One step forward two steps forward the sound of the wind gradually weakens and in the noisy environment several high and low laughs become more

In the evening, a dense drizzle began to fall outside the window, making the city’s already not strong New Year’s atmosphere even lighter.
The clouds were nestled on the big soft bed, and the quilt was tightly wrapped. It didn’t take long for her to wake up from the cold, and there was a thick blackness in front of her eyes. Now her biological clock is chaotic, and she can’t tell the difference between day and night, morning and evening. Putting on home clothes, Yun Rao rubbed her eyes and walked slowly to the living room.
The living room wall is covered with Chinese New Year stickers. There is a red blessing hanging on the bed, dressed up beamingly, sitting in the center of the sofa is a young man wearing a tracksuit, two long legs that have no place to rest, overlapping, pupils dark black, one eyebrow raised when he saw her, and he woke up the man With a sense of laziness, I turned my head and called out to the kitchen, Mom and Dad, your returnees have come out, the stir-fried pork liver on the kitchen stove is getting its juices, and the smell of meat is overflowing.
The smile on his face was brighter than the flames, and he rushed out.
Yun Lei had no choice but to stay in front of the stove, while stirring the pot, his body slightly raised back, his eyes followed his wife, and slipped to the living room. My daughter can’t see the time on the TV. It’s now the last day of the Lunar New Year.
Yun Rao spent it in her sleep. It’s so comfortable to go home. She stretched her shoulders and yawned very contentedly. The sky was still cloudy and cold.
It’s raining, but the house is as warm as a warm spring. Jiang Na is pulling her daughter and nagging her.
Out of the corner of her eye, she catches a glimpse of someone on the sofa.
Her expression turns 180 degrees in an instant. Yun Shen, our sofa is made of real leather.
Did you come back from playing and take a shower? Yun Shen just close your eyes. Mom, let me rest for a while.
Jiang Na looks at him like that.
My sister just returned to China yesterday.
Accompanying her, she sleeps from morning to night without the sound of firecrackers waking up.
Yun Shen suddenly pulls up the corners of his lips.
It’s rare for Jin Ze to ask us to play ball, not to mention New Year’s Eve.
It’s wedding night in the bridal chamber. Didn’t continue to go crazy, you saw Jin Ze, ah, isn’t he very handsome now? How about the double winner of the Venice Film Awards went out? Hundreds of bodyguards followed dozens of luxury cars to escort the whole city to guard.
Jiang Na opened her mouth. God, Yun Shen suddenly laughed, Mom, why are you so easy to lie to Jiang Na, he just drove a car, very low-key, the parking spaces around the venue were full, he even called me to ask where I could park nearby, and the wall-mounted TV was playing cross talk The sound of the conversations between you and me adds a bit of noise to the already lively living room.
Yun Rao suddenly fell silent.
Standing in such an environment like a background board strayed into it, she seemed a little lost. My brother played basketball all afternoon. This feeling is like a shooting star that once could only be seen from a distance and belonged to the vast deep space. Suddenly, it fell into the deep cloud of the night sky that was within reach.
Finally, I was ready to take a bath.
When I walked up to my sister, he suddenly stretched out his hand.
Flick her head, what do idiots think, Yun Rao blinks I don’t have anything to think about right now. The scene of you talking on the phone with a big star is really envious. Yun Shen just stopped and said to her that I didn’t save his number. The phone showed a strange call, but I recognized it at a glance. It was the phone number he memorized in high school. I still remember it to this day. Unexpectedly, he has not changed his number for so many years.
Jiang Na interjected. Your sister was the same when she was a child. She would write down her friend’s phone number silently and paste it on the wall.
Yun Shen squinted at her.
After chatting, if it weren’t for us, we only have the old man’s mobile phone, so we can carry so many phone calls.
Jiang Na threw her son into the bathroom like throwing garbage, and slammed the door. Yun Lei and Jiang Na are both chefs.
It’s been 30 years since our trip.
The New Year’s Eve coincided with the time when my daughter came back from studying abroad. They cooked a table of delicious food.
The scene was comparable to a state banquet.
After being seated, the first chopstick Yun Shen picked up a piece of braised abalone for her younger sister. Welcome home Yun Rao didn’t even lift her eyes Brother is twenty-six years old, it’s time to learn how to read.
Yun Shen blinked twice yo ha He called Yun Rao Yun Nao for more than 20 years.
My sister has a gentle personality and never bothered to talk to him. He didn’t expect Xiaoshabao to learn to talk back when he went abroad. It seems that during the three years in Italy, she shifted the focus of her studies from translation to interpretation, and it was quite fruitful. The Yun family did not have a tradition of not eating or sleeping. She ate happily and chatted happily and chatted until the Spring Festival Gala started. At 8:30, Yun Rao received a New Year’s greeting email from the person in charge of the new company’s department. She walked into the bedroom and closed the door.
The sudden silence engulfed her like a big net.