On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Don’t take it to heart, okay? I still can’t bear it.
Lin Yin can’t figure out how she feels about Song Zhou. She thinks she hates him, but when she feels his tears, she feels very sorry for Song Zhou.
Grab Lin Yin. Lin Yin got up from the stone slope with his hand and pulled her forward quickly.
Lin Yin kept speeding up his pace and followed him.
Song Zhou dragged Lin Yin to a nearby uncovered wellhead and then stopped. It is not uncommon to have a well that has been around for a long time, but the uncovered tree shade has not been seen before.
When she was puzzled, Song Zhou had already sat by the well. He raised his hand and pulled the tree shade to his lap. Before Yin could scream, half of her body was hanging in the well. Song Zhou stretched out his hand to support Lin Yin’s armpits, and looked at her terrified face.
Song Zhou grinned. His smile is very innocent. You might think that he is a child who hasn’t grown up yet, but Lin Yin was trembling from his smile. At this moment, Song Zhou let go again. Lin Yin was so frightened that she reached out and grabbed his collar. This was the first time for Sister Guoguo.
Taking the initiative to hug me is like a dream Song Zhou smiled and said to her Song Zhou, are you crazy, do you know that if you miss your hand, I will fall into the shade of the forest, I have a fear of heights, and now he treats her like this, she is so scared that she burst into tears It kept falling, no matter what, it couldn’t be stopped.
Song Zhou didn’t respond, she let go of her hand again, Song Zhou, don’t worry, Lin Yin was so frightened that he didn’t remember the previous quarrel, so he instinctively asked him for help.
Song Zhou said such a voice It’s so nice to hear, Sister Guoguo, can you just talk to me like this in the future? You pull me up, hurry up, the tree shade is panting, eyes are full of begging Song Zhou, please, I’m really afraid, I’m afraid of heights, I’m afraid Don’t you do anything Song Zhou looked down at her lips moving slowly You just say you love me You and I Lin Yin I’m sure now Song Zhou is a lunatic out and out a lunatic Lin Yin’s indecision made Song Zhou With a pain in his heart, he asked her lightly, as long as he just said a word, didn’t you give me a word? Said those three words Song Zhou’s smile spread from the corner of his mouth to the bottom of his eyes. He hugged Lin Yin and put it close to her ear to comfort her softly.
It’s great that Sister Guoguo is so obedient. It’s not that difficult, right? Lin Yin was lying in his arms weakly, trying to refute him, but he couldn’t exert any strength. He was too tired after that day. After that day, Lin Yin became seriously ill and suffered from vomiting and diarrhea for several days.
He was sent to a nearby clinic and lost. It took a few days for her to get better.
She lost a lot of weight. After all this tossing and tossing, a summer vacation is over, but Song Zhou is still haunted. The forest originally started on September 10, and she returned on the 8th or 9th. The school is fine, but her parents asked him to accompany Song Zhou to report Song Zhou’s report on September 1st and August 30th.
Lin Yin didn’t buy the ticket by herself, it was Song Zhou who gave her the ticket before leaving. parents standing together Sending them off and listening to them talking about Lin Yin’s headaches, because the train tickets are bought together, so Lin Yin and Song Zhou’s seats are next to each other. From Beijing Station to Qingdao Station, everyone in the general express train has a noisy seat in the tree shade. It’s by the aisle. She was pulled up by Song Zhou as soon as she sat down.
What’s the matter? Lin Yin looked at him puzzled.
Song Zhou pointed to the window.
You sat there and I sat outside.
For a moment, Lin Yin was quite moved, really moved Chapter Five Chapter Five Lin Yin’s personality is softer.
When others treat her a little bit better, she will be very moved.
Sometimes she will be told that she is passionate.
She wants to change, but there is no way. Sometimes the traits in her bones cannot be changed. After they got down, neither of them talked to anyone. Lin Yin turned his head and looked at the scenery outside the window.
Song Zhou just looked at Lin Yin looking at the scenery in a daze. Song Zhou, who has just graduated, looks hot again.
Song Zhou takes off his glasses and throws them into his schoolbag, then leans his head against Lin Yin’s back.
After jumping to react, the scalp numb unconsciously, all the muscles tensed, this is what Song Zhou was going to do on the train, after going through those things before, Lin Yin’s defense against Song Zhou increased day by day, Song Zhou put his whole face on the tree shade Smelling her scent on his back, Song Zhou was very satisfied in his heart.
He wished that this train would go on forever and never stop. Then he could always lean against the shade of the tree. The two of them hadn’t gotten along so peacefully for a long time. Song Zhou remembers that Lin Yin started avoiding him after he confided his heart, he just likes her, is it so disgusting? Can she be with others, why not be with him? Song Zhou put his lips to Lin Yin’s ear He raised his hand to tidy up her fine hair. Is it because Guoguo doesn’t want to see me, so she keeps looking outside? His voice is hoarse and much more mature than before. To this day, she can still remember the scene when Song Zhou followed her and called her sister Guoguo in a childish voice, as if he had grown up to 21 years old in a blink of an eye.
I’m going to graduate from college, right? Not only have I grown up, but my personality has also changed. Lin Yin closed her eyes and tried her best to ignore Song Zhou’s existence.
I hate you for ignoring me and not talking to me, it’s better to be dumb, what do you think, Song Zhou, Lin Yin was frightened by Song Zhou’s gloomy tone, his voice trembled unconsciously, you let go of me, there’s someone in front of me, I don’t want to be seen arrive