Only people can truly understand that the sages didnt pay attention to the chess piece of the world but saw it under the guidance of

Do righteous things with a graceful posture Insidious, the fast-flowing water of Huaguo Mountain roars along the cliffs, and the sound of the water rushes down countless water flowers. At the source of the waterfall, there is a steep cliff with a tall and straight pine tree.
If you have the ability to get into the waterfall and find the source, we will worship it as king.
The monkeys made such an appointment, but no one dared to jump into the waterfall to feed a female monkey. She raised her head and shouted to the pine tree. Didn’t you say you dared to jump? Of course I dared to jump from the tree. Sitting on it is a stone monkey dangling on the tree trunk, with two hairy legs and a swollen face, waiting for me to finish eating the watermelon.
He held the watermelon and swiped his mouth from left to right, and his face was filled with fresh juice after a while. The seeds were spat out by him like a machine gun.
In a blink of an eye, only the melon rind was left in the hands of the stone monkey. The stone monkey threw the melon rind aside and jumped down from the pine tree. Look, my stone monkey walked to the edge of the cliff and suddenly A strange wind came, water waves hit the rocks, and the stone monkey was drenched. The other monkeys were frightened.
The stone monkey has never been afraid of anything.
The waterfall is gone.
The group of monkeys exclaimed. A few old monkeys with a bad heart are so frightened that their legs are weak. That guy really jumped. He must be dead.
The stone monkey rushed into the waterfall. There is a strange hole in it. He shook the water drops on his body and looked carefully, it turned out that the water under the iron bridge rushed up the cliff wall and flowed upside down to cover the entrance of the cave, turning into a waterfall. The stone monkey’s eyes suddenly lit up.
Huge and incomparable stone caves appeared in front of them.
There were many natural stone seats and stone beds in the caves.
The stone monkeys were dazzled and surprised. The air here is as comfortable as spring. There are still some green bamboos, plum blossoms, and even a few tall and straight pine trees. The stone monkey found a stone tablet at the entrance of the cave with two lines of words engraved on it.
After running for a few steps, the monkey suddenly stumbled over a stone, its center of gravity was unsteady, and fell to the ground fiercely.
Something disturbed me. The stone monkey stood up, clutching its head. He looked at the ground, and it turned out to be a square stone.
Ten thousand and nine thousand years later, there is a strange word engraved on the stone.
Don’t stand in the way. The stone monkey picked up the stone and threw it vigorously.
Unexpectedly, the stone suddenly hit him on the head with lightning speed.
Oh, the stone monkey. I passed out with a bang. I don’t know how long it took.
The stone monkey woke up in a daze. When he looked around again, he couldn’t find the stone anymore. Where did that guy go? The group of monkeys outside the Shuiliandong Waterfall is searching for the stone monkey’s body. It’s over and nothing is found. It must have fallen into a deep pool. Its body may have rushed into the big pond. Let’s pick some flowers for it. The monkeys started talking about how to make a funeral for the stone monkey.
Suddenly, a familiar figure jumped out of the waterfall. Damn, the monkeys were scared and ran around.
Don’t run, don’t run. The stone monkey shouted loudly. There is a cave inside the waterfall.
He described the appearance of the Water Curtain Cave to the frightened monkeys. After hearing this, the monkeys scratched their ears and scratched their cheeks.
There is such a good place. Come in and show us the stone monkeys.
Without hesitation, they jumped into the waterfall again.
Some daring monkeys immediately followed him and jumped in, while the timid ones jumped in after a while of hesitation. The monkeys went into the water curtain cave, grabbed pots, bowls, seats, and beds, and moved around.
Tired of playing, the stone monkeys gradually stopped sitting in high positions. You all said that the monkeys who have the ability to come in worship him as the king. I have done it now.
Why don’t you worship me as the king? The monkey group heard that there was no monkey objection.
They lined up one by one.
The stone monkey knelt down and proclaimed the king. After the king knelt down, an old monkey took the initiative to show courteousness.
Since you are the king, it is inappropriate to continue to be called the stone monkey. Why don’t you call it another name? The stone monkey is a little happy. He looks like there is no stone on his body, his whole body is golden, his features are beautiful, his eyes are beautiful, so he is handsome, why not call him the Monkey King? The old monkey said that other monkeys jumped up happily when they heard it. The title is not bad, I will call it the Monkey King from now on. The group of monkeys had a king and immediately picked flowers and fruits from the mountains and held a wedding banquet to celebrate the Monkey King. I saw that stone again. Okay, I said where have you been? It turned out to be hidden in my head. The stone monkey grabbed the stone, but found that the stone was no longer a stone, but a real book.
Once I saw the book, the stone monkey was blessed like a heart. Even at a glance, I can understand the text on the cover.
The global history, from prehistory to the century. The stone monkey touched his head, opened the book, and read it.
There are no words in the book. It will become a book 49,000 years later, and it will appear in the stone monkey’s dream.
The monkey’s outlook on life has been completely changed by these books. A civilized and prosperous future world is presented to him. The stone monkey is hungry and thirsty. Absorb the knowledge in the book, but as the knowledge increases, the doubts in the stone monkey’s heart become bigger. Why will there be no gods, no monsters, only humans after 49,000 years? Use the knowledge from the Heavenly Book to do something big. When the Stone Monkey was planning to do something big, the appearance of the Heavenly Book changed again.
What book is this? The Stone Monkey in the dream opened the book and read it.