On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

No, so you should call me Brother Song Zhou. At this point, Song Zhou pinched Lin Yin’s chin and called Lin Yin snorted. Without even thinking about it, he raised his foot and kicked Song Zhou. Song Zhou, I’m really curious.
Seeing that Song Zhou’s face was not looking well, Lin Yin quickly changed the subject. She put her head on Song Zhou’s chest and asked him seriously why do you like me? Why do you like me? Where do you like her? Many people have asked Song Zhou this question before, and he didn’t know how to answer it.
Afterwards, he spent a long time thinking about this question and finally came up with the answer. As long as it is Lin Yin, he likes her awkward personality, her unreasonable troubles, her hypocrisy and He likes little temper. Why is it that when he was bullied when he was a child, Lin Yin would always stand in front of him? When he wanted to eat popsicles, Lin Yin secretly bought it for him with a steel coin from her piggy bank.
He was there.
There are no new words in school. It was Lin Yin who was sweating profusely and sent him to class. When he was sick, it was Lin Yin who fed him medicine. He was taught by Lin Yin to ride a bicycle. The memories of the two of them can’t be finished.
Song Zhou’s eyes were a little sour, and he was silent for a long time before he opened his mouth.
Do you remember the things you did for me when you were young? Lin Yin shook his head, as if he didn’t remember much.
Did she do things for Song Zhou when she was young? How could she remember herself? The thing I do the most is to fight for him.
It’s so embarrassing, don’t tell me, but I still remember that from the first time you fought for me, I told myself that I must marry you when I grow up.
Song Zhou said that you stood in my way. Ten years before my death, I will spend the rest of my life protecting you behind Lin Yin.
I never knew that as a science student, Song Zhou could say such polite words. Hearing her goosebumps all over her body, at the same time, tears flowed uncontrollably. When it came out, in fact, the thing about marriage is really booked from birth.
Going around and going around, in the end, you will spend the rest of your life with the good couple that God thinks. Lin Yin and Song Zhou will soon usher in their wedding. All their neighbors who used to be in the alley came to see the two of them standing together, everyone talking endlessly, most of them said that since they were young, they thought they were a good match.
They will definitely develop in the future.
For these words, the two of them laughed it off. They are not greedy people, and they don’t expect how brilliant their future will be. As long as the two of them live a good life, it will be the greatest happiness.
On the day of marriage, Meng Jingwei and Xu Qian didn’t arrive, but Lin Yin received a text message from both of them.
Meng Jingwei said that he decided to try it out with the girl introduced to him by his family. The most ordinary friend has always felt guilty towards Xu Qian, Lin Yin, because her selfishness wasted more than two years of Xu Qian’s time. On the wedding night, Lin Yin vomited faintly in the bathroom.
Song Zhou was worried and excited when he saw her like this. He knew. It is very likely that Lin Yin went to the hospital the next day after she was pregnant. The result of the examination also showed that Lin Yin was 49 days pregnant. When Song Zhou got the test results, he finally realized the excitement of being a father. Before the child was formed, he hugged Lin Yin’s belly every day and talked. Before pregnancy, you don’t need to do any housework. After pregnancy, you don’t have to do anything yourself.
When you want to eat fruit, Song Zhou will basically cut it up and bring it to her. After more than eight months, the baby was finally born. She was a very cute girl.
You could see double eyelids when she was born.
Lin Yin gave birth very smoothly. There was no special pain. Stay at home with her and the child.
The longer the daughter grows, the prettier her daughter will be, especially those eyes are exactly the same as Song Zhou’s.
The child’s name is Lin Yin, Song Yanmeng, which has no special meaning.
She just hopes that her daughter will be more beautiful and cuter in the future. Song Zhou is so painful to Xiaomengmeng, as long as he comes home, he will definitely hold the child and let the child step on him and run around. He doesn’t complain at all. Lin Yin is afraid that he will spoil his daughter, and he can’t help it.
Say him, don’t spoil her like this all the time, what if you spoil her? Lin Yin said that it hurt, but every time Song Zhou debated with him, he would lose without any suspense. What’s more, Song Zhou was able to convince her every time, and it was the same this time. When Song Yanmeng was three years old, Yang Jue and Bai Jing gave birth to a son. Yang Jue called Song Zhou with joy to show off.
After that, he said that the baby should be my own son.
My son can also come to the scene. Coldly reject him, I won’t let my daughter’s siblings fall in love with you, let’s die.
Yang Di laughed, I just let my son seduce your daughter, just like you seduced your wife back then. Song Zhou ignored him and cut off the call directly. Lin Yin leaned over her head and asked him curiously, is it Yang Xun again? Why does he keep asking you to find me as a matchmaker for his son? I refused. I thought he was a matchmaker for himself.
I can’t change it all my life