On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Because there is no spare room in Lin Yin’s house for Xu Qian to sleep the two of them, and it is not convenient for them to share a room, so Lin Yin found a hotel nearby for Xu Qian. Lin Yin and Xu Qian went downstairs talking and laughing. Xu Qian looked at Lin Yin’s flushed face with a smile, squeezed it, and hurried back home, it’s so hot at home, but it’s so cold, and it’s time to be in trouble again, Lin Yin smiled unconvinced Weakness, my parents asked me to send you to the hotel. If they knew that I sent you downstairs, you would have to kill me if you went up. Lin Yin’s words made Xu Qian laugh. He scratched Lin Yin’s nose half-jokingly.
Speaking of it, it seems that my father-in-law and mother-in-law are quite satisfied with my son-in-law, that’s for sure, so satisfied that they don’t even recognize me as a daughter, Lin Yin took Xu Qian’s arm and let’s go, let’s take you back to the hotel and the task is completed Song Zhou came back a few days earlier than Lin Yin, so Song Zhou knew that Lin Yin brought her boyfriend home. When Song Zhou saw Lin Yin raised his hand to hold another man’s wrist, he really wanted to rush. Go up and beat him, Song Zhou followed the two of them all the way, Lin Yin sent Xu Qian to the hotel door, and then bid him farewell, Song Zhou stood not far away, waiting for her to send Xu Qian away, and then Lin Yin walked slowly by himself Walking home without taking a few steps, she was dragged to a side alley with her mouth covered, and the tree shade was frightened to death. When she was desperately trying to find a way, the man suddenly put his lips next to her ear, so I miss you Guoguo Chapter Thirty-Fourth Chapter Thirty-Fourth Song Zhou’s voice was very hoarse when he said this, and it sounded like he had been suppressed for a long time. His voice was much deeper than it was three years ago, a little childish and a little more mature Lin Yin can hear so many differences between the two of them.
The time between the two of them has been reminding them in their own way how much they missed each other’s growth process.
Lin Yin took a deep breath and forcefully read from Song She broke free from Zhou’s arms, she didn’t want to say a word to Song Zhou, and she didn’t want to see him.
As soon as she saw him, she would think of those unpleasant things.
How could Song Zhou let her go in the shade? She pressed her against the concrete wall by the street, he pressed Lin Yin’s forehead and touched her neck with one hand, don’t touch me Lin Yin’s body was covered in goose bumps by Song Zhou’s movements She spoke His voice started to tremble, I have a boyfriend now, you have no right to treat my boyfriend like this.
These three words are just provoking Song Zhou. He cupped Lin Yin’s face with both hands, looked at the disgust in her eyes, and bowed his head affectionately. Lin Yin kissed her on her mouth, she was very humiliated in her heart, she didn’t know what Song Zhou meant now, it was he who was going to leave, and then came back, what did he think of her, Lin Yin knew that she was stupid and worthless, but she wasn’t stupid either At this point, the two of them have been separated for three years, and it is impossible to reconcile. Lin Yin has grown a lot in these three years, and she is no longer as impulsive and self-willed as before, so she doesn’t think it is possible to reunite after a broken mirror. Song Zhouqin happened to her She didn’t respond either.
Lin Yin originally wanted to slap him, but she held back because she knew that if a pervert like Song Zhou slapped him, he would feel pleasure.
Song Zhou thought that Lin Yin would struggle, but she was very good without her. She was motionless, but Song Zhou didn’t think about me because of this, right? Song Zhou touched Lin Yin’s cheek and stared at her obsessively, like a hungry wolf staring at a sheep, as if he could tear her apart in the next second She is not the same as she used to be when faced with such a situation, she will no longer be at a loss like before, she will resist, she will be silent, she will be cold and violent, Lin Yin’s silence makes Song Zhou very frustrated With a sneer, one hand reached into Lin Yin’s clothes and squeezed her chest fiercely. The other hand pressed gently on her lower abdomen. Why don’t you talk to me? Well, you know that I have been there for three years How much do you miss you? Sister Guoguo is in Boston.
Every time I masturbate, I look at your photos. As soon as Song Zhou finished speaking, he was slapped over the head by Lin Yin.
Lin Yin really couldn’t help it. She thought she had She has enough stamina to compete with Song Zhou, but she ignores how shameless Song Zhou is. When they were together, he said it was a small affair between couples, but now they have broken up, it doesn’t matter at all, and she With a new boyfriend, Song Zhou said such things again, Lin Yin only felt disgusted, it was really disgusting, and she unconsciously remembered the time when she bumped into the toilet in the bathroom. Pan-acid water Song Zhou, you are disgusting Lin Yin looked at him coldly You said the breakup is what you said Now what do you think I don’t think it’s too hypocritical So what about you Lin Yin You’re not hypocritical Song Zhou pushed her leg away with his knee Is it a disgusting expression to use your bottom to press her to react so much? Look at how much your mouth is jumping. I can see it in your pants. He could make Lin Yin compromise, he could say anything, being rubbed against Lin Yin’s body by Song Zhou, he reacted quickly, but she didn’t fall softly in his arms like before, Lin Yin looked at Song Zhou with a smile Tell him you don’t know, right? That’s how women react to you, and Xu Qian too.
As strong as you are in front of you, as strong as he is in front of him. Lin Yin said this just to stimulate Song Zhou. Obviously Song Zhou is also true.
I was so stimulated by her, from the time he pulled her over to now, Song Zhou has been reluctant to mention Xu Qian. He is a very jealous person, how can he tolerate Lin Yin being with other men? can’t even imagine