Once wrinkled the chaotic clock shoots out a thousand layers of chaotic brilliance the true spirit emits a hoarse roar churning endlessly for about a

When Li Ji woke up, he still had a trace of confusion before he fell asleep.
Obviously, he was just in a store and accompanied the dormitory buddy to choose a birthday gift for his girlfriend.
He just sighed at a tower-shaped decoration that looked rich and gorgeous. Why is it so inexplicable? Passed out and wanted to open his eyes, but he didn’t respond like a vegetative person.
Li Ji was shocked. He only felt the air flow around him, but he couldn’t feel his own existence anyway. After careful feeling, he realized that he was nothing more than the air flow around him.
It’s just a slightly dense air mass, and it feels like it’s extending to the limit, but it’s about one meter around, and I can’t help but feel as if I’m dying.
Isn’t this similar to being imprisoned? Basically a sophomore student who is usually taciturn and not good at getting along with people. After half a year in college, he felt that he had nothing in common with his classmates, so he got used to being alone in the dormitory and often read some online novels.
It can be seen that he is used to being silent. This time, if the roommate in the dormitory hadn’t made some friends with him, he wouldn’t have gone to the store to express his emotions about that decoration, and he would have ended up in such a situation. No matter how much Li Ji is used to being alone, he can’t help it now. Frenzied by the situation, I thought to myself that the tower is a legendary magic weapon, I was sucked in by him, right? Thinking of this, Li Ji also trembled, if this goes on for a long time, I must be crazy A cloud of air flow didn’t want to really move a little bit, even though the result was negligible, Li Ji was still excited, it was better than staying in the same place, just moved a little bit, I don’t know how long it took, Li Ji suddenly found a colorful bead beside him The light shines, getting used to the gray space, and finds some different colors. Li Ji felt a surge of excitement and moved towards the bead.
After moving to the side of the bead, Li Ji felt that the air flow around the bead was actually thicker than his own. The closer he got, the more he felt himself becoming It became much thicker, and the range of his perception also expanded a lot.
Now he stopped moving and just stayed quietly beside the beads to feel the changes in himself. Finally, one day he clearly felt that there was no movement within about a mile of him.
The same beads are arranged in a regular pattern, and the multicolored brilliance is looming.
Li Ji has read a lot of novels before his death, and he himself is not good at communication. Naturally, he likes myths and legends and other supernatural stories. Seeing these beads, he can’t help but feel Guess this is Zhao Gongming’s Dinghaizhu in Fengshen, and then I have a little understanding that I will not travel back to the chaotic period like the protagonist in the novel, I can’t help but get excited when I think of the heart that has been in despair. The protagonist is not lucky. I don’t think I have such luck. My mind is active at the moment. I recalled the method I read in the novel. Obviously, this airflow is a good thing. Dinghaizhu can greatly condense the airflow. Ji did what he said, and it took a lot of effort to finally collect all the Dinghai pearls. With the bead as the center, the surrounding chaotic airflow scrambled towards him and gradually formed a small air whirlpool. It didn’t take long for Li Ji to feel that his perception of the surrounding area was getting bigger and clearer. The area of ​​his airflow even expanded to more than ten The double concentration has also increased a lot. Li Ji didn’t stop and kept moving. He expected to find more innate spiritual treasures, but he didn’t have the good luck before. He didn’t find any of them. Ding Haizhu and none of the other spirit treasures could be touched, Li Ji couldn’t find anything else, so he had to turn his head to look at Ding Haizhu, thinking that since he couldn’t find anything else, he would use this one to study and immerse his mind in Ding Haizhu slowly.
The reason why the investigation of the Xiantian Lingbao is different from the acquired magic weapons is because the Xiantian Lingbao itself contains the trajectory of the Dao.
Li Ji also learned from the investigation that there are many methods of cultivation. The speed of practice is faster than before.
Didn’t explore Ding Haizhu’s secrets earlier. This day, Li Ji was wandering in the chaotic space boredly. He was still searching for the heart of Lingbao, and his own practice was almost able to condense the entity.
When I went to explore, I saw a giant standing ten thousand feet tall with a huge ax in his hand, standing in the chaotic space. Li Ji was horrified at Pangu, and then he was overjoyed after being horrified.
Which protagonist was lucky after meeting Pangu? Even he himself had to go up and fight.
Greetings, I flew forward, unexpectedly halfway there, I saw Pangu wave his hand to open the god axe, the entire chaotic space was shaking, fire, feng shui swarmed out, Li Ji was horrified when he saw this, and his intuition felt that his body was being torn apart. The shock seems to be about to collapse, but the light of Dinghai Pearl shines and protects Li Ji’s consciousness, but the power of Pangu to open the sky is so great. Even if Dinghai Pearl is miraculous and has no supernatural powers, how can it be used by Li Jixin? The chaotic body that has been painstakingly condensed collapses at a high speed, and only a little is left.
Compared with when I just crossed over, it is not as good as only a small group of Ding Haizhu. But the body was knocked out, and the consciousness was also in a trance, and then fell asleep, but saw the Pangu ax in Pangu’s hand, the colorful rays of light flashed and turned into three.
Waving a ball of clear light to protect Li Jiyuan’s spirit kept shaking the Pangu banner in his hand to break through the chaos Taiji diagram turned into a golden bridge spanning between heaven and earth The swarming earth fire Fengshui gradually fell silent The chaotic clock gave out melodious bells The light and clear air rose to dense The heavy and turbid air of the blue sky settled down and became the avenue of the wild land