On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Lin Yin sucked her neck and shook her head at Meng Jingwei. Meng Jingwei saw Lin Yin smiling like this and pinched her nose.
The interaction between the two of them fell into Song Zhou’s eyes. Song Zhou was standing not far away. Looking at it blankly, yes, it really is Enai Guoguo, the things are so heavy Song Zhou tilted his head and looked at them with a smile on his face. Lin Yin met his gaze, and then subconsciously distanced himself from Meng Jingwei. After thinking about it carefully, I still don’t want to bring Song Zhou to live in Meng Jingwei’s house.
Song Zhou is a lunatic who knows what he will do, or we should not live in your house. Your parents are very inconvenient. It’s okay. My parents are not at home these few days. Meng Jingwei walked up to Song Zhou and patted him on the shoulder proudly. Are you Guoguo’s younger brother? Hello, I’m Guoguo’s boyfriend. Meng Jingwei laughed haha ​​at this point You can call me brother-in-law directly, I will never mind Song Zhou didn’t directly reply to Meng Jingwei’s words, he looked very embarrassed and turned his eyes to Sister Lin Yin Guoguo, can I? Song Zhou raised his hand while asking Let me point out to Meng Jingwei, can I call him brother-in-law? Or should I call brother-in-law first? Even if the episode has passed like this, Meng Jingwei’s house has a lot of guest rooms. The room he arranged for Lin Yin and Song Zhou happened to be next to Lin Yin’s. He was extremely unwilling, but he couldn’t say anything. Lin Yin was sitting in the room in a daze when Song Zhou came in and her nerves tensed up again why was she alone in a daze again Missing her brother-in-law? He walked up to her with a half-smile.
What should I do? Seeing you and your brother-in-law showing affection, I feel very bad. Song Zhou looked at Lin Yin with a half-smile, he made a contemplative look and lightly touched his forehead. Didn’t he not like childish people? I don’t think he is much better.
Song Zhou originally thought that Lin Yin’s boyfriend was mature and stable.
When he saw Meng Jingwei, Song Zhou realized that it was not what he thought. This made Song Zhou’s heart even more unbalanced. No, is he worse than Meng Jingwei? Lin Yin was left speechless when asked by Song Zhou, but what he said was right. Meng Jingwei was sometimes quite naive, although he was in his late twenties, but sometimes he was as unreasonable as two or three I really want to know why we have known each other for so long, why you are so unfeeling to me Song Zhou pinches Lin Yin’s chin, his eyes are full of jealousy He asked her why you can treat him so well Sister Guoguo, do you know Seeing that you treat him well, I want to kill him. Lin Yin’s nerves tense instantly, she stared at Song Zhou with wide eyes, are you really crazy? Lin Yin has already fully experienced Song Zhou’s madness.
Song Zhou really can do anything and doesn’t think about the consequences at all.
Lin Yin is really afraid of him being impulsive. What did she do to hurt Meng Jingwei? Lin Yin’s frightened expression just poured oil on Song Zhou’s jealous fire. Hehe, she was so worried that Meng Jingwei didn’t want to say a word to him just now. Having said so much, are you worried that something happened to me? Song Zhou put his hand around the back of Lin Yin’s head. He held the back of her head and ran his fingers through her hair. Is it so difficult to love me? Song Zhou didn’t wait for Lin Yin to answer.
Let her go and leave at a quick pace the next day Song Zhou went to report by himself, he didn’t cling to the shade of the trees and walked with him like before.
Before leaving, Song Zhou half-jokingly said to Meng Jingwei that you have to thank me I gave you the chance to spend so many days alone with Sister Guoguo. Song Zhou said this with a smile, but Lin Yin felt a chill down her spine. Seeing Song Zhou leave, she was relieved, but her mood couldn’t get better.
For more than a week, Lin Yin would always unconsciously think of the questions Song Zhou asked her that night, as well as his hurt eyes and paranoid appearance.
I don’t know when Lin Yin began to care more and more about Song. Zhou’s feeling is obviously very disgusting with his feelings for him, but when he really didn’t come, Lin Yin felt a little empty in his heart, as if he had lost something important. The connection between Song Zhou and Lin Yin was broken from that day on. Song Zhou went to school alone to report. He has been very independent since he was a child.
This kind of thing can do well without the help of others. If he was more courageous, he would directly come up and ask him for his mobile phone number. If it was usually Song Zhou, he would definitely refuse, but this time he happily gave the mobile phone number to the girls who came up to strike up a conversation because he gave them Meng Jingwei’s mobile phone number Before leaving, Meng Jingwei patted Song Zhou’s shoulder very enthusiastically, left him his mobile phone number, and said that he would call him if there was anything to do in the future. Well, a character like Meng Jingwei might not be able to stand the temptation, maybe he cheated on her while chatting with some girl, and then Lin Yin would regret it.
The only person in the world who is qualified to stand with Lin Yin is Song Zhou From the moment they were born, the fate of the two of them was bound together Meng Jingwei went for an internship a few days after school started.
His family found him an internship in a very good state-owned enterprise. Linyin has never found a suitable place for an internship, so she can only stay in the dormitory when she is free, and then she goes to work. I will remember that Song Zhou really never contacted her this time.