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Because at the time I thought that Huatian was strong in the field, and that was a matter of many years later.
I thought it was an uncertainty in the early stage. It may be that he started to wake up after getting the Panwu inheritance.
I didn’t expect that many readers didn’t buy it at all and thought it was this. It’s a poisonous point, but now that I’ve written it all, we can only go one way to the dark, but the protagonist is definitely not a waste material, but I want to be the first person in the heavens and the world.
Second, many people come here admiringly But as soon as I opened the introduction catalog, I started to spray people. What is the start of eternal life, go to Shendiao, this kind of rubbish martial arts, what is there to do? In this situation, you can only travel through the world of martial arts. Moreover, the divine power in the original book of immortality is the power of a horse and a thousand catties, which is the same as the tenth level of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Kungfu of Jinlun. So how powerful is the dragon elephant on the thirteenth level? There is nothing wrong with cultivating dragons and elephants. The same realm is stronger than the original Jinlun. The thirteenth floor is not worse than the immortal body.
Some people say that they are tired of watching the heavens, gold and martial arts.
So why don’t you get bored? And I don’t have any connection with the plot, right? It’s all original. Is there any problem if I go to the sculpture? And the Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu is also related to the later story of the Holy King. Book friends like Zhen Prison who have read this book should be able to see that I have put my heart and soul into this book. I wrote it very slowly for four or five hours.
The purpose of each chapter is to write each chapter well, although it has not reached that point. This kind of top-level pen can be regarded as waiting.
I set the framework of 20 volumes before, just thinking about writing a good book of Zhutianliu. Then I modified a lot because of the trolls. Some worlds may be speeded up or deleted by me.
Of course, I also realized that what I originally thought was really a little slow, and the pace should be faster to bring out the momentum and refreshing feeling of eternal life. The next world has already been set. Speak freely, I will read everyone’s opinions and consider it. I believe that if you can come, many of you are old fans of Yongsheng. They were also very excited when they saw Yongsheng. Ah, there are not many words. The ones with more words are wandering in the heavens and lost in the world of eternal life.
The others are really gone. After so many years, no one has written them.
Don’t worry.
Let us witness together how Hua Tiandu resisted fate and Fang Laomo. However, grades are always the driving force for writing. After all, I write until three or four o’clock every day without any income. The motivation will really wear off slowly, so kneel here Please read the latest chapters every day before you put them on the shelves, because if you follow up the book, you will be able to recommend it, and then you will have higher exposure, and then you will get results. If you are fattening, you can read it after half a month after it is put on the shelves. Now, please follow up.
At the end of the reading, I will say one more thing, because many people scolded me before they opened their mouths, so I opened up the fan value speech. After thinking about it, I’m a little sorry for other readers.
After all, it’s not on the shelves yet, so I’ve turned off fan value comments and wait until it’s on the shelves, so that everyone can speak freely and post more comments. If you have any opinions, if there are any problems, come to catch bugs. Penguin If you are interested, you can add it to the discussion. Thank you to the many book friends who have been with me for this book.
This book is the result of our joint efforts. I hope that the book will get better and better in the future.
Come on, come on, come on. The realm system in the book is a bit confusing.
Let me copy the projection. I have already borrowed his star classification. It may be relatively scattered in the middle.
Let me talk about it in detail. Divided into grades One-star Hengsha World The world has no consciousness and is relatively fragile, and the aura is scarce. One-star corresponds to the physical realm of immortality. The strength of warriors. The world environment is a little better, the aura is more abundant, the strong have more two-star supernatural powers corresponding to immortality to heavy warriors, the strength of the great master is broken, heaven and man are cultivated, there are golden cores and Yuanying, etc.
, such as Fengyun destroys the city. The biggest difference between the three-star world is that it forms a world group, which may be attached to some small worlds, secret realms, etc.
Among them, the strong have more three-star supernatural powers corresponding to immortality. Nine tripods destroy the national four-star Great Thousand World, and there are some secret realms everywhere in the Great Thousand World.
The Small Thousand Middle Thousand World attached to it is not uncommon.
The five-star universe either includes endless galaxies or has three realms of reincarnation.
It has already formed a relatively perfect system.
Such as covering the sky, false immortals, nebula-level, six-star true immortals, universe-level immortals, middle-aged celestial beings, celestial beings, celestial beings, mysterious celestial beings, Chinese celestial beings, golden celestial beings, multi-universe-level immortal golden celestials, immortal middle-gold celestial ancestors, Yuanxian, Honghuang, Taiyi, Daoguo, and other seven-star infinite stars. Multiverse level, it contains the heavens and myriad worlds, the infinite volume of the universe is immeasurable The future is now the eight-star endless infinite multi-universe level immortal Zhongtian king immortal king Honghuang Hunyuan Infinity Luo Jinxian Hunyuan’s own avenue replaces the avenue of the heavens Unthinkable, unimaginable, once you think about it, you will know it, you will be wrong Nine-star Dao Fruit Broken Realm Ten The star transcends the eternal life realm.
At present, the dragon talisman is tentatively designated as the immortal king of the ten-star world. They are all the ancient factory directors of the nine-star world.