On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Lin Yin felt like a lifeless slave at that time, especially when Song Zhou said that in her ear, I will never treat you well again Lin Yin felt ashamed of her heart, and there was a sense of swelling there, which brought Lin Yin back to her senses. When she realized something was wrong, she quickly turned her head and looked at Song Zhou beggingly, begging him not to, Song Zhou, I beg you not to. Lin Yin climbed while talking, Song Zhou grabbed her with both hands, tightly strangled her waist, but refused to let her get what she wished, when the lower abdomen was hit by a warm current, Lin Yin was so desperate that she wanted to die, after the end, Song Zhou finally let go Lin Yin didn’t even think about it, she got out of bed and ran to the bathroom to take a shower, Song Zhou immediately got up and followed her into the bathroom, and then he saw Lin Yin rushing towards her with a shower head, Song Zhou went up, snatched the shower head from her hand, and then After turning off the water, do you think it can be washed off? Song Zhou pinched her shoulders and pushed her legs away with his knees.
It couldn’t be washed clean. You were too tight. Lin Yin bit her lip in embarrassment and couldn’t say a word.
The humiliation in her heart is like a tide that is about to engulf her Hugging her and refusing to let go, Lin Yin couldn’t break free no matter what, she had to let it go, she looked at the ceiling and tears flowed out without knowing it. For a moment, she really wanted to call the police, illegal detention and rape. These two crimes are enough to get Song The boat was destroyed, but after thinking about the possible consequences, Lin Yin felt reluctant to part with Lin Yin, and he himself felt that he was very cheap. At this point, he was still thinking about him, but Song Zhou didn’t understand anything at all, he only used his extreme words.
Way to solve the problem.
Shi Feng received a text message from Song Zhou early in the morning, saying that he wanted to invite her to be a guest. The girl he likes is not ordinary sympathy. To be liked by this kind of person is lucky, lucky, and unfortunate.
If you are willing to be with him, he can definitely treat you so well for the rest of your life, but if you don’t follow one thing When he comes, he will do all kinds of crazy things. The poetic style is a graduate of psychology and later went to special education. She has encountered many such cases.
When Lin Yin got up to change clothes, the doorbell rang.
She thought Song Zhou It will open, but after waiting for a long time, there is no response. In desperation, she can only put on her pants in a hurry and open the door. The moment the door opened, Lin Yin regretted it. She never imagined that such a drama would actually be staged in her life. The person is Song Zhou’s official girlfriend Shi Feng Hey sister, why are you here? Shi Feng looked at Lin Yin curiously, is Song Zhou there? let out of the way actually this is Before Shi Feng came to Song Zhou’s place for the first time, she didn’t even know the address, but in order to make Lin Yin jealous, she deliberately made a very familiar look, and as soon as she entered the door, she sat on the sofa.
Shi Feng smiled and said to Lin Yin, sister, I will be there Sit here and wait for him for a while, you should be busy with your tree shade first, and hurried back to your room after she said, what is she thinking, why is she sitting on the bed, why is she uncomfortable? He closed the door and pressed Lin Yin to the closet. He lowered his head and rubbed the tip of her nose against hers. What’s the matter? Don’t be like this. Lin Yin can’t stand this kind of intimacy. Halfway through, Song Zhou put his hand into her clothes, he rubbed her chest with an indifferent expression, so are you scared? Lin Yin was forced to cry by Song Zhou’s movements, she really hates this I feel like a shameful third party.
I don’t want her to misunderstand me? Look at him, Song Zhou, your girlfriend is a very good girl, can you treat her well? We both passed by. Song Zhou deliberately pinched Lin Yin, and Lin Yin cried out in pain.
Song Zhou laughed when he heard it.
Tease her, Sister Guoguo, tell her louder to come over and listen, aren’t you afraid that she will know? Lin Yin asked him that he was afraid that Song Zhou would answer her one word very firmly, and then he laughed again, but the more afraid, the more exciting it is, isn’t it? Chapter 1 This is the forty-third chapter This fucking is the forty-third chapter There is nothing to say about Song Zhou’s perverted hobby, Lin Yin, she knows in her heart that resisting at this time will only make him crazier anyway Everything will be violated, of course she chooses the one with a lighter degree.
Thinking of this, Lin Yin slowly closed her eyes, she said to Song Zhou, if you think this can relieve your anger, then you can do whatever you want. Song Zhou laughed and let go.
The most unbearable thing for Song Zhou is Lin Yin’s passive resistance to her. He loses interest in an instant. Song Zhou let go of Lin Yin and walked out of the bedroom. Lin Yin stood alone in the bedroom watching Song Zhou leave.
Her eyes were sore again, whether it was before or now, Lin Yin couldn’t figure out what Song Zhou was thinking, now that his girlfriend is outside, wouldn’t he really be afraid of his girlfriend getting emotional when he did this? Shi Feng looked at Song Zhou from the bedroom Come out and smile and stand up from the sofa, what’s the matter? Seeing your shocked appearance, after approaching, Shifeng found that Song Zhou’s complexion was particularly bad. Song Zhou didn’t speak, he stared at Shifeng for a while