On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Then, like everyone else, I urged Meng Jingwei to hurry up and find you, so hurry up, otherwise all the good girls will be picked up by others.
Meng Jingwei nodded in agreement and looked at her thoughtfully.
Said that the meal was quite pleasant, Lin Yin and Meng Jingwei didn’t stick to the topic of love and marriage, and later they talked a lot about work. After dinner, it was already nine o’clock. Meng Jingwei brought it up. I wanted to take Linyin home Linyin politely declined, no need, it’s only three subway stops away from my house, I went back in ten minutes Linyin waved to Meng Jingwei, be careful on the way, Meng Jingwei just stood there and watched Lin Yin left until her back disappeared into the night and he didn’t look back Some people miss it for the rest of their lives Let him be with Lin Yin’s childhood sweetheart Let him marry Lin Yin Let him be the bystander Let Song Zhou be the bystander Lin Yin is less than twenty She went home in minutes.
Now she lives with Song Zhou in the apartment he rented. Song Zhou said that he will definitely buy a house within two years.
Lin Yin doesn’t care that these houses are not that important to her as long as the two of them are together well. Well, as soon as I entered the house, I saw Song Zhou sitting on the sofa in the living room waiting for her.
She put on her slippers and sat next to him, stretched out her hand, gave him a big hug, and then kissed him on the face. What about today? I wanted Song Zhou so passionately. Lin Yin’s enthusiasm made his throat so hot that his voice became hoarse a lot. I don’t have Song Zhou.
Can you stop talking dirty to me? It means that Lin Yin is a little angry, don’t you like it? Song Zhou smiled disapprovingly, one hand pressed her waist, and the other hand reached into her skirt to make trouble.
No, no, Lin Yin clamped his legs to stop him from moving.
I don’t want to do it today.
I’m too tired.
Can you let me go? Just now, my parents called to pick a few wedding dates, let us choose Song Zhou, and suddenly changed the subject. Waiting for Lin After Yin relaxed his vigilance, he took the opportunity to put his hand into her leggings and rub it hard. Do you choose or I choose Chapter 49 Chapter 49 Take your pick Lin Yin was panting from Song Zhou’s movements He raised his hand and lightly pushed his shoulder and replied tremblingly, Song Zhou hummed and continued to make trouble under her. Song Zhou didn’t plan to do it tonight, but Lin Yin took the initiative to lift him up. In front of her, he doesn’t have much concentration at all. Just a little movement can make him lose his sanity. Song Zhou hugged Lin Yin to his lap, buried his head against her chest, smelling her smell Sister, you are so fragrant. I really want to eat you.
As he spoke, Song Zhou stuck out his tongue and licked the exposed skin on Lin Yin’s chest. Because of Song Zhou’s action, Lin Yin had goose bumps all over his body. Don’t hate Lin Yin’s beating. Song Zhou especially likes Lin Yin’s appearance, the more she does this, the more his desire becomes stronger Song Zhou Ignoring Lin Yin’s words and continuing to lick her neck, one hand firmly pressed her waist to prevent her from moving. A woman’s body will become more and more sensitive after going through a relationship between a man and a woman.
If you touch it, your body will become weak, let alone being licked by him on the neck, she is going crazy, and her strength seems to be drained all of a sudden, no matter what, I can’t help Liguoguo sister, you are hard here Song Zhou put his hand into her clothes Pinch the one on her chest and tell Song Zhou, don’t make trouble with me, I’m not feeling well, Lin Yin’s eyes are already wet, being forced to cry by Song Zhou’s actions, every time Song Zhou treats her like this, her tears can’t hold back I don’t know if it’s cool or painful when I come out. Song Zhou especially enjoys the process of teasing Lin Yin.
Seeing her being made to cry by him, her self-esteem is greatly satisfied. Song Zhou put his lips to Lin Yin’s ear and asked innocently. Where is her sister Guoguo feeling uncomfortable? Tell me that I will make you comfortable. When he was talking, his lips brushed against her ears intentionally or unintentionally.
The itchy tree-shade gave a cold war. The feeling of emptiness is getting worse and worse. Lin Yin looked at Song Zhou aggrievedly and cried out, “I don’t want to marry you, I don’t want to talk to you anymore.
” As soon as Lin Yin said this, Song Zhou’s expression changed.
He wasn’t as angry as before, but just changed. One way to torture her Song Zhou lifted up Lin Yin’s skirt, pulled down his trousers under her gaze, pressed the bottom against her, Lin Yin stared at him with wide eyes, what are you doing, let me go, haven’t said a word yet After Song Zhou lifted his body and bumped into Lin Yin, he couldn’t help but yelled out, Sister Guoguo or Song Zhou pushed Lin Yin’s face forward as if it was burning, she bit her lip Looking at him pitifully, he just refuses to speak. She is already thin-skinned.
How can she say that kind of thing? After being together for so long, she hasn’t said anything to beg him. Rubbing Song Zhou back and forth quickly a few times, I hate you, you, don’t stand up to Lin Yin, I yelled loudly, it’s really uncomfortable, it’s more uncomfortable for him than coming directly, this scratching feeling is simply too tortured I’m dead, so what should I do? You teach me Song Zhou smiled and asked her, don’t you tell me that I don’t know? Lin Yin grabbed Song Zhou’s collar and his knuckles turned white. You clearly know that don’t torture me any more.
I beg you to be too uncomfortable.
It was as if a bug was gnawing on it, listening to Lin Yin say the three words “please” in that extremely weak voice, Song Zhou couldn’t bear it any longer, the two of them did it once in the living room.
Song Zhou didn’t make things difficult for her, he just let her go once and took a bath