Only such a reward is worthy of a sea The Emperor of Thieves and his subordinates the Dragon Emperor Sabo offers a bounty of 2

Chapter 1 Random System In the dark night, a waning moon hangs high above the stars, and under the starry sky, the sea is rarely calm. A huge sea ship is quietly docking on the coast of a small island.
This sea ship is quite ordinary. The only thing that stands out is the engraving of the dragon head on the bow. Except for a few night watchmen, everyone else on the boat has fallen asleep. In the ward in the cabin, a blond boy with many bandages on his body is lying quietly on the boat.
Apparently he was injured and unconscious. At this moment, the boy frowned and opened his eyes, his eyes filled with shock.
After struggling, he wanted to sit up. Suddenly, a sharp pain spread throughout his body.
Only then did he realize.
He was covered in bandages all over his body.
It looked like he was seriously injured. The movement just now affected the wound and caused severe pain. Seeing this, the young man simply stopped moving.
Then he showed a confused look and muttered to himself, didn’t Uchiha Shisui cross over into the river and commit suicide? His eyes should be gone. How can I still see this? It sounds strange, but it’s actually not strange at all. The body of the blond boy is the same as before, but the soul is no longer there.
He is a young man from the earth. He was possessed by a random system when he was playing a web game.
It’s also random, but when he randomly selected the time-traveling identity, the last thing he saw clearly was the Hokage world Uchiha Shisui threw himself into the river, but why the body seems to be a little smaller, even the eyes are still there It’s a little strange. Congratulations to the host for time-traveling Successful current world One Piece current identity Sabo is now starting to fuse the soul of the original Sabo The soul fusion is successful The random system is officially launched and the distribution of random gift packages for newbies I wish the host a good time Goodbye Suddenly there is an extra memory in my mind that does not belong to me What I have experienced is really amazing.
This should be the effect of soul fusion. Not only does it not cause any discomfort, but it feels quite comfortable.
After learning about his current situation, he can only accept his new identity. Sabo’s name is not bad.
It’s pretty good, at least it’s better than crossing into Zhishui. If it’s a normal Zhishui, he’d certainly like it, but the Zhishui who threw himself into the river has lost his eyes. If he crosses over, whether he can survive is still a big question.
Now it’s Sabo.
Not bad.
The time of crossing happened to be when Sabo was ten years old and secretly went to sea. However, Sabo was unlucky and happened to meet a Celestial Dragon who came to the Kingdom of Goa.
He was bombarded by a Celestial Dragon and was seriously injured. Fortunately, he was given by Luffy’s father Monkey Dragon. That’s how Sabo joined the Revolutionary Army. Although Sabo is no longer the original Sabo, he still doesn’t reject the Revolutionary Army. In the world of One Piece, the world government, navy king, Shichibukai, Four Emperors Revolutionary Army and countless other revolutionary forces The situation is the best, not to mention that he is now In this situation, joining the Revolutionary Army is also the best choice. Sabo looked around and felt the slight shaking from time to time. He can basically conclude that he is now on the boat. It should not be long before he was woken up by Luffy’s father because he crossed. According to the story of One Piece, Sabo joined the Revolutionary Army after losing his memory, and then slowly became the second in the Revolutionary Army. It is a pity that he missed Ace’s execution but Also used this to restore the memory, reunited with Luffy two years later, and inherited Ace’s burnt fruit, and his strength was improved again to a proper general level. According to this road, Sabo also thinks it’s pretty good.
Although the theme of One Piece’s world is pirates, That’s an anime, but what he’s facing now is a real world. Being a pirate can be said to be in crisis, and Sabo is more reluctant to die.
What he wants to do now is to hug Luffy’s father’s thigh, at least until he has a certain strength. Consider whether to be a pirate for fun. Of course, there is one thing that attracts Sabo more now, and that is the goddamn random system.
It is the culprit that caused him to travel to such a dangerous world as One Piece. Originally, he lived a good life.
Buy it I bought a house, bought a car, and had a small deposit. I was only short of a girlfriend, and my life was perfect. All of this came to naught. The name of the random system sounds a bit unreliable. Saab always feels like he has been cheated, but there is It’s better than nothing, at least after crossing over to this system, a gift package for beginners was given, which is quite warm. Now he can’t wait to check this system. With a thought, a virtual translucent interface appeared in front of Sabo. This is the system interface of the random system. Only Sabo himself can see the system interface. The system interface is very simple. There is only one host module, one mission module and one lottery module, but it is simple.
In addition, the interface is still flashing.
This big gift box should be the so-called novice. The big gift bag is ready, Sabo opened this novice gift bag as soon as he was tempted, and the voice of the system rang in his mind. The novice random gift bag is opened. One to five novice rewards are randomly selected. During the reward draw, congratulations to the host for obtaining a passive skill, tenacity, and chakra refining. Art, Sabo, I don’t know what to say.
Well, one to five novice rewards are a good deal, but I only got two of them. What the hell are these two drawn? They are indeed novice rewards. Toughness may not be clear to many people, but when it comes to the Great Garen in League of Legends, many people probably know that this toughness is his passive skill, which can accelerate the recovery of health when he is not attacked for a period of time.