On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Then go quickly.
Work is important.
Lin Yin’s parents also know that her daughter must feel uncomfortable. They didn’t want her to come here.
Now that she’s leaving, of course they won’t stop her. Well, I’m leaving and you eat slowly. Lin Yin stands up and carries it.
Picking up the satchel and about to leave, Song Zhou suddenly said, He said, I’m going to send off Sister Guoguo, it’s just that I don’t need to drive today, I’ll take the subway by myself, Lin Yin didn’t dare to look at Song Zhou when she refused Cowardly in front of Song Zhou, she has always been hard-nosed.
Sister Guoguo asked Song Zhou to send you off. At this time, Shi Feng also spoke.
She smiled empathetically and was very sensible.
Lin Yin and Song Zhou walked out of the restaurant together, and then Lin Yin said to Song Zhou that you don’t have to see me off.
Next to it is the subway station. Song Zhou stared at Lin Yin for a while, then raised his hand to touch her cheek, jealous. Chapter 40 Chapter 40 When I asked this question, Song Zhou still had a smile on his face. He smiled brightly, like a simple child, but Lin Yin couldn’t feel better after seeing it. Laughing now that the two of them have reached this point, how can he still ask such a shameless question? Lin Yin avoids Song Zhou’s hand, she looks at Song Zhou and says coldly, you think too much, I just don’t want to be with you You have too much contact with us and we have long been okay.
I don’t need it because you are jealous.
In fact, Lin Yin didn’t intend to explain so much, but she couldn’t stop when the words came to her mouth.
She really didn’t want Song Zhou to think that she was jealous. Although she was really It was hard, but it had nothing to do with him. Song Zhou grabbed Lin Yin’s arm and pulled her into his arms. His strength was many times stronger than Lin Yin’s. The index finger is lightly touching the other side, what should I do? The more you don’t want to contact me, the more I want to have something to do with you, Sister Guoguo Yes, after saying this, Song Zhou pulled Lin Yin into the car. This car is The smell in the car he bought not long ago has not gone Forced myself not to recall the past, but the vortex of memories engulfed her again. It was back in Qingdao when I squeezed a bus in the shade of a tree and was stepped on.
I went back and complained to Song Zhou.
When I graduate, I will make money to buy a car. Lin Yin nodded and agreed with her at the time, saying that I want Audis and brown ones.
If you make money, you can buy them for me. Song Zhou smiled and agreed at the time. That happened many years ago. Lin Yin thought about Song Zhou shouldn’t remember it, maybe it’s just a coincidence that he bought this car.
The brown Audi is hard to buy. Song Zhou spoke when he was distracted by the tree shade.
He leaned in front of the tree shade, fastened her seat belt, and pulled her Wearing the seat belt, he lowered his head and looked at her intently. Lin Yin was very resistant to such close contact with the distance between the two of them. It’s so close that she touches Song Zhou’s lips when she raises her head Sister Guoguo, let’s play a game To play with you, Lin Yin rejected him without even thinking about it, Song Zhou, your girlfriend is still waiting for you, you go up quickly, Lin Yin can’t say the next thing because Song Zhou covered her mouth, yes Lin Yin was covering her hands, and she was using a lot of force.
Lin Yin could only breathe through her nose.
Satisfied, she looked at Lin Yin silently. Song Zhou began to untie her clothes. Lin Yin wore a chiffon shirt today and quickly unbuttoned it Song Zhou took off the chiffon shirt halfway, then lowered his head and gnawed on Lin Yin’s shoulder.
The skin on her body was very good, smooth and tender, like suet jade. Song Zhou stuck out his tongue and licked it for a long time before letting go. Lin Yin was caught by Song Zhou Covering his mouth, Song Zhou couldn’t make any sound. Seeing her flushed cheeks, Song Zhou reacted immediately, and the palms of his hands were still tickled by the heat from her breath from time to time, as if a hand was touching his heart.
That feeling is really uncomfortable, let’s have an affair, okay? Song Zhou put his hand on Lin Yin’s belly and pressed him lightly, his eyes drifted a little far away, as if remembering something, Song Zhou came out after a long time He asked the last time he was not pregnant, Lin Yin reacted for a while before remembering which time Song Zhou said.
She wanted to laugh at him, but her mouth was covered and she wanted to say nothing. She couldn’t say it’s okay, try again Song Zhou basically Just talking to himself, he took his hands away from Lin Yin’s mouth, clasped Lin Yin’s waist with both hands, unbuckled the seat belt, hugged Lin Yin to the driver’s seat, after Song Zhou made Lin Yin dizzy and had a miscarriage, she died Some people with anemia will get dizzy from time to time.
Once there is any large-scale movement, the blood supply is not accurate enough to make them dizzy.
Now, after being thrown by Song Zhou like this, Lin Yin is dizzy and his eyes are black. After recovering, Lin Yin has been pressed down by Song Zhou.
Lin Yin looked at Song Zhou exhaustedly on the steering wheel, please forgive me, don’t torture me, okay? It’s easy to go home and have a look, and it’s very tiring to catch up with such a thing.
You treat your girlfriend well. I’m with Xu Qian. It’s so good. Lin Yin is patient and reasoned with Song Zhou, hoping he can let her go.
At any rate, the two of them fell in love for a long time, and Lin Yin didn’t want the ending to be so embarrassing. Song Zhou pushed his glasses, then reached out and pinched Lin Yin’s chin.
Seeing Lin Yin’s expression of wishing to draw a line with him, Song Zhou felt in his heart. His anger was rising, he directly pushed Lin Yin to his feet and made her squat in front of the driver’s seat in order to prevent Lin Yin from escaping