On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Song Zhou was really desperate for this relationship, so he acted so ruthlessly. He was with Lin Yin just to make her happy and to take good care of her, but he found that he didn’t have the ability.
He watched Lin Yin become what he is now.
He looks like he can’t do anything, let’s go without him, Lin Yin will definitely be fine, after Song Zhou left, Lin Yin sat on the floor of the hotel and stared blankly all night. Lin Yin always feels that Song Zhou will not just give up like this, she has been expecting Song Zhou to come back to her again, Lin Yin thinks that as long as he comes back and hugs her, she will definitely not quarrel with him anymore, but why didn’t he come back? The second day, Lin Yin was so busy at work that she didn’t have time to think about Song Zhou. From work to work, Lin Yin was like a machine that turned on its axis without stopping for a second.
After six o’clock in the evening, it was finally the end of the day.
Busy, she just came out of the company and received a call from home.
Lin Yin was still a little dazed at the time. Her parents rarely call here.
Why is it so strange today? Lin Yin’s mother’s voice is unprecedentedly gentle, Lin Yin is a bit inexplicable when she asks, just got off work, mom, do you have something to tell me, did you and Song Zhou have a falling out? He just came home suddenly and scared us all. After a jump, Lin Yin’s mother told her about what happened just now. He said that you broke up. What happened? To be honest, Lin Yin was still hoping that she would see Song Zhou as soon as she entered the door tonight.
She also thought that it would be fine even if she took the initiative to coax Song Zhou, but there was nothing left. Lin Yin did not expect Song Zhou to be so cruel. Don’t give her a chance to turn around so resolutely. I haven’t heard her daughter’s voice for a long time. Lin Yin’s mother is also anxious.
Guoguo, are you still listening? Yes, I wiped the tears on my face in Linyin, Mom, Song Zhou and I are what he said Then we two are not suitable, I will find a better one in the future.
He is also Lin Yin and doesn’t want her mother to worry about her affairs, so she pretends to be indifferent. Guoguo’s mother always thinks that you can succeed. Yin’s mother blames herself very much. Although she usually thinks Lin Yin is stupid and doesn’t know how to do things, but no matter how she dislikes it, she is her own daughter. She thinks that Song Zhou is a reliable child, so she matched them so well. Now Song Zhou doesn’t want Lin Yin. After seeing the wrong person, she felt that she had misjudged the person. From now on, Mom will not insist on your emotional affairs. If you meet a suitable one over there, you can look around and bring it back to us. This time, Mom will listen to you.
Mom, I know.
Lin Yin answered casually and hung up the phone. She was afraid that she would burst into tears if she continued to listen. She didn’t want her parents to worry about her. Looking at Song Zhou’s clothes in the closet, there is nothing left, looking at the half-empty closet, Lin Yin’s tears can’t stop Falling to the ground, a living person just disappeared from her world, as if he had never appeared before, Lin Yin didn’t know how Song Zhou had the ability to take all his things away in such a short period of time He didn’t keep any of them, even if he left a piece of clothing for her to think about, how could he be so unfeeling? He even said that liking her was just made up. You are left in this strange city, I will never forgive you again Song Zhou Linyin looked at the empty room and murmured in a dazed way, what Lin Yin wanted to say is that no matter how much Song Zhou begged her to forgive her, she would never forgive you again. When Song Zhou came back suddenly, his parents were also taken aback by him.
When Song Zhou told about his breakup with Lin Yin, the four elders were all shocked.
They all thought it impossible that Lin Yin’s parents were there at that time. When they heard Song Zhou say this, they felt that Lin Yin must have made trouble for no reason, otherwise Song Zhou would never leave her there alone, but Song Zhou also said that he wanted to break up because he and Lin Yin were not suitable for Lin Yin and him. Things are not going well together.
Song Zhou said Lin Yin, her parents don’t know what to say, the child grew up with him, and it is no different from his own.
Even so, I am embarrassed to blame. Yin and him have no fate. Song Zhou’s parents are very embarrassed because of this matter.
The two have educated Song Zhou together for a long time.
No matter what they say, Song Zhou doesn’t speak. Song Zhou just opened his mouth and he said that tomorrow I will apply for IELTS to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. Where are you going? Song Zhou’s father knew that he was thinking of going abroad when he heard that Song Zhou was going to apply for IELTS. In fact, the two of them just wanted to send Song Zhou out.
I wanted to send him out when I was in high school, but Song Zhou refused to do so at that time. I didn’t expect to split up now, but I would like to open MIT or Caltech. Song Zhou replied that if they succeed, they will probably be able to do so in November. After leaving, no parents will stop their children from progressing.
Hearing that Song Zhou is going abroad, his parents will of course support him unconditionally.
Song Zhou went to the IELTS class the next day. He has a good foundation in English.
It’s not too difficult. Song Zhou passed the test in only two months. His IELTS score is enough to apply for a prestigious school. In the next few months, Song Zhou has been running to the embassy. The night when her parents heard the news that Song Zhou was going abroad, Lin Yin went out with her colleagues and drank a lot of wine. After breaking up with Song Zhou, Lin Yin’s life became more and more chaotic.
She suffers from insomnia and dark circles under her eyes every day. Sometimes she would suddenly wake up calling Song Zhou’s name in the middle of the night