On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

There is a saying that people have no brains when they are in love. The heat of love has already washed away their calmness.
Even smart people will become fools after falling in love. This is the true portrayal of the two of them. On the way back Lin Yin took Song Zhou’s mobile phone and looked at the replies under his circle of friends.
There are a bunch of people again. I’m so affectionate.
I’m here again to make us bachelors jealous, right? Isn’t that the girlfriend you took with you when you were in college? You’re actually married, brother.
You’re so awesome. It’s a pity that Lin Yin looked at each of them one by one. At the end, I saw Yang Ji’s reply.
He said, will your child be older than me? Seeing this reply, Lin Yin couldn’t help asking Song Zhou, hey, did you agree with Yang Di to make a baby kiss with him? Do you put away those unhealthy things in your head? Chapter 50 Chapter 50 Song Zhou sometimes really admires Lin Yin’s brain circuit In this world, there is probably no other person in the world who can say Yang Di except her Like him? Why am I unhealthy? Lin Yin curled her lips and felt aggrieved.
This is just a reasonable guess. Where is it unhealthy? Song Zhoutou didn’t look back and said that Yang Di and I had said before that our child was destined to be a baby. Yin nodded with a vague understanding.
After a while, she asked Song Zhou again as if she remembered something. What if we all gave birth to daughters or sons in the future? Song Zhou who is gay cannot marry Who can tell him what Lin Yin is thinking after more than twenty years? This is the first time Song Zhou can’t figure out what Lin Yin is thinking. In order to end this topic, Song Zhou didn’t say anything Lin Yin didn’t respond until she continued to hang her head down and play with her phone. She was tired and fell asleep when she got home all day. Lin Yin originally thought that taking wedding photos would be exhausting enough.
Later she realized that the whole process of preparing for the wedding was exhausting.
Every weekend from the beginning of the week, Lin Yin will be busy with the marriage, sometimes even more tiring than going to work. On the day Lin Yin and Song Zhou received the certificate, the weather in Beijing was surprisingly good, the sun was shining, and the long-lost blue sky appeared. Yin was so nervous that her palms were sweating. Song Zhou, what should I do? I’m so nervous. Song Zhou squeezed her palms. Don’t be nervous. The two of them followed the sign and found the marriage registration office.
When taking pictures of various documents, Song Zhou finally took off his glasses.
Lin Yin looked at him after taking off his eyes, rubbed his face and praised him, Song Zhou, your eyes are so big and cute! It took less than half an hour for Song Zhou and Lin Yin to become a legal couple. When Lin Yin came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, he suddenly looked at the marriage certificate and cried loudly. Song Zhou was startled by her. He hugged Lin Yin’s shoulder and expressed concern. Ask her why she was crying Lin Yin sniffed her nose and raised her hand to wipe away her tears I don’t know, but I want to cry for so many years. I finally married you.
Song Zhou, but he smiled and dragged her by the arm, and pulled her into the car.
After getting in the car, Lin Yin still couldn’t stop crying. What about women? Song Zhou is understandable, he didn’t comfort Lin Yin, let her cry all the way home, Lin Yin went back to the bedroom to sleep, Song Zhou turned on the computer and picked photos from the original photos sent by the photographer. Among the more than two thousand photos It was really physical work to choose hundreds of photos, but Song Zhou chose them quickly because it was almost noon and he had to cook for Lin Yin quickly because they both went to work and seldom had lunch at home. Song Zhou was also very long. There is no time to cook for Lin Yin.
He once said that he would never let Lin Yin live the same life as others.
He would never let her do the laundry, cooking and all the housework.
Song Zhou has never forgotten these words. Now that they are really married, he wants to fulfill his promise like a man, give her the best Song Zhou goes to the kitchen, closes the door, steams the rice, and then starts washing vegetables and cutting meat. Song Zhou has been learning how to cook since junior high school After dinner, Lin Yin often told him that boys who can cook are attractive because she likes Song Zhou. It took more than an hour for Song Zhou to cook a good lunch. Lin Yin is After waking up, Lin Yin’s stomach was rumbling. She put on her slippers and got out of bed. Following the smell, she walked to the kitchen.
Looking at the dishes on the dining table, Lin Yin’s eyes lit up.
Take a deep breath, enjoy the smell of the rice, wash your hands and eat, let’s Song Zhou look at Lin Yin’s bright eyes, and he knows she must be hungry.
Lin Yin nodded heavily and ran to wash his hands recently.
She seems to be getting more and more naive and stupid Song Zhou looked at Lin Yin’s back and smiled and lamented that the meal was full Lin Yin felt that she was going to die of happiness. She knew that not every woman could be like her.
Enjoying this kind of treatment, not every woman can meet Song Zhou like her. When he was taking a nap, the shade of the forest slipped into Song Zhou’s arms and refused to come out. The whole person stuck to him like a koala. Song Zhou was caught by her. It didn’t take a while to get a reaction after sticking like this.
He held Lin Yin’s waist and ordered her in a deep voice not to move.
I’m going crazy, okay then let’s chat. Lin Yin smiled silly and I’m actually married to you Hey Song Xiaozhou, I feel like a dreaming sister Guoguo, does she want to marry me even in her dreams? Song Zhou wraps her fingers around her hair and asks her with a smile, is it not? I just think it’s impossible. I’m actually married to someone who’s younger than me Hey, the mental age is at least thirteen years older than you. Do you have any reason to refute? Lin Yin was stunned by Song Zhou’s question for a long time before she shook her head as if