On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

I haven’t heard Lin Yin’s answer for a long time.
Xu Qian changed the subject with a smile. He knew Lin Yin’s character, so he didn’t want to push her too tightly.
Perhaps Xu Qian understands Lin Yin very well, although he feels sore when he sees Lin Yin being sad for Song Zhou, but after the soreness, his heart is more distressed.
After returning to Dalian, Lin Yin’s life has returned to calm, going to and from work and busy every day.
Busy work is very fulfilling.
On weekends, I went out to have a meal with Xu Qian, watch a movie and relax for about a month.
Lin Yin finally threw Song Zhou out of his head, um, it was only in his head. As for when to throw him out of his heart Lin Yin didn’t know that Lin Yin had always lived in the apartment where she and Song Zhou lived. Xu Qian also said that he wanted to move in with her, but Lin Yin refused.
She still feels reluctant to part with this apartment.
Lin Yin is usually busy.
After Song Zhou left, she seldom cleans up the house, basically only once every two weeks. Sometimes when she is in a hurry, she changes her clothes in the living room and throws them on the sofa.
People who live in Linyin don’t pay much attention to it, and when they’re busy, they don’t care too much.
On Friday night, when Linyin came home from work, Linyin realized something was wrong when she changed her slippers. It was bright when I left, as if it had been wiped off, and then I walked in. The sofa was clean and tidy. When she left in the morning, she obviously threw the changed clothes on the sofa. Why is there no shade now? My heart skipped a beat. She had an ominous premonition. Lin Yin went to the bedroom and opened the closet, and found that the order of the clothes inside was different Lin Yin in the box gasped, a crazy idea popped up in her head, this method and this scene are all too familiar, just like the time Song Zhou cleaned up for her in Qingdao.
Impossible Lin Yin raised his hand and patted his chest, muttering to himself that it is absolutely impossible, just when Lin Yin thought so, a voice came from the living room There was a sound of footsteps, she trembled in fright, she looked vigilantly at the living room, and the next second, the light in the living room was on, and the shade of the trees was so frightened that she stopped breathing, her hands and feet were covered with ice.
Chapter Thirty-Eight, Chapter Thirty-Eight When I was in college, Lin Yin often read some supernatural posts on the forum.
Now her mind is full of the content of those posts.
Lin Yin is a timid person. Moving like a prisoner waiting for the result of the trial, she closed her eyes tightly without even the courage to take a look.
She could faintly hear footsteps in the shade of the forest, but when she pricked up her ears to listen carefully, the footsteps disappeared again. When Lin Yin was afraid, she suddenly felt something approaching her. She bit her lip and was about to run when she was hugged tightly. In the next second, Lin Yin smelled a familiar smell. She remembered that it was Song Zhou’s Lin Yin, and when she opened her eyes to meet Song Zhou’s, she subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.
Luckily, it wasn’t someone else.
Song Zhou hugged Lin Yin tightly and leaned his head on her neck like a child who couldn’t live without someone.
After leaning on the ground for a while, he stuck out his tongue and licked her neck.
This made Lin Yin feel numb all over, but it was enough to bring her back to her senses.
After Lin Yin realized it, he pushed Song Zhou away immediately because he didn’t parry. Song Zhou was pushed far away by the tree shade Song Zhou wore a black jacket today, jeans and sneakers, he looked like a student who didn’t know much about the world, but what he did was so terrible, what are you doing here, Song Zhou, I beg you Don’t pester me, okay? Lin Yin basically finished crying. She was really scared. She couldn’t even imagine that if Song Zhou appeared in this way every time in the future, would she be scared to death? Under Lin Yin’s watchful eyes, Zhou took off his coat and threw it on the bed.
He was wearing a white shirt, which looked good. After taking off his clothes, Song Zhou walked in front of Lin Yin, took her hand and put it on his face, aren’t you? He said he likes me very much in a white shirt. Does it look good? He is so brazenly mentioning the past that Lin Yin can hardly control his brain.
Those memories with him are like a flood that swallowed her all at once. How could she forget the two of them? When we were still in Qingdao, we went shopping together. Lin Yin always liked to let Song Zhou try all kinds of white shirts.
She also said that Song Zhou looked best in white shirts, but at that time Song Zhou always wore sportswear and basically did not wear shirts.
Now he After wearing Lin Yin, she lost the feeling she had at the beginning.
She stared at Song Zhou for a while and then asked him, do you think it makes sense to do so now? Song Zhou, don’t be naive. After staying in the United States for three years, he will improve a little bit, but he is not as self-contained as before. He does whatever he wants and does not consider other people’s feelings.
No one in this world will wait for someone in place. Why can’t he understand this truth? Meaning, don’t you see that you were moved by me and cried? Song Zhou touched Lin Yin’s cheek affectionately Sister Guoguo came back to Beijing with me, Song Zhou, stop dreaming Lin Yin raised his hand and shook his face fiercely A slap in the face for both of us, it’s impossible in this life.
It’s all caused by you.
Lin Yin has hit Song Zhou many times before, but never with such force.
Unexpectedly, Song Zhou was inexplicably cool when he was slapped over the head by Lin Yin.