Once you meet a difficult monster it can save your life Brings back painful memories Now with the support of my grandma the big stone

Drought demon descended into the world, strange gates were chaotic, it was rumored that those who won the female demon gold pearls could break through the heavenly ranks and order the world, and the world was in trouble at once. I lost my grandma and I became the last one in the world out of revenge. Chapter Ying Jie gave birth to a devil boy.
On the day I was born, I was buried alive on the spot. My father personally filled the black soil for fear that I would survive because I shouldn’t have appeared in this world. I am The only heir of the Ma family in the Northeast is also the last horse fairy in the world.
Our Ma family ancestors have been disciples of horses for ten generations, especially my grandma’s generation. They have been watching things since they were 18 years old.
Zhu Xiangwen sees nature refers to Qihuang Wushu mountain geomancy, acupoints, feng shui medicine special issue, medical unexplainable illness, knowing destiny and doing one’s best to predict the future. The fox yellow and the white willow ashes ate the Buddha bones that were transformed into immortals, intending to reap the rewards. When the five immortals were about to steal the sky and change the day and become immortals, the Jade Emperor sent Heng Ha Er to capture them alive. The Jade Emperor broke the rules and allowed them to accumulate merit in the lower realms.
Yiran is used to it, so she naturally doesn’t want to do this kind of drudgery, so she chooses workers from the mortal world.
It is also the principle of Wu Kan, the disciple who goes out on horses, and the reason why he chooses horses There are two reasons for the family.
One is that the Ma family has not accumulated good deeds and virtues, but the celestial fate is excellent. The second is that the Ma family has been passed down from the Shamans of the Qing Dynasty. The horoscope is light, and it is most suitable for the immortal family to enter the body.
Therefore, the disciples of the horse can only be served by the Ma family for fifty years. Grandma doesn’t care about red and white, she must see everything, she never misses her hand, the southern faction Maoshan and the north sent Ma Xiangxi to chase corpses, Miaojiang, witchcraft, patrolling the yang world, painting bones and tying paper. The grandma is the disciple of the Ma family, probably a disciple of the Qimen, who has saved too many lives in the world. The order has been disrupted, and the books of life and death are not right. People are completely out of the control of the underworld, so Youming sent down divine punishment to make the Qimen in the world respond to three games. In the early days of Tianjie, the old man Liuyao made a divination for the Ma family, saying that the Ma family was destined to have no children and grandchildren, but I was born.
The day I was born, my mother hugged me with a smile and swallowed. A yawn took away the three souls, his face turned blue and he fell to the ground. Only my father found out the clue and saw the Buddhist bead in my mouth. Could it be that my son is the first robbery in this world? God, you are too cruel Since you let my son Why did I have to let my father finish it with his own hands? His father carried me in tears and buried me in Tuntiandi.
Rumor has it that Tuntiandi is an ancient battlefield, and it is also the best corpse-burying place in Qimen.
My soul will be eaten up, my son, you must not blame your father, he also has his own reasons, you will be born in response to disaster, and you will surely bring disaster to the world. If you live, they will die.
Only when you die, can everyone swallow the world alive. The earth is black.
The stone inside is also strange It’s all triangular, like some kind of creature’s teeth mixed with black soil, like a blood basin from the void, a big mouthful of black soil fell on me one by one, I didn’t cry, I was still waving my little hands, laughing and buried the black soil My father rode a second wheel Eight bicycles went back to the hospital. In the hospital, a stooped old woman appeared at the door of the delivery room. She was wearing a black robe and a mask on her head. There were two sharp horns on her blue-faced fangs.
The old woman was shaking unconsciously, dancing in the open space. Jumping around the brazier like a lunatic or a fool, but if you look carefully, you can see that her footwork is wrong.
Every time she takes a step, the fire in the brazier sways with her figure.
I came to pay my respects three times. On the bench, disciple Jinhua Danbao, came down to Shanhai Neighbor God Bless Ma’s house. She was chanting strange spells.
The yellow paper on her hand suddenly ignited.
My mother’s stiff arms suddenly relaxed and drooped down.
Yun Jingniang had expected this day to come, but she came a step too late.
She is my grandmother Ma Fengming, the most powerful disciple of the Ma family in the northeast.
It just so happens that my father just stepped on the threshold.
My grandson hugged him to see his father’s complexion was gloomy and he wrote everything on his face, what happened to the child? But grandma never looked down on him and always treated him with respect, and today is the first time she’s ever done anything to her father.