On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

She also carefully asked Lin Yin what movie she wanted to watch. Lin Yin usually chooses, but today she is not in the mood to choose you. She has listened to me before. I specially smiled and added a sentence of “OK, I am getting more and more aware of being a daughter-in-law.
Come and kiss me, you are not serious.” Lin Yin subconsciously glanced at Song Zhou and saw that Song Zhou’s expression was not right.
Lin Yin hurriedly said goodbye to Xu Qian I’m sleepy and I’ll go to bed first. Bye.
See you tomorrow. This is not the first time Song Zhou has seen Lin Yin and Xu Qian showing affection.
Only when Lin Yin acted like a baby to Xu Qian did Song Zhou clearly realize that she is no longer the old Lin Yin.
Yin is now accompanied by another man beside her.
Thinking of this, Song Zhou felt extremely unbalanced.
Jealousy ignited instantly, and the fire spread quickly.
Song Zhou moved to Lin Yin’s side, grabbed her shoulders, and pressed her onto the sofa.
On the backrest, he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if you don’t remind you, you should remember that I am with him Lin Yin bit his lip and I forgot to tell you Jiao Zhongqing and Liu Lanzhi just now It’s two lovers who are forced to separate, so the two of us who died in love have always been your wishful thinking Sister Guoguo, you love me Song Zhou buried his head in her chest and wiped away the tears You have always loved me Don’t try to lie to me Thirty Chapter Nine Chapter Thirty-ninth Chapter Song Zhou has never listened to other people’s words, especially when it comes to feelings Song Zhou cried like this, she really couldn’t bear to say anything serious, in fact, Lin Yin wanted to cry when he said the sentence “I and you have been in love since we were young, childhood sweetheart and childhood sweetheart”, she remembered the time when Song Zhou harassed her in high school For a while, his paranoia stabbed both of them at the same time, Song Zhou, we really can’t do it, please don’t do this, sooner or later we have to end it, if this continues, neither of them can continue to live a normal life If I die Do you remember me? Song Zhou asked such a question out of the blue, Lin Yin was dumbfounded at the time, Song Zhou’s expression was so serious that Lin Yin felt that he would die in the next second. Lin Yin knew that there was nothing Song Zhou did.
If she said she would remember, Song Zhou might really be crazy enough to commit suicide.
After thinking about it, Lin Yin replied that he would not, I would look down on you. After hearing Lin Yin’s answer, Song Zhou suddenly laughed. Lin Yin got up and sniffed, then said to her, I understand, Lin Yin looked at Song Zhou’s abnormal reaction for a long time, but she didn’t feel relieved, she didn’t know what he understood, and why he suddenly laughed at Song Zhou’s smile It’s a bit weird, Lin Yin looked at it and made my spine feel cold. Sister Guoguo, I will wait for your wedding invitation. After throwing this sentence, Song Zhou turned and left.
Lin Yin never denied his feelings for Song Zhou.
She knew that if Song Zhou found someone else, she would be very sad, but now they can’t turn back.
After Song Zhou came out from the shade, he found a hotel to stay in.
He packed his luggage and booked online.
A plane ticket back to Beijing. He knew that Lin Yin would not go back with him, so it was meaningless for him to stay in Dalian alone. It would be better to go back and book the ticket.
After booking the ticket, Song Zhou took out two photo albums from the suitcase.
He has been carrying this photo album with him for the past few years, and it contains all the photos of Lin Yin he found from various places, as well as the group photos they took when they were young.
In the past three years in the United States, Song Zhou basically looked through these two photos every night.
This album will flood with longing.
He knows that masturbation is a perverted thing to look at other people’s photos, but he can’t help it. Song Zhou’s affection for Lin Yin has reached the point where just looking at the photos will make him hard. Song Zhou opened the album and looked at it.
After a while, there was another reaction from below. He still smelled like a tree shade. Today, he felt like he was really doing it with her.
Song Zhou went to work after returning to Beijing. He worked in a foreign company in Zhongguancun for a month. His income has doubled several times compared to before.
In the eyes of others, he is considered a successful person.
There are many female colleagues in the new company who chase after Song Zhou, but they are all hit by Song Zhou’s rejection thousands of miles away.
Song Zhou’s job is stable.
After he got down, his parents began to urge him to find a partner.
Song Zhou didn’t give them a clear answer, but every time he went on a blind date, he would go to work.
In the second month, the head of the family introduced him to a partner who was very cheerful and younger than him. The 20-year-old girl is a kindergarten teacher. Her name is also very nice. She is called Shifeng.
After meeting so many, Song Zhou is quite satisfied with her. At least he is willing to talk to Shifeng. Shifeng is in special education, and she teaches children with autism.
So I am more proficient in psychology.
When we met for the first time, Shi Feng told Song Zhou that I could see that you didn’t want to get married soon, so your blind date should be purposeful.
Song Zhou generously admitted that he nodded to Shi Feng and then told her Said that I have another purpose Poetry laughed heartily a few times. This is the first time I have met such a direct person like you. If you want, I can cooperate with you to perfunctory your parents or stimulate your ex-girlfriend.
Actually Poetry is not a particularly talkative kind but She and Song Zhou are very close. When I see him, I want to say a few more words to him, and Song Zhou is the kind of person with a story at first glance, so let me cooperate. Song Zhou goes around the table and sits next to Shi Feng, looking into her eyes. I introduced myself to her, Song Zhou Shifeng smiled and nodded, yes Shifeng takes care of you Strictly speaking