On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Then she looked away Shi Feng wanted to laugh every time she saw Song Zhou like this, she raised her elbow to poke Song Zhou, lowered her voice and said to him, you came here to stimulate her, at least you should be more enthusiastic about me I can act with you. Shifeng’s words remind Song Zhou that he called Shifeng here today because he really wanted to use her to stimulate Linyin Linyin’s temper Song Zhou knows that sometimes she can’t get out of her strange circle without stimulating her After thinking about it, he raised his hand and put his arms around Shifeng. You scared me. Shifeng patted Song Zhou on the shoulder, and after a while, he smiled again.
Speaking of which, this is the first time Song Zhou took the initiative to hug him.
What about her? He’s such a weird person. Lin Yin walked out after changing clothes in the bedroom.
She thought that Song Zhou’s girlfriend was here today. If she left, Song Zhou should not be able to stop Lin Yin. If she doesn’t go out after such a long time, she will go crazy.
Lin Yin just came out of the bedroom, and saw Song Zhou and Shi Feng standing in the middle of the living room, hugging each other. The place on her shoulder used to belong to her tree shade, and she always told herself not to look at it, but she was so cheap that she couldn’t help it. She stopped where she couldn’t even walk, and she came out. From the perspective of poetry style, I can just see it.
Lin Yin’s poetic style lowered his voice, tiptoed up to Song Zhou’s ear and whispered to him, the gesture fell in Lin Yin’s eyes, it was like stabbing her heart with a knife, her expression looked so painful that she was about to cry, I saw it I feel distressed. Shifeng maintained the posture just now and continued to stick to Song Zhou’s ear to report the situation to him.
I still have some things to leave first because the mood fluctuates too much. Lin Yin’s voice trembled a little.
She didn’t want to continue with this scene.
After watching it, I have to hurry up, Lin Yin, who walked far away, stumbled to the door of the house, and just as he put his hand on the doorknob, Song Zhou held him tightly. Song Zhou’s speed was so fast, Lin Yin didn’t even know when he was.
Let go of his girlfriend’s shade, there was only one thought in his head at that time, how could he hold her hand in front of her girlfriend, I let you go? Song Zhou looked down at the doorknob, let go, and went back to the bedroom, aren’t you afraid of me? Can you tell your girlfriend about our affairs? Lin Yin gritted her teeth and stared at Song Zhou. When she asked this question, she kept her voice to a minimum. Song Zhou smiled indifferently, then took Lin Yin’s hand and walked in front of Shi Feng. Lin Yin didn’t dare to look up when she stopped in front of Shi Feng, but Song Zhou stretched out his arms to wrap her waist It was Xiaosan Shifeng and Song Zhou who looked at each other and quickly understood his intentions.
She bit her lips and stared at Song Zhou with a wronged and angry look.
Song Zhou, what do you mean? With a calm face and a face full of indifference, he hugged the shade of the tree tightly and said to Shifeng confidently that I talked to her last night Let’s go to bed, let’s break up, I’m going to be with her, it’s not what he said, don’t get me wrong Song Zhou’s voice just fell into the shade of the forest, and he quickly looked at Shi Feng and explained to her that I have nothing with him, you don’t need to explain to me, and I don’t want to listen to you Shifeng interrupted Lin Yin’s words with tears in her eyes and her throat.
She clenched her fists and stared at the two people hugging each other for a long time.
You will be responsible for me. I didn’t expect you to be such a person and go to bed with her behind my back. The person I love has always been her, not you.
If you hadn’t seen Shifeng’s acting skills for a long time, Song Zhou would probably think that Shifeng was bullied by him and cried. Yes, but he has seen the ability of poetic style before, these tears are nothing to her Shifeng sniffed aggrievedly, I will never forgive you two for the rest of my life. After leaving this sentence, Shifeng trotted away and left the room door, slammed the tree shade and wanted to go out to chase her, but Song Zhou hugged her tightly and moved. Lin Yin blamed herself very much, especially when she saw Shifeng crying, she really wanted to slap herself a few times. Just now Shifeng didn’t explicitly say that she had a relationship with Song Zhou, but Lin Yin could hear from her words.
It can be heard that the two of them have already slept together, otherwise Shifeng would not say anything about being responsible or not. Seeing Lin Yin in a daze, Song Zhou lowered his head and rubbed the tip of his nose against her neck to tease her, his movements were extremely gentle. Goosebumps She avoided Song Zhou’s touch and asked him a question in a trembling voice She asked you, don’t you think you are shameless? Song Zhou, how did you become like this? If you want to find a word to describe Lin Yin’s heart now Disappointment is the most appropriate feeling. In Lin Yin’s heart, Song Zhou is indeed dark, perverted and uncertain.
After so many years, she is also used to it.
If it is only for one person, Lin Yin is completely acceptable, but he has sex with other girls. What is the difference between this kind of heartless and ungrateful behavior and the scum in people’s mouth? The disappointment in Lin Yin’s eyes can be seen.
Song Zhou can see that he clasped Lin Yin’s shoulder and pressed his forehead against it. She closed her eyes and gently rubbed against him without saying a word, but tortured her little by little with this intimate and loving action between lovers.
Let go, I don’t want to do this kind of intimacy to her that only couples can do. This is more desperate than forcing her to have sex. I don’t have a girlfriend now.
Are you satisfied? After five minutes of this kind of action