On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Song Zhou started the car quickly.
When Song Zhou stepped on the accelerator, Lin Yin’s head hit her head. She was in so much pain that she subconsciously wanted to avoid that thing, but when she pounced forward, she bumped into Song Zhou’s crotch fruit.
Sister Guo, are you suggesting sexually? Song Zhou puts his legs on her waist and uses his mouth to do the same. Driving will be very exciting. Sure enough, you can play. Lin Yin was frightened by Song Zhou’s actions.
She is a driver’s license driver. You can’t place your feet like this. In case of any unexpected situation, there is not enough time to step on the brakes. Lin Yin is afraid of death. She grabs Song Zhou’s clothes and reminds him to put your feet on the brake and accelerator. Don’t touch me, why can’t you? You, Song Zhou, don’t think it’s dangerous. You’re so unsafe.
If something happens, Lin Yin is almost crying.
I don’t want to die.
If I don’t want to die, just be more obedient. Of course Yin knew what Song Zhou asked her to do, but she didn’t want to. What the hell are the two of them doing now? One has a girlfriend and the other has a boyfriend.
It’s too shameful. Lin Yin looked at Song Zhou without moving.
Except for this, I can’t interrupt her. Song Zhou casually asked Sister Guoguo, do you want me to let go of the steering wheel and teach you? After her actions, Song Zhou put his hands back on the steering wheel. Song Zhou’s way of forcing people became more and more perverted. Lin Yin originally thought that she could bear it now, but she thought too well after all. In the game with Song Zhou, she The car has never won before. After more than half an hour, the car finally stopped.
Lin Yin leaned on Song Zhou’s lap, his hands were covered with his dirty things, and Lin Yin didn’t know where Song Zhou took her.
She squatted. I have used all the strength all the way, and now I am completely unconscious. When Song Zhou dragged her out of the car, she even forgot about the struggle. Song Zhou led the tree shade to drive a house he rented.
The house is not more than 90 square meters.
He usually lives here, and after throwing Lin Yin back, Song Zhou locked her in a bedroom without a window.
Lin Yin was so sleepy that he lay down on the bed and fell asleep. After leaving a few elders, Shifeng is still waiting at the restaurant.
Although he and Shifeng are just acting, in order not to let the elders suspect that he can’t leave for too long, Song Zhou drove back to the hotel after 20 minutes.
When he entered the private room again, Shifeng was in harmony.
The four elders chatted happily.
I don’t know what topic they talked about.
Shifeng smiled until his eyes were bent. The atmosphere of the meal was not bad. Song Zhou’s parents were very satisfied with Shifeng. Shi Feng smiled and agreed to come down, and then got into Song Zhou’s car.
After parting from the elders, Song Zhou lost his usual enthusiasm for Shi Feng.
He started the car while asking where Shi Feng was going. She couldn’t help laughing, she looked at Song Zhou curiously and asked why are you so cruel After using this attitude, where will I send you? Your home is still a kindergarten.
Song Zhou directly ignored Shi Feng’s question and asked again Uh, today I have to visit a student’s house. You send me to the community, right? Shi Feng and Song Zhou have known each other for a while The communication mode of the two of them is like this.
When you need it, you pull each other’s backs. When you don’t need it, you don’t ask about each other’s affairs.
This mode Song Zhou is happy and poetic. When I opened my eyes, I realized that I was in a completely unfamiliar environment.
There was no window in the room, and the shade felt a little depressing.
She got off the bed and wanted to open the door, but found that the bedroom door could not be opened at all. At that moment, the shade was so special. Desperate, she sat on the ground and leaned against the door helplessly, with tears streaming down her face, she couldn’t stop Song Zhou came back at 10:30, and after entering the door, he walked towards the bedroom that was closed to the forest, Song Zhou When Zhou pushed the door and went in, he bumped into Lin Yin who was leaning on the door and was crying. Lin Yin felt someone push the door, she immediately stood up from the ground and cried for nearly half an hour.
Lin Yin’s eyes were already swollen as soon as Song Zhou entered the door. My son saw Lin Yin like this, he closed the door, dragged Lin Yin into his arms and cried, why, I want to go back, you let me go, after I smelled Song Zhou, Lin Yin became agitated all of a sudden, she struggled crazily with her hands all over the place In the chaos of fighting, Song Zhou’s glasses were knocked off by Lin Yin and fell to the floor with a thud.
If it was before, Song Zhou would have picked it up and put it on without hesitation, but today he didn’t even look at the glasses on the floor without Song Zhou. Son, he carried Lin Yin to the bed, leaned over to hold her down, and put his lips against her ears, what is he doing in Beijing? It has nothing to do with you.
I’m going back the day after tomorrow.
Song Zhou held Lin Yin’s head and pressed his lips to the back of her ear again. Touching the skin on her neck, she whispered to her, Sister Guoguo, you can’t leave now that I’m back, I won’t let you go.
Gritting my teeth, where I go is my freedom. Don’t make me stress anymore. Song Zhou We are now It doesn’t matter, doesn’t it matter? Song Zhou chuckled, then tell me what happened in the car just now, what’s the matter? Hearing Song Zhou say such words in such a calm tone, Lin Yin suddenly felt that she was hurt. In order to insult her, she bit her lips and looked at Song Zhou with hatred on her face.
That is Song Zhou who you forced me to, can you stop disgusting me? I’m going to be driven crazy by you