On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Song Zhou persuaded her for a long time before she thought about opening a little.
Lin Yin glanced at the watch on the wall, it was already 8:30 and looked away, then Lin Yin asked Song Zhou if you were hungry, let me cook for you, yes no During the three years that Song Zhou was by my side, Lin Yin learned to cook and wash clothes by himself, and clean up the house. Are you going to feed me? What do you want to eat Song Zhou put his face close to Lin Yin abruptly and touched her nose to eat, can you eat? Chapter 46 Chapter 46 Lin Yin and Song Zhou haven’t gotten along so harmoniously for a long time As for Song Zhou, after saying this, Lin Yin had the illusion of returning to three years ago. The corners of the mouth in the kitchen raised slightly, Lin Yin stayed in Dalian for three days and after finishing everything, Lin Yin went back with Song Zhou. After that, it got busier and busier. Basically, it’s good to be able to contact her family once a month. Her parents are already used to this frequency. Lin Yin and Song Zhou took the train back to Beijing.
When I was in university, I liked to go to Tianya to read all kinds of gossip posts. After I worked, I didn’t have so much time to read them, but when I was free, I would still take a look. Now many posts on Tianya are more ups and downs than fiction. I don’t know the truth.
Lin Yin casually clicked in and looked at a post, and saw that it was a post from a newly married poster who told a story about her and her husband’s separation, reunion, and sadomasochistic love for ten years.
The post is a bit heavy. There are a lot of descriptions about sex in Taste Lin Yin blushes after reading it for five minutes. Yin subconsciously glanced at Song Zhou beside her. Song Zhou just happened to be looking at Lin Yin. He grabbed Lin Yin’s hand and moved it towards her.
Why did he suddenly look at me with that look? Song Zhou pressed against her face gently Rubbing her hands, she reached into her clothes irregularly, and her fingers stopped below her breast line, gently touching you, don’t look down at Lin Yin, and remind him what to do if someone sees you, quickly take out your hands, they The seat opposite is empty, and people in other directions are all busy with their own affairs.
In fact, no one will see them like this, but Lin Yin just can’t let go. She always thinks it’s too shameless. She’s not as shameless as Song Zhou.
So thick, what did you look at just now, how did you see such a big reaction? Song Zhou poked his fingers in from the edge of her underwear, and pressed his lips to her ear, asking if it was a pornographic book or an unhealthy post. Don’t think I’m so unhealthy, Lin Yin still can’t accept Song Zhou’s direct speaking style, what are pornographic books and unhealthy posts? Facing Lin Yin’s denial, Song Zhou obviously didn’t trust him. He snatched Lin Yin’s phone, unlocked it, and saw the content of the post at a glance.
The first time my husband and I met was outside the school. At that time, the two of us were just in the second year of high school and didn’t understand anything.
He took me to the Internet cafe all night, and I foolishly went with him to surf the Internet until twelve o’clock. He said that he was sleepy, and then took me to the hotel in front of the school. As soon as he entered the door, he took off my school uniform and licked my ears. Don’t you look at Song Zhou. When he was about to turn down, Lin Yin covered the screen of his phone with his hand to stop him from moving. He is a big man, what is he doing looking at this kind of thing? I won’t find any resonance, Song Zhou didn’t read any further, he wasn’t interested in this kind of post, but he didn’t intend to let Lin Yin go, and said he didn’t read pornographic books, Song Zhou lowered his voice, and the process of going to bed was so clearly written, wasn’t it? What is the yellow book, Sister Guoguo, tell me, um, Lin Yin is almost dying of embarrassment, she wonders why every time she sees something slightly unhealthy, Song Zhou catches her right, the first time she saw that The second time in the celebrity cheating video is to see how to seduce her boyfriend.
This time it’s like this again.
Just thinking about Lin Yin makes me want to cry.
What kind of image should she have in Song Zhou’s heart anyway? What’s there after seeing it? Do you dare to say that you haven’t seen something unhealthy? Lin Yin thought for a long time before choking out a sentence to reply him. Song Zhou nodded calmly and generously admitted that I have seen it often. After talking, um, shut up if you can’t afford it. Song Zhou kissed Lin Yin’s face.
Don’t look at this thing. I want it later.
We will do it directly.
When we arrived in Beijing, it was 6 o’clock in the afternoon and early April, and Beijing was still cold. Lin Yin was confused, she didn’t know if she should go home or go to his apartment with Song Zhou, in fact, the two of them would one day have to talk to their parents about the early death and early death, Lin Yin thought for a while and then decided to go home Decided Song Zhou, I’d better go home. My parents and I want to tell them quickly anyway, they will know about this sooner or later. Don’t worry about it. Song Zhou stopped a taxi and put the suitcase in the shade of the tree in the backup. Pulling Lin Yin from the box and getting into the car together, Song Zhou hugged Lin Yin in his arms and touched her face with a smile.
I found time to tell them that I would take you back when they agreed.
I don’t like Lin Yin very much. Song Zhou’s way of handling things is a major issue related to the future of the two of them. She doesn’t want him to suffer alone.
Can we figure out a solution together? If you don’t let me know anything, I will feel very useless.
Song Zhou maintained the posture just now, hugging Lin Yin