On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Shifeng can be regarded as a heterosexual that Song Zhou has been in close contact with except for Lin Yin, but no matter what Shi Feng does, Song Zhou will not have that throbbing feeling. Back then, Lin Yin panted and he could respond, but if Shi Feng did the same thing He didn’t think about it at all.
Song Zhou didn’t ask Shifeng and his purpose of pretending to be a couple. All he wanted was this result.
In April, Lin Yin was sent to Beijing on a business trip.
Carrying a bunch of things into the door, her parents started to blame her when they saw her like this, why did you spend the money indiscriminately? You went back to your own house and bought so many things, and you didn’t earn much salary.
Save the rest, don’t always Scattered Flowers Lin Yin’s mother earnestly taught her that Lin Yin has never suffered any crimes since she was a child, and she has no calculations about spending money.
The only daughter in their family has never treated her badly in terms of money, which makes Lin Yin have no idea about money.
Listening to her education, Lin Yin smiled and nodded, she said Mom, don’t worry, I’m saving it, I have enough money, girls just need to save money, seeing that you’re getting married, you and Xu Qian will also have to measure your life When I use some money, I feel less. Well, I know that Lin Yin is more patient with her parents now than before. Now no matter what they say, Lin Yin will listen to it. She will no longer be as impatient as before. Lin Yin refused or perfunctorily agreed, sat down and chatted with parents for more than half an hour, and then the phone rang at home.
I wonder why I didn’t let her follow her after eating.
Shouldn’t I take her out to eat? Mom, why are you like this? I finally came back once and you still don’t let me eat with you. It’s too hurtful, isn’t it Lin Yin? I feel a little wronged.
Lin Yin’s mother looked embarrassed.
After struggling for a while, she decided to tell her the truth. Yin thought they were going to have a wedding, sorry to take her there.
Today is dinner with Song Zhou and his parents.
They called us to go over and be a staff officer for Song Zhou.
He seems to have found a girlfriend. Bring her back today to meet his girlfriend today.
Bringing it back to meet this sentence is like a magic sound that keeps circling in Lin Yin’s mind. She is sore and astringent in her heart, but she can’t show it.
In order not to let her parents worry, Lin Yin pretends to smile relaxedly, right? Song Zhou found a girlfriend, isn’t that good? Why can’t I go? Lin Yin explained to them that Song Zhou and I were many years ago. Now that I have Xu Qian, it doesn’t affect me that he found a girlfriend. Ah, I’m still happy for him. It’s not easy to find a girl with his personality. I have to go and see Lin Yin can’t stop saying one sentence after another. She doesn’t even know that these words are used to persuade her. Parents still use it to comfort themselves, because Lin Yin insists on following Lin Yin’s parents were helpless by her and had to agree to come down, so during dinner, Lin Yin, his parents and Song Zhou went to the restaurant together. Lin Yin didn’t see Song Zhou and his girlfriend.
The two went out to play today, so I went over there and waited for them.
Listening to the elders telling stories about Song Zhou and others, Lin Yin’s eyes were so sore that he almost cried several times.
Lin Yin couldn’t imagine Song Zhou and others at all. What is it like when a girl gets along? Hearing from them, Song Zhou seems to be very kind and patient to that girl. Just listening to Lin Yin, she can feel the sweetness of the two of them.
In fact, she knows she shouldn’t go, but she can’t bear it. She really wants to see what kind of girl is by Song Zhou’s side now, she thinks that girl must love her and be more sensible than she is obedient.
Lin Yin and the elders went into the private room together. The children were playing and fighting, the two of them were laughing, it was the young couple who were in the sweet period, Lin Yin pinched his hands after seeing it, she really wanted to cry, because she had never seen such a normal Song Zhou Song When Zhou and her were playing together, they were always so dark and perverted. It was the sweetest time between the two of them.
Lin Yin had never seen Song Zhou so happy before.
My parents knew about this and they revealed it to Lin Yin through their mouths. I didn’t expect such a coincidence.
Song Zhou glanced at Lin Yin and Lin Yin was also looking at him at the time.
Her eyes were wronged, as if she was hurt Taste Song Zhouyun looked away lightly, then leaned to Shifeng’s ear and whispered to her, did you see that? That’s her, Shifeng raised the corner of his mouth and smiled, then stretched out his hand to hook Song Zhou’s neck and stood on tiptoe on his face She kissed her and said, I think I’m going to perform well, you remember to give me a little red flower. Although Song Zhou was a little disgusted by Shifeng kissing him, but considering the effect, he could only take this disgust back in his heart.
Song Zhou smiled gently at Shifeng After a while, I put my arms around her waist and walked in front of them. Let me introduce you to my girlfriend Shi Feng. Lin Yin took care of everyone, and then shyly leaned into Song Zhou’s arms.
As soon as she sat down, Lin Yin regretted it.
Send me a text message saying there is something wrong with work, I have to go and see you eat first Lin Yin knows that her excuse is ridiculous but she can’t help it She really doesn’t want to stay here and watch Song Zhou interact with his girlfriend intimately It’s torture for her