On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Song Zhou finally mercifully left Lin Yin’s forehead, but he didn’t let it go.
He lowered his head and kissed Lin Yin’s face and continued, so can you not leave? Every time Song Zhou said a word, Lin Yin felt that his heart was hurt.
Stabbed once, the little boy who liked to hold her hand and liked to follow her, the naughty boy who accompanied her to eat popsicles and play in the snow seems to have been mercilessly taken away by time, now he has become as ruthless as others Lin Yin doesn’t know Am I sad for Song Zhou’s change or Song Zhou’s relationship with Shi Feng? Anyway, the tears just can’t be controlled, like a tide, and it comes wantonly and turbulently crying. Why was I moved? Song Zhou wiped the forest away with his fingertips The tears in the corners of Yin’s eyes are gentle and don’t need to be moved.
Sister Guoguo can do anything for you and me.
As soon as Song Zhou’s words came out, Lin Yin cried even more. Poetry She is so good, but they hurt her Song Zhou You were not like this before How can you not want her after doing that kind of thing to her Don’t you know how important a girl’s innocence is? She’s only in her early twenties you How can I bear the heart? It may be because of the experience that Lin Yin sympathizes with the poetic style. The current poetic style is just like her three years ago when she was mercilessly abandoned by Song Zhou, hiding alone in a dark corner and licking her wounds.
It was Song Zhou’s chuckle, he smiled brightly, his white teeth were exposed, he looked very sunny, um, Lin Yin’s reaction was all under his control, Lin Yin cried too hard and didn’t eat breakfast, in the end because of hypoglycemia Passed out, Song Zhou took her back to the bedroom, fed her some glucose, and then went out.
She didn’t sleep last night, so take this opportunity to have a good rest. Song Zhou sat on the sofa in the living room and just picked up the phone to watch.
What happened to the text message from Shifeng? Is my performance today a little too exaggerated, but I think she seems to believe it.
She is so sad and blames herself. Helped me a lot Poetry style is just like this, don’t you want to be so cold and cold without even saying thank you But I think she is really pitiful She runs around and still can’t escape your palm She is liked by people like you Song Zhou stared at the screen for a long time after the unlucky Shifeng text message came in. He thought carefully about what he had done to Lin Yin, and suddenly felt that what Shi Feng said was really unlucky for him to fall in love with Lin Yin.
But even so, he doesn’t want to let go.
If he likes it, it will be bad luck. He will give her all his luck to the malice of this world, let him alone bear the bad guys, let him be the shade of the forest, just hide behind him.
Song Zhou moved his fingers and replied Shifeng is unlucky? Anyway, I won’t let go Shifeng Song Zhou I never reminded you that you did this to let her stay by your side for the rest of her life because of guilt and emotion If all you want is her by your side no But if you want her heart, you really have to work harder. Chapter 44 Chapter 44 The poetic style said the truth Song Zhou understands. He put down his phone, closed his eyes and thought about what happened recently. He once heard a sentence of paranoia Love will destroy two people. Now this sentence has finally come true for him. Lin Yin fell asleep and woke up in the evening. After waking up, her emotions were not as excited as in the morning.
Lin Yin got up and Song Zhou came in after a while and saw Song Zhou. Lin Yin’s first reaction was to hide from her. As soon as she took a step back, Song Zhou pulled her into his arms. Do you want to go out? Song Zhou rubbed Lin Yin’s hair and asked her very gently, should we go out to eat delicious food? Lin Yin knows It doesn’t make sense to reason with Song Zhou, because he doesn’t make sense at all.
She has no way to interfere with any decision he makes. She can only obey Lin Yin, and Song Zhou dragged her out of the house.
Maybe it’s because she was locked up for so many days. Suddenly breathing the air outside, Lin Yin immediately forgot about those unhappy things. Sitting in Song Zhou’s car, Lin Yin lowered the window and looked at the traffic outside the window and took a deep breath. Although the air in Beijing is very bad, now she I don’t care about these, Lin Yin just feels happy to be able to breathe a breath of free air. Song Zhou hasn’t seen Lin Yin so happy for a long, long time. Seeing the smile on Lin Yin’s mouth, Song Zhou suddenly feels that he is the happiest person in the world.
His future goal in life is to let Lin Yin keep such a smile forever.
Only with her can he find the value of his life. Song Zhou took Lin Yin to a cafeteria. Lin Yin was in a very good mood, although she still didn’t take the initiative to tell Song Zhou.
After a few words, Song Zhou could feel that her attitude towards her was much better than usual. Lin Yin didn’t eat much for a day, and when she saw what she was eating, her appetite was whetted. This was the first time she felt that she could eat at the buffet.
Ben’er Song Zhou didn’t eat much, he watched Linyin Linyin the whole time.
When eating chicken wings, she accidentally got paste on her face, and she didn’t realize that the way she ate was so cute. Song Zhou laughed when she saw it.
Smiling like a fool, Lin Yin was enjoying his meal.
Song Zhou suddenly took a piece of paper and wiped her face.
What are you doing? After that, Song Zhou wiped her mouth and stained her face. Song Zhou threw the tissue aside and pointed to Lin Yin’s face with a smile. Eat slowly, no one will steal from you. Song Zhou reminded Lin Yin just like that. Realizing how unladylike she was just now, she had already eaten three chicken wings in a row, and she was holding the fourth one, which is usually quite edible in Linsha, and today she was hungry again for a whole day, and she felt that she was not full after eating so much. I was so fascinated by eating, I forgot that there was a Songzhou tree shade opposite, she was almost annoyed to death, she thought