Only fifteen hours have passed since the beginning that is to say the national defense army led by Wang Yaowu marched at a speed of

Occasionally obtained a super military design system All kinds of super-era weapons emerged one after another In the early spring, there was rain falling from the sky, and the weather was slightly cool.
One couldn’t help but feel a chill. A cruise ship outside the port of Yingcheng made a long whining sound. A young man who was holding the railing on the cruise ship wrapped himself tightly around his body.
Xia Yanhuang didn’t expect that I, Zhang Zongqing, would travel to this world.
The young man stretched out his hand to catch the rain falling from the sky, and his heart was dark. Thinking about it, he was the youngest major general in Huaguo in the Century. He accidentally crossed the river of time during a certain exercise. When Zhang Zongqing opened his eyes again, he had already become the second son of Marshal Zhang in Fengtian City. I also spent two years at the West Point Military Academy in the United States, where Zhang Zongqing fought the future General Patton, and the future General Aishen Howell beat the future General Mike Ashi by the wrist. Zhang Zongqing of the National Military Academy even drank with Long Meier and deduced the tactics of cracking the Maginot Line with Man Shistein. Until today, he is about to set foot on the land he has been away for a long time. At this time, his mood can be said to be mixed. But Chen is more excited. After merging memories, Zhang Zongqing knows that his weight in the hearts of Marshal Zhang and all the generals of Fengjun is as stable as Mount Tai. Almost no one can challenge Zhang Zongqing’s position in the hearts of everyone. Not only his identity, but also his ability Even Zhang Hanqing, the eldest son Zhang Dashuai liked very much, didn’t dare to raise his head in front of Zhang Zongqing. What can I ask for if it wasn’t for Zhang Zongqing, a young man who insisted on going to the United States to study at West Point Military Academy, trying to find a way for this declining country? He has already taken charge of the military power of Fengjun. Now that he is back as king, this country is destined to develop in a different direction. Zhang Zongqing opened his eyes. My own right hand catches the rain falling from the sky, with a confident super military weapon design system matching completed, loading and successfully binding the host to issue a novice gift package, please accept the host as a traverser to get the assistance of the system, it is normal, but it is just Zhang Zongqing I didn’t expect to be in this world for a few years and only bound to the system Super Military Design System What would the novice gift pack that the system give me be? Open the novice gift pack Zhang Zongqing directly ordered the novice gift pack to open with a single thought. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the design blueprint of the Mauser rifle After the voice of the system fell, a golden light disappeared into Zhang Zongqing’s mind. Zhang Zongqing grasped the design blueprint of this classic rifle that was only in service in China in 2009. You must know that this classic rifle in China is still active in some battlefields even in the century.
This With such an artifact in hand, the combat effectiveness of the army will definitely be greatly improved. Mr.
Zhang, you told me yesterday that there will be a battle between Hua and Japan. I strongly agree with it. It’s just that the poor and weak Hua country can only defeat the Japanese country through a protracted war of attrition? The middle-aged man has a military style.
His name is Jiang Baili. He used to be the principal of Baoning Military Academy. Direction This place has the best military factories, batches of excellent military designers, aircraft and tanks. If you can make good use of it, you can completely keep Japanese slaves out of the country. Mr.
Jiang, if you want, you can come here anytime and talk to me After the cruise ship docked, Zhang Zongqing carried a suitcase and held an umbrella and walked on.
I don’t know where Mr.
Zhang lives. He will definitely come to visit Zhang Zongqing. He waved his hand and said, Dashuai Zhang, my father, I’m his second son. Mr. Zhang Zongqing will find me easily After finishing speaking, Zhang Zongqing disappeared into the rain curtain without looking back. After hearing this sentence, Jiang Baili was shocked.
The woman beside him supported Zhang Zongqing who was pale. Thinking that it was him, he actually learned to go back to China. Jiang Baili couldn’t help talking, and Zhang Zongqing on the other side quickly took the train, rickshaw and other means of transportation to the long-lost Zhang’s mansion. Just then, there was a porter who yawned and trotted over and opened the gate of Zhang’s mansion. The guy who came there, the Marshal and the Marshal, are not going back now, right? The concierge is new. The second son asked my father’s Mrs. Zhao, Mrs. Lu, Mrs. Xu, the others, and my younger brothers and sisters to come out to see me and say that Zhang Zongqing is back. Zhang Zongqing’s tone was flat but with a strong military style.
The butler first ran over in a panic and before bowing to Zhang Zongqing, the old butler slapped the new concierge fiercely.
This is a dog who looks down on people.
This is after the second son finished speaking.
Second son, I really didn’t expect you to come back so soon.
When the old butler was talking, the porter lost his soul and knelt down with a plop. Zhang Zongqing took a look at the porter and didn’t say anything. The moving wives of the various houses dragged Zhang Zongqing’s younger siblings out one after another. Zongqing is Zongqing is back. Zongqing, your father is not on the front line to oversee the army? His face quickly darkened