On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

In fact, starting a new life is not so difficult, as long as you don’t mention the scars of the past, you can quickly escape.
Since the phone call with Song Zhou, Lin Yin has hidden this past in her heart and never mentions it when others ask her about it. After the situation, she just smiled lightly and said, “I’m glad some people say that people have to experience one or two failed loves in their life to realize some of the true meaning of life.
Lin Yin thinks this is quite reasonable.
After parting with Song Zhou, she She started to cook by herself, do her own laundry, and tidy up her house. Well, she is living a pretty good life by herself now. The person Lin Yin has the best relationship with in the company is probably Xu Qian. Except for Xu Qian, everyone else she knows in Dalian is very close to her.
About Song Zhou She thought she had completely sealed Song Zhou, but every night he would appear in her dreams Lin Yin died never thought that she would be pregnant She never seemed to think about contraception when she and Song Zhou were doing it before Lin Yin didn’t have this concept in his head, and Song Zhou never wore a condom, and every time he just got into it directly. About a month after Song Zhou left, Lin Yin first had her menstrual period delayed, and then started vomiting every day.
One night, colleagues got together.
When Lin Yin vomited again, she went to the bathroom to rinse her mouth and wash her face, and Xu Qian went out with her. After Lin Yin tidied herself up in the bathroom, she saw Xu Qian waiting for her in the corridor. Her arm asked her, Lin Yin, isn’t it the first day you vomited? Lin Yin nodded to him with a pale face.
What happened? I remember that Lin Yin’s reaction to the gynecology department was really slow, but Xu Qian said it was so obvious that she couldn’t understand. On the weekend, Lin Yin got up early and went to the hospital to queue up for an examination. The result was that she was pregnant and the child was healthy.
At that time, Lin Yin felt like a bolt from the blue.
She just came out of a broken relationship and now she has to face it alone. The moment Lin Yin saw the results of the examination, Lin Yin suddenly hated Song Zhou very much.
He gave up so decisively, but now she has to face this kind of thing alone.
She has a little life in her stomach that belongs to the two of them.
He is only four years old. He was so young for more than ten days, but his father was gone. Lin Yin was very confused. She even thought about calling Song Zhou to ask his opinion.
As soon as the idea came out, Lin Yin rejected herself. Forget it, Song Zhou definitely won’t want it, he’s still so young, he just went abroad, he can have a better life, Lin Yin told himself that he can’t delay him any longer, after thinking about going to Lin Yin, he decided not to have this child, she is not qualified at all now If she wants a child, she can’t even support herself. Doesn’t one more child cost her life? She is more reluctant than anyone else, but she just has to give up.
She doesn’t want her baby to suffer with her.
After a week, Lin Yin and the doctor made an appointment for dilation and curettage.
Lin Yin went alone that day.
Lin Yin never imagined that he would face such a cruel thing alone in his life.
After the operation, Lin Yin stumbled out of the operating room with a pale face. During the National Day holiday, Lin Yin took the opportunity to rest for a few days and continued to work on weekdays. She endured all these things alone.
She never told anyone that Lin Yin knew that the person who loved her the most in the world had left her. All I can do is to protect myself. After putting myself into work, life always goes by extraordinarily quickly. Before I know it, it’s the end of the year. Lin Yin bought a plane ticket to go home early, and rushed back after the holiday. I haven’t been back home for a long time. As soon as Lin Yin came back, she cried hopelessly.
Lin Yin had never realized that she had such a deep dependence on her family before.
The moment she saw her parents, she suddenly felt very wronged.
The emotions that had been suppressed for a long time finally broke down.
Parents probably knew why she was crying, but they tacitly didn’t mention Song Zhou’s name in front of their daughter.
They all knew that Song Zhou hurt Lin Yin.
Song Zhou stayed in Boston for three years by himself. Song Zhou will go to Chinatown to feel the festive atmosphere when he returns home for the New Year.
When he sees a child holding a firework stick in his hand, he will think of himself when he was a child, and then he will naturally think of Lin Yin. The environment can let go of obsessions. He spent three years experimenting and finally failed.
Song Zhou is a graduate student at MIT, majoring in computer science and engineering. But the fate of returning to China His parents said that they have only one son, it’s okay to go to school, but he must come back to work, but Song Zhou can only go back to Beijing. Seeing that the Chinese New Year is coming, Lin Yin has started to prepare for returning home.
These three years During this time, she has changed from an ignorant college graduate to a mainstay in the department. During this period, Xu Qian has been helping her.
In the second year after Song Zhou left, Lin Yin and Xu Qian naturally got together. I think Xu Qian is a nice person, he treats her well and respects her very much. She never forces her to do something she doesn’t like to do.
The two of them have been together for more than one year and have never had a fight. Maybe it’s because they have been alone for too long. Lin Yin thinks It’s really not easy to have someone by your side.
She’s already 28 years old this year. Lin Yin’s parents know she’s in a relationship, and they’ve been urging Lin Yin to bring someone back to meet her. I took Xu Qian back together. Xu Qian was especially good at doing things. When I went there, I brought a lot of things.
After dinner, Lin Yin went downstairs to send Xu Qian back to the hotel.