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Chapter 1 Is it true that you don’t think about it anymore? If you’re not satisfied with the salary, you can still talk about it. I’ve already decided. The door of the company will always be open to you. Ten minutes later, Lin Tuo stepped out of the office building with a backpack on his back.
Turning his head by the road and looking at the building behind him, he felt a little sad Being appreciated, plus some private work, I have accumulated hundreds of thousands of savings.
If I continue to develop, the future is bright.
However, today I finally resigned resolutely. The rented house has already returned the luggage.
I found a special person to check it.
Lin Tuo took a taxi and left Yangcheng City. After more than an hour, he stood at the foot of Lishan Mountain in his hometown. Lishan Mountain is a not-so-famous mountain that belongs to the Taihe Mountains. It stands on the outskirts of Yangcheng City because there are no scenic spots and lack of development. Every rainy day, the mist rises. Lin Tuo grew up here. He studied in the town at the foot of the mountain in primary and junior high school. It’s been a long time since he came back. Walking along the mountain road, he set foot on the mountain and saw the mountainside. There is a single-door and single-family building with two entrances in the front and back. The classical style occupies a large area.
It is only when you get closer that you find that it is already a bit dilapidated. This is Lin Tuo’s hometown.
He grew up in this house. Because his parents died early, he was brought up by his grandfather. Grandpa runs it. A martial arts gym accepts disciples to practice martial arts to strengthen Lin Tuo’s body.
When he was a child, there were still people here who practiced martial arts with his masters. However, with the change of the times, the old martial arts gyms gradually became uninterested.
He has no face to meet his ancestors, so Lin Tuo secretly made up his mind early on that he would come back to reopen the martial arts gym to fulfill his grandfather’s last wish after earning the start-up funds.
This is also the reason why he resigned resolutely. Lin Tuo looked at the densely packed weeds between the rocks and sighed.
It looked like it would have to be cleaned up and then redecorated, thinking about his future plans.
Lin Tuo immediately found a broom and tried his best to clean up the house, coughing and coughing when he pushed A big house in the backyard was coughed and fanned by the dust, and he walked into the old house after it was ventilated.
He was shocked to find that the roof had a big hole in it due to years of disrepair, right? Lin Tuo sighed helplessly. Looking back, I was surprised to find that the room was empty and there was only a huge table.
The table was empty and covered with dust.
I don’t know what it was for. Why didn’t I remember that there was such a big table at home? Immediately, he felt that his finger was pricked by something sharp, and as his blood fused with this huge table, the dark old house was suddenly illuminated. Didi detected that the blood medium evolution sandbox is restarting. Lin Tuo has not yet. After reacting, I heard mysterious information appearing in my mind, which made me even more shocked. What surprised him was that in his field of vision, the old table that was originally covered with dust actually propped up an almost invisible light barrier, and the dust became clean as new.
Interlacing and dancing, a miniature modern city was formed in an instant, and a city that had shrunk by an unknown number of times appeared on the entire table. This is Yangcheng Lin Tuo. Observing him, he found that this is exactly the same as the Yangcheng City where he has worked and lived for several years.
The urban area with high-rise buildings and the criss-crossing streets and alleys speeding past are a bustling scene. Lin Tuo even found the location of his company at a glance. There are still people coming in and out at the entrance of the building, just because it is too small to see the appearance clearly. The evolution sand table is restarted, the positioning is completed, the location is completed, and the observation mode is automatically turned on. The observation range is 15,000 square kilometers. The current location is low in ether concentration.
Mysterious information continues to emerge in my mind. Then Lin Tuo I was stunned to see a translucent virtual panel appearing in my field of vision. The panel is extremely concise and the most eye-catching. The word Observation Mode is written on the bottom, and there is a word “Ether Concentration” behind it.
There seems to be nothing else. What is this? Black Technology Observation Mode Could it be that I am observing Yangcheng City in reality? The observation range is 15,000, which is roughly equivalent to the area of ​​Yangcheng City.
Because he has practiced martial arts since he was a child, Lin Tuo quickly calmed down from the shock and analyzed it. But what is this? Maybe a real city was shrunk down and placed on a table. This is the meaning of the sand table. It’s unbelievable that Lin Tuo couldn’t calm down. He always felt weird and hesitated.
He tried to get close to this sand table and carefully observed that the entire sand table indeed included the urban area.
Lin Tuo noticed that a transport vehicle driving on the national highway left the observation range of the sand table and disappeared out of thin air. There was even a layer of dark clouds floating over the sand table, which obscured the view to a certain extent.
Lin Tuo thought that today is indeed a cloudy day. At this time, an Air China passenger plane suddenly appeared out of thin air from the edge of the sand table, flying straight above the clouds, flying over the city like a model, could it be true? Lin Tuo breathed hard and felt those things The dark clouds were a bit of an eyesore, so I subconsciously bent over and approached the city from above to see the details.
At the same time, Yangcheng City, not far from the mountain, was at noon at the moment. The staff in the office buildings crowded the elevators and went downstairs to go out for dinner.
Cycling on the street.
The couriers who delivered food also flocked to Lin Tuo’s original company building. The manager who approved his resignation request just walked out of the first floor.