On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

He took off his glasses and threw them aside, and put his face on Lin Yin’s chubby stomach because of overeating, like a child seeking comfort, Lin Yin, please, we are really sad to have another child, Song Zhou When they were walking outside just now, they saw a lot of people bringing their children out.
Those people were about the same age as them.
The children looked like they were only one or two years old. When they saw them, Song Zhou thought of his children.
He also had them.
He had a child, but his child was indirectly killed by him. On the way back, he kept thinking about it. He swore that the second child would be guarded by him every step of the way, and he would never miss every step of his growth.
I promise you Lin Yin gritted her teeth, get up, please don’t cry, Lin Yin really can’t see anyone crying, once someone cries in front of her, she will be so soft-hearted that she will put all principles aside, not to mention her feelings for Song Zhou have always been Just now, when I was eating and walking with Song Zhou outside, Lin Yin looked at Song Zhou’s shoulders, and suddenly felt that she would spend her whole life by his side.
From the first year of high school to now, she has struggled, refused, resisted, and despaired.
In the end, the person who walked side by side with her was still Song Zhou, as if it was destined, since this is the case, it is better to give him a chance and give yourself a chance. If this time is still unsatisfactory, then end it completely and don’t waste it again.
Let’s try each other’s time again. When Song Zhou got up, his legs were numb. He put his arms on Lin Yin’s shoulders, and the weight of his whole body fell on Lin Yin. There is a way to rely on you to push me down.
Lin Yin patted Song Zhou on the shoulder and stood up a little bit.
Is what you just said true? Song Zhou touched Lin Yin’s cheek and asked her in a hoarse voice that her dream came true.
If it’s not true, I know you still love me Chapter Forty-Five Chapter Forty-Five Because I’m too emotional Song Zhou’s voice is trembling and hoarse with trembling, Lin Yin’s heart hurts when she hears it, she stretches out her hand to touch Touching Song Zhou’s face, he didn’t give him a direct answer, but he proved his inner thoughts with actions.
The relationship between Song Zhou and Lin Yin eased a lot after that night. Lin Yin took the phone from Song Zhou and contacted Xu Qian. Xu Qian Lin Yin was full of guilt, she actually didn’t want to hurt him at all, who knew that she hurt him in the end, after Xu Qian picked up the phone, he cared for her gently and meticulously as if nothing had happened, he asked when he would come back I’ll pick you up after so long and then hear Xu Qian’s voice Lin Yin will still be moved by his gentleness Thinking about what she was going to say to him next Lin Yin felt that she hated Lin Yin very much, but in the end she didn’t say it directly After saying the breakup, she was silent for a while, and then explained to Xu Qian that something happened at home recently, so I didn’t contact you. I’m sorry.
It’s okay. Xu Qian’s voice is still as soft as it was at the beginning.
Just come back soon.
At that time, the pen in Xu Qian’s hand was almost broken by him. No one knows how much emotion he endured to act so nonchalantly.
Lin Yin disappeared for more than two weeks, and he didn’t even have to think about who she was with during this time.
Xu Qian also has the self-esteem of a man and has a temper.
He was reluctant to lose his temper with Lin Yin, so he couldn’t force it to come.
If Lin Yin returned to Song Zhou’s side after going around, he really had nothing to say.
Or I’ll be with him because I’m accommodating.
I’ll go back to Linyin in a few days and take a deep breath. Xu Qian is sorry that I may not be able to marry you this year.
Then you can correct Xu Qian’s words and waited for Lin Yin’s long silence. You know that silence is sometimes more hurtful than refusal.
In the end Xu Qian couldn’t hold it anymore. He took the lead in saying goodbye to Lin Yin.
After she hung up the phone, Lin Yin sat on the sofa in a daze.
She was thinking about how Xu Qian would react if she found out that she and Song Zhou had reconciled, and that her parents and Song Zhou’s parents knew that they were reconciled. Will they be as supportive as before? Three years of being together can change a lot of things. Song Zhou came home from work and just walked in. He saw Lin Yin sitting on the sofa in a daze. He changed his shoes, walked to her and sat down to think. What Song Zhou asked her? Lin Yin came back to her senses, hesitated for a while, and then told Song Zhou that she wanted to go back to Dalian.
I always have to explain to Xu Qian that the work over there has not been handed over because I know Song Zhou’s possessiveness. Lin Yin was very careful when he said this, for fear that Song Zhou would be as angry as before. Lin Yin had already experienced how scary it was when he was angry. This time, Song Zhou’s reaction was unexpectedly calm. Nodding lightly, yes, it’s time to go back Song Zhou touched Lin Yin’s cheek thoughtfully, I’ll ask for leave to buy a plane ticket with you, I’ll leave Lin Yin tomorrow I really didn’t expect Song Zhou to be so happy, she thought he would at least have an awkward moment with her It took a while to agree. Now Song Zhou seems to be different from before.
In fact, I can go back alone without wasting your time. Lin Yin is very concerned about this now because she has delayed Song Zhou many times when we were together. Now she is gone. There is no way to let Song Zhou ask for leave because of her business with peace of mind.
She always feels that she is delaying him. Guoguo sister Song Zhou pinches her chin and looks at her seriously.
Song Zhou and Lin Yin went back to Dalian together.
Lin Yin didn’t call Xu Qian in advance. When the two of them arrived in Dalian, it was after three o’clock in the afternoon.