On the surface everything is calm so take care of her for me you two Sisterinlaw is lying next to her so I won’t tell

One is a playboy who has heard about it for a long time.
She thought she loved him, but she never noticed that he loves her. In love, her understanding is a little bit weak, and she can’t even attack with a domineering black belly. Are you going to torture him to death? Read this article In the front you will love the male lead.
After reading it, you will love the male lead. The male lead is distressing until death.
Don’t forget that the male lead has super love wow. Ji Lingyu, Lu Qianqian, Guo Zhongxiang, Xie Yan, and others are domineering, dark-bellied and aggressive. Xiaobai and uncle parted.
Su Zhi looked back at the man who had been with him day and night in the past few years.
He changed his usual hippie smile and said, “I’m leaving.” Boarding pass Gu Yinchu’s back stiffened for a moment, Yinchu, this is the first time she called him that, right? It’s really tormenting.
Before leaving, he wanted to play sensational. He quickly put away the trace of reluctance in his eyes and pretended to be dissatisfied. Let’s go.
Don’t be an eyesore in front of me anymore Su Zhi snorted yes, yes, I’m leaving, so you can start over with someone else, haha, you think too much, I’ve never treated myself badly Zhi took the wallet and stuffed some money and unknown objects into it, raised his eyes and looked at her and said that there was no time to get it when he went back, and took the rest of the things to go in and then look at Su Zhi.
Oh, why are there so many positive plots? If you like it, you just push it down and don’t let it go. It’s my account. Go back and return the money. Tsk tsk, I’ve known you for so many years, and I don’t know that you are so stingy. This little cash will give you a $200 transfer fee. It’s definitely a love letter, you wait until I go in and read it, and then I’ll make fun of you, let’s go, don’t be long-winded, give me a call, no matter how late it is, Gu Yinchu’s doting tone made Su Zhi sore and heartbroken, and the waves were so subtle Su Zhi’s love didn’t last long, Su Zhi came to his senses and gave Gu Yinchu a tight hug. She didn’t know how long it would be.
How could Gu Yinchu be willing to let go and hold Su Zhi for a long time? Suddenly, he flicked her underwear hard. Take and then show an evil smile, this is your advice Go back to China and stay away from men, because men are all perverts Yes, he didn’t say that because you are my Su Zhi’s eyes widened and he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t say anything in his heart I am so grateful that this man is also considered a man.
In the name of husband and wife, he lived under the same roof as himself for four or five years. He took care of himself and cherished himself, but he never touched himself. Why did he never think about this before? At this moment, Su Zhi seemed As if being knocked awake, a good impression of her husband spontaneously emerged, so thousands of words turned into a trembling thank you.
After that, Gu Yinchu’s eyes showed a smile. She didn’t know how hard he had endured in the past few years, and even he I don’t even know it’s because he loves her, so he sticks to the bottom line and dare not touch Su Zhi. Sitting in the waiting hall, holding his mobile phone and looking at the photos, he sees all the selfies of her and Gu Yinchu’s trivial life, and to deceive Gu Yinchu He is pictured in a fake wedding photo taken by his first parents They are like a loving couple, so that even the uncle can’t escape. What’s more, the immigration officer? It’s a pity that memories don’t have the power to talk about how they met and developed into a fake marriage. It’s a coincidence Su Zhi is a single parent who separated because of personality differences. Even men can’t stand their own women, but Su Zhi’s mother is a famous lawyer.
She used to be busy outside every day, so it was inevitable that she would neglect her family. In fact, Su’s mother was tired enough and decided to go abroad when she got old. The matter of enjoying Qingfu immigration is left to Su Zhi to do it while studying abroad. Su’s mother can’t bear her to endure hardships outside alone, so she bought a high-rise apartment in the city center for her when she first arrived.
One day Su Zhi drove a group of people to drink at home Drunk, someone said they wanted to play upgrades Su Zhi said they wanted to go downstairs to buy playing cards When he came back with the strength of alcohol, he didn’t care, he pressed the building into a room in the same position, just knocked down like that for a long time, but no one answered the door I was about to kick the door and yell at the unconscionable friends inside and lock myself out.
Suddenly I heard a deep magnetic male voice complaining dissatisfied. I know I can solve my own problems, okay? If you don’t want to get married, let’s just leave it at that. Don’t worry about it. Su Zhi suddenly staggered and almost lost his mind. A handsome man appeared in front of him. Although fair skin is not Su Zhi’s style, he has a thin, tall figure and khaki color. The skinny trousers are enough to make people drool for a while. The sleeves of the light blue Oxford shirt are rolled up. Hey, in the middle of the night, is this guy going out to be a cowboy? Su Zhi pouted without hesitation and said just now When I said it, I remembered that he was speaking Chinese just now, so I changed my words and said I was sorry that I went to the wrong room haha, leaving behind the frowning handsome man inside the door and fled. When Su Zhi fled back to his home, he found that these friends were all asleep I didn’t care whether the playing cards I bought fell at the door of the sportsman, didn’t take them and found an open space, and fell asleep. Two days later, Su Zhi came home from class, and when he got out of the elevator, he found that the figure standing in front of his house was familiar Before she could open her mouth, the person said that I thought it was a new way to strike up a conversation. A few days went by and there was no further news, but I don’t know what it means when I send a box of playing cards to someone’s house in the middle of the night.
Su Zhi saw this clearly.
Isn’t it the handsome guy who knocked on the wrong door when he was drunk that day? He also dressed in a similar style today, but he didn’t have glasses on his high nose bridge, so he almost didn’t recognize him. But how do you know that I live here? The handsome guy who guessed it lightly said it and then frowned the next second. Do you live alone? Su Zhi thought that this man is not really a cowboy, right? They all came here to make a living before waiting for her. The answer is only what the handsome man said. The little girl is alone, be careful and safe, and she will meet me when she is drunk.