One day later Ye Feng returned to Weihai City Liu Ruyan Da Hei Xiaobai Fu Yue and the others were already waiting on the pier

Watching the ghosts and immortals of the earth show off their might in other worlds and the eyes of the sky stealthily learn the kung fu skills and seize the treasures of heaven and earth Swallow the flesh and blood of dragons and cultivate them into an indestructible golden body Achieve peerless martial gods in charge of ancient artifacts Conquer the heavens and worlds Supreme Dao fruits Supreme gods Fairies and goddesses are all my chapters The ghosts and immortals of the earth traveled across the roof of a certain hospital on a certain day in a certain year and a certain month on the earth. A young man wearing a hospital uniform sat on the roof railing and looked solemnly at a thundercloud in the sky.
He only listened to the man muttering to himself. Dao Jinlin is not a thing in a pool, and once encounters a storm, it turns into a dragon. I have cultivated according to the techniques circulated on the Internet for many years, and have reached the realm of ghosts and immortals. Yin slag became Yangshen in one fell swoop. Several onlookers downstairs whispered that this mentally ill person was seriously ill. He stayed on it for a long time and couldn’t persuade him.
He didn’t know if he would jump down later. At this moment, there was a thunderclap in the air. Then a figure in a hospital gown fell from the sky and fell to the ground with a thud, turning into a puddle of flesh and jumping. The onlookers shouted happily On another planet full of vitality, a seventeen or eighteen-year-old youth with disheveled hair and wearing a shabby gown suddenly opened his eyes and exclaimed excitedly, “I’m not dead, haha, I’ve succeeded in crossing the tribulation.
” Soon he was shocked to find himself lying on a bed. In the huge square, his body also turned into a strange body, and this body seemed to be seriously injured. He only felt severe pain in his chest, as if several ribs had been broken.
His eyes widened, at this moment, an eighteen or nineteen-year-old young man with curly hair and a crown wearing a gorgeous ancient costume walked up to him and said arrogantly, Ye Feng, please remember that your parents are dead and you are no longer Ye Feng.
In the future, the eldest grandson of the family will not allow you to come to the martial arts field to learn the martial arts inherited from the Ye family.
Otherwise, I will see you beating once after hearing the words of the young man in Huafu. To die, you just saw his eyes widening, trying to hypnotize the young man with the powerful spiritual power of the ghost realm, but he soon discovered in shock that the powerful spiritual power he had accumulated over the years of painstaking practice had dropped to the level of ordinary people, even the most basic hypnotism I can’t play anymore, I rely on the thief, God, you play me, he couldn’t help crying in his heart, at this time, a large number of memory fragments emerged from the depths of his mind and merged into his consciousness After merging these memory fragments, he finally understood His own situation turned out that he had traveled to a world of immortal martial arts where the weak preyed on the strong and the strong were respected, and his reborn body was named Ye Feng, who was the eldest grandson of the Ye family of a martial arts family. Unfortunately, Ye Feng’s parents both died of illness not long ago and were the head of the family.
He has already been taken away by his second uncle, and his status as the eldest grandson has also been taken away.
Now he is only a collateral child, and the young man in Chinese clothes in front of him is named Ye Quan, who is the eldest son of the new head of the Ye family. beat this time He even beat him to death.
In the past, how did I let me pass through such a miserable body? Forget it, anyway, I have no future in the earth where spiritual energy is lacking, so I just accept my fate. From today onwards, I will be Ye Feng. In the end, he still had to accept this new identity.
At this time, Ye Quan pointed at Ye Feng with disdain and said to the two servants behind him, throw this dead species into the martial arts field and don’t leave it here to be an eyesore. Feng lifted it up, oh, oh, oh, don’t touch me, you bastards, wait for me Ye Feng yelled and scolded, struggled desperately, but in the end, he was carried outside the martial arts arena and thrown on a garbage dump.
Practice martial arts well, now that your parents are dead, you want to secretly learn martial arts, but unfortunately you are no longer qualified Go away, you guys wait for me, I will find a way to recover my cultivation, I will definitely teach you a lesson Ye Feng, holding his painful chest, gritted his teeth and swore to himself, but Ye Feng soon forgot to be harsh because he found his own The injury seems to be very serious, and there is a tendency to gradually worsen. If there is no way to treat it, I am afraid that he who has just been reborn will die soon. How can I rely on me to be injured so badly? I don’t want to die again. Ye Feng struggled to think He wanted to get up, but as soon as he exerted his strength, his chest was in severe pain. He broke out in cold sweat, his face turned pale, and he didn’t dare to use force indiscriminately. Soon, a group of young people gathered around, pointing and whispering to Ye Feng, look, this guy is suffering again.
I have no memory after beating him up.
He thought he was still the eldest grandson of the past.
Hey, his father was the head of the Ye family before he could enjoy special treatment.
Now that his parents are dead, he still doesn’t know how to advance or retreat.
Hearing their schadenfreude, Ye Feng couldn’t help being furious and yelling “Look at the yarn, get out of here!” Fortunately, some of these Ye family’s children are righteous and discerning right from wrong.
I saw a very burly man in his twenties. The young man pushed aside the crowd and came over to help Ye Feng up.
The young man’s name is Ye Shan, Ye Feng’s first cousin, born to Ye Feng’s third uncle.
Ye Shan whispered, Ye Feng, don’t provoke Ye Quan again, before his father. Not long ago, the ancestor appointed him as the new head of the family.
He is eliminating dissidents and establishing prestige. All the uncles in the Ye family warned their children not to offend him, let alone you, an orphan who has lost support.
At this time, another very dignified and beautiful woman in her twenties walked over.