On the ground full of withered yellow sycamore leaves her eyes were tightly closed those black eyes would never see the light again Han Muqing

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Mu Qing thank you for the prologue Memories come to an end, happiness is like a balloon in your hand, as long as you let it go, it will disappear without a trace A dazzling brilliance Clusters of lavender are quietly blooming in a corner of the city A girl sitting on a swing under a banyan tree receiving the baptism of the warm wind in early summer Her healthy and energetic wheat-colored skin against the backdrop Exquisite and beautiful face, dark purple pupils flashing blurred eyes, not as elegant and noble as lavender, but a bit more lively and innocent, he quietly approached her side, and the dark attire dressed him up very indifferently and profoundly The brown eyes shone sadly, the pupils reflected the smile on her face, and there was a ripple in his heart, there was an indescribable sadness in his eyes, this warm spring day was not full of happiness, but parting scarlet Xiaoqing’s lips opened slightly, she stopped swinging on the swing, the corners of her mouth raised into a perfect arc, her pink lips were like the most beautiful part of cherry blossoms, the two small pear sockets on her cheeks were deeply sunken and simple Her face is lacking in charm, her innocent eyes are not affectionate, but her body has an indescribable attraction, she is like a star hidden in the night, no matter what, she can’t hide her dazzling light, I want to leave his face There is no expression and the voice is equally cold.
It seems that it can freeze everything in the world into ice in an instant.
Brother Nangong, where are you going? When are you coming back? Doubt flashed in her eyes, but the smile never faded.
There is pain and coldness, and I don’t know that waiting for her is about to be a real parting. Maybe she will never come back.
Looking at her cheerfulness, a sharp wound was drawn in his heart. They were in this area a year ago.
Meet in the lavender field Everything in the world is born because of the harmony of fate. When the fate gathers, the things will disappear when the fate is scattered. Their encounter should also be a gift of fate.
Maybe it was young and frivolous, maybe it was love at first sight. The love that has been planted long ago is really true. It’s hard to give up, but now because of his father, he wants him to leave. How can he let her go? He doesn’t speak, just looks at her quietly.
His eyes are complicated and difficult to understand. Did Brother Nangong do something wrong? She seems to have sensed something like a flower. His smile condensed into frost in an instant, those lovely and pitiful eyes gleamed with slight tears, and the tears in his eyes seemed to be about to fall soon.
He couldn’t face her tenderness and pity, and turned around tightly. He closed his eyes tightly and remained silent for a long time. He finally opened his mouth with a painful determination. Do you know how many times I was scolded by my father because of you? Leaving you to live my life freely Brother Nangong, your tears gushed out and your choked voice came to an abrupt end Once upon a time she naively thought that he was the destination of her soul and the nutrient she depended on for survival But now this man she deeply believes in and relies on This person actually said such unfeeling words to her.
Happiness is like a balloon in your hand, and it will disappear without a trace as soon as you let go of it.
And the happiness she was proud of has also disappeared in the summer wind because of his unfeelingness. Don’t see you again He left the lavender field without hesitation behind his cold words He didn’t look back He couldn’t stay for another second He was afraid that he would change this long-considered decision because of her tears He was afraid that he would because of her tears He couldn’t bear to hurt her innocence, so he broke his promise to his father.
He was afraid that he would take her away from this troubled place because of her bright smile. He didn’t want her to know that his eyes were also full of tears. She knew how painful it was for him to abandon her, so he chose to leave the world that left her. Her eyes were already covered with tears, and she looked at his back through the haze.
Innocent, she still couldn’t believe that he would abandon her.
She once loved her so much. He held her in his hands like a baby and tried his best to protect her. All of this is so real and so profound. Can it be said that you can forget it? The summer wind blows over her cheeks and blows her black The familiar back figure with short hair gradually disappeared from sight, she finally stopped crying and crying, her slender eyelashes still had wet teardrops on her sleeves, she wiped away the tears with her sleeves, and her empty purple eyes looked at the wanton bloom in front of her. Is lavender the love in the legend? Why can the prince and princess in the fairy tale be together happily? But she was cruelly abandoned. This is her first love, right?