On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

He said that he was lying down and wanted to chat with you. We really have a good understanding. Lin Yin made a laughing face.
Well, my parents are going to play mahjong. I am the only one at home, so I let you stay. I felt that what I said was too easy to be misunderstood, so I quickly added a sentence: I mean you sleep on the sofa Xu Qian looked at Lin Yin’s explanation and laughed unconsciously. Lin Yin sent a lip-smacking emoji and then a bunch of crying emojis Xu Qian crying is useless Lin Yin oh brother, you have a lot of adults, don’t bother with me, you agreed to let me, Xu Qian, okay You will be fined tomorrow to kiss my tongue for five minutes and stick out your tongue. Well, the shade of the tree is fine. If you have the ability, you can bear it and don’t move. Xu Qian, little guy, dare to question me. We will clean up when we meet tomorrow.
Go to sleep, rest, and be with me tomorrow.
I, Lin Yin, chatted with Xu Qian with a smile on my face. When I was typing to reply to Xu Qian’s message, a person suddenly stood in front of me. Lin Yin screamed in fright, and the phone fell to the ground. She moved back for a long distance. See clearly who is coming.
Song Zhou didn’t take the key at all this time, he just opened the door and came in because Lin Yin didn’t lock the door.
She was as heartless as before. When she was alone at home, she didn’t pay attention to safety. Sometimes Song Zhou was there How did Lin Yin live without him for the past three years? Will Xu Qian take care of Lin Yin like him? Probably not, Lin Yin immediately turned cold when he saw that the person who came was Song Zhou. What are you doing at my house? Can you make a little noise when you walk? Lin Yin is really frightened. She has no scruples when she talks. This unreasonable energy is very similar to Song Zhou. The appearance is much more mature and cute than pretending to be mature and cute. After laughing, Song Zhou bent down and picked up Lin Yin’s phone.
He quickly cracked her password. After the screen was unlocked, it was the window for Lin Yin and Xu Qian to chat on WeChat. Song Zhou only At a glance, I saw that tongue kiss for five minutes, you took the initiative, and then the smile on his face froze all of a sudden, Lin Yin rushed to snatch the phone back from Song Zhou’s hand, and then gave him a hard look, you don’t know what it means The right to privacy? The United States should pay more attention to this than China, right? After staying there for so long, why don’t you still not know how to respect others? Song Zhou sat on the bed, pulled Lin Yin into his arms, and hugged him tightly no matter how Lin Yin struggled.
Refusing to let go, Song Zhou looked down at Lin Yin’s flushed face, raised his hand as if playing a prank, and touched her chest, just as Lin Yin touched her, a tingling sensation ran all over her body, as if she was longing for it. After realizing this, Lin Yin felt that she was very shameless, how could she not control this reaction of her body? Of course, Song Zhou could feel the changes in Lin Yin. He knew that women are very sensitive to such things. My son is addictive. Once he started, he couldn’t hold it anymore. He moved to the tree shade ear and stuck out his tongue. Come and lick her ear pinna, then gently scratched her lower abdomen with his hand, moved down intentionally or unintentionally, Lin Yin bit his lip, resisting the urge to moan, firmly grasping the bed sheet Song Zhou lay on the tree shade I asked her in my ear, Sister Guoguo, what step have you made with him? Well, you will do the same when he touches you, right? Song Zhou’s words are like a pot of cold water waking up the shade of the forest at once. She pushed Song in annoyance Zhou’s shoulder mouth said yes, he touches me, I will do the same, my reaction will be bigger than this, the light in Song Zhou’s eyes dimmed all of a sudden, he roughly put his hand into Lin Yin’s pajama pants Asked her in a cold voice, you let him touch here, don’t you let me go, you can’t touch me, Lin Yin’s body began to shake again, she was afraid that she couldn’t control herself to do something embarrassing, Song didn’t get the answer before Of course Zhou would not let her go, he pinched her hard and then continued to ask her to answer my question here has he touched it? Why can’t he touch me? I have been with him for more than two years. Everything you do is a matter of course.
This sentence Lin Yin said was purely out of anger.
After she finished speaking, she still felt that it was not enough.
Song Zhou, let me tell you, we have already done it. He will not dislike me. She took it out and looked at her coldly. Seeing Song Zhou stop and move, Lin Yin knew that her aggressive method had worked. She read a post on the Internet before, which probably said that men have cleanliness towards their women, basically no.
A man can accept that his woman has done it with another man besides him.
Seeing Song Zhou’s reaction, what this post said should be true.
She made the right bet and gave you the first time. Lin Yin clenched his fists and was cruel and continued to talk nonsense with Song Zhou.
Later Xu Qian told me that only perverts would do it. Lin Yin really touched Song Zhou. The bottom line is out. As soon as she finished speaking, Song Zhou strangled her neck. Chapter 36 Chapter 36. Anyone in this world can say that Song Zhou is abnormal, except for Lin Yin, because he became for her. Those who have done wrong things to her like this, if he changed to someone else, Song Zhou wouldn’t bother at all, if he didn’t like anyone, there was no way to force him to do that kind of thing, but Lin Yin just didn’t understand this truth when he heard Lin Yin say that he was abnormal At that time, Song Zhou was angry and hopeless in his heart. Only by pinching her neck could he get a little outlet for such anger. Song Zhou pinched very hard, and within a minute, he was out of oxygen. Zhou looked at the shade of the tree like never before satisfied