mother and loves gardening, knew that the seemingly inconspicuous bouquet of purple flowers with golden rims was a newly bred lily variety with a high market value. It was the first in the catalog at the auction back then. When Hao Yaoxue saw it in person, her heart was so moved. Dad smiled and said that he would definitely take a photo of it and give it to his daughter.
But in the end, the flower was never seen on the auction stage. After inquiring, he found out that the flower had been bought by a mysterious buyer at a high price. When I left, I withdrew from the auction catalog at the moment.
Hao Zhiguo was a master who would spend a lot of money to make his wife and daughter smile.
But when he heard that this new lily variety was bought at an unbelievably high price, he shook his head with regret.
No wonder the auction house. It will violate the rules and ship ahead of time.
Although the flowers and plants are expensive, if it is not some famous flowers like Ganoderma lucidum and fairy grass that can cure diseases and save lives, even if they are hyped by others with deliberate push, if they can be sold for hundreds of thousands, it will be a sky-high price.
Hao Yaoxue knows that although Dad loves it The woman is eager, but he is also self-made, and he knows that it is not easy to accumulate wealth. Like that unknown bully, he spent nearly five million to buy a flower to keep at home.
This is not in line with the Hao family’s family motto, so she was relieved at the time.
Even if Dad didn’t win the auction, it’s good, otherwise he’s a prodigal, but this local tyrant who bought flowers later, when Dad wasn’t paying attention, when she looked at the photo of the delicate flower in the catalog, she still thought, I hope this is a person who cherishes flowers. Look at it now. Coming here, the flower is regarded as an unlucky person, no matter how noble it is, the fragrance of the flower is overwhelming, and now it has been cut off without mercy. I didn’t expect that the person who bought this flower would be him at this moment.