On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

When did the cute and sensible little boy in my memory become like this? Lin Yin kept her head down, thinking wildly. She didn’t talk to Song Zhou all the way. Song Zhou took Lin Yin to the dark alley and stood side by side with her.
Sitting on the rocky slope, Beijing’s summer is still cold, and the surrounding environment is too dark.
The tree shade shivered. Is it cold? This will only make it colder.
Lin Yin sneered in her heart. She could only think about it for herself. Song Zhou was about to go crazy again. Yin is indeed leaning on Song Zhou’s shoulder, but she is still supporting her head hard, and she hasn’t completely relaxed. Song Zhou can feel that he patted Lin Yin’s ear lightly, do you hate me so much? I like you. What’s wrong? Song Zhou’s voice can’t hear any emotions, but it’s very low, very low. I don’t know why Lin Yin’s heart is blocked when he hears Song Zhou speak in this tone. Song Zhou was born and Lin Yin played with him He has always been more stable than his peers since he was a child, and he will not cry because of anything.
Lin Yin has never seen him look down. It seems that Song Zhou has always been emotionless, unhappy, and angry in his memory.
Now suddenly, Lin Yin is really like this. Some are not used to it, she choked up, and then she opened her mouth, Song Zhou Some feelings can’t be forced, I still say that, you are still young, don’t take this volunteering as an example for Lin Yin I think Song Zhou is childish and disobedient, his parents have such high expectations for him, but he left Tsinghua University and didn’t want to think about it, but he ran to China Ocean.
He is already 21 years old, and it’s not ridiculous to say it so impulsively? Lin Yin at this moment She already has a boyfriend, but she didn’t tell her family because it’s only been more than three months since we’ve been together. I don’t know how they will develop after graduation.
If we can still be together after graduation, she will definitely bring him back to meet his parents. Lin Yin’s boyfriend is Meng Jingwei. From Qingdao, the two of them met Meng Jingwei when they were in class together in a college last semester.
Meng Jingwei chased after her first. Meng Jingwei was the only one in the class who was the same age as Lin Yin, so they had a lot of contact with each other. Lin Yin hadn’t dated yet. Meng Jingwei pursued and beat her fiercely, she couldn’t refuse at all, but after getting along for a while, Lin Yin gradually got to know him too. Meng Jingwei’s character is very bold and unrestrained, a typical Shandong man. You need to do it yourself Actually, most girls can’t resist such a man, right? He has a cheerful personality, loves to laugh, and makes people happy. At least Lin Yin likes this. After hearing Lin Yin’s words, Song Zhou was silent for a long time. Looking at his feet, the emotions in his eyes were completely hidden by him.
Lin Yin said such words too many times, and Song Zhou was numb after hearing this. This time, he didn’t even have the strength to lose his temper.
Of course he knew that Lin Yin had a boyfriend.
She knew it when she was on the phone, although he snatched Lin Yin’s phone card, but he knew He has no way to prevent them from contacting.
Doesn’t it matter if you don’t like it? I’ll like it one day. Hug more.
I’m sure I’ll like it.
Song Zhou suddenly thought of something unpleasant. The hand around her shoulder suddenly tightened. She was so hurt by Song Zhou that she subconsciously took a deep breath. She was only wearing a thin shirt tonight. He pinched it so hard that it hurt.
Lin Yin just wanted to ask Song Zhou to let go when he met Song Zhou’s piercing eyes.
Although there were no street lights on the road, the hostility in Song Zhou’s eyes could be clearly seen through the shade of the moonlight. He clasped the back of her neck with his hand, grabbed her fiercely, and dragged her closer until the tip of her nose was touching the tip of her nose.
Next, what did you and your boyfriend do? He asked Lin Yin.
She froze for a long time and didn’t recover.
Song Zhou’s icy fingers pressed against the skin of the back of her neck.
Confused and reluctantly smiled, what you can do when you are in a relationship is to send text messages every day, eat together, watch movies, etc. Well, Song Zhou lowered his head and bit her lips hard before Lin Yin’s voice fell.
Really, there is only one time.
It’s short, but it’s really ruthless, and the smell of blood immediately dissipated.
Have you stayed with him overnight? Song Zhou sticks out his tongue and licks his lips. The sweet blood makes his nerves excited all of a sudden.
He suddenly Sister Guoguo has to answer this question seriously, otherwise I will go back and tell my godmother that my boyfriend is a gentleman and he respects me very much.
Song Zhou’s actions just now also angered Lin Yin. Her voice is getting colder and colder, unlike you. Children’s minds are full of indecency.
I’m twenty-one.
Song Zhou sneered and let go of her.
On her skin, Lin Yin shuddered suddenly, and it was like this every time Lin Yin bit her lip and was about to speak harshly, but felt a few drops of cool liquid slipping across her chest, which were tears from Song Zhou After tears realized this, everything Lin Yin wanted to say was stuck in her throat, and she was still thinking whether she was going too far. After all, Song Zhou was younger than her, and she should let him tolerate him. He couldn’t because he committed a crime.
When she made a few mistakes, she scolded so seriously. Thinking about it, Lin Yin was filled with guilt. She sat motionless and let Song Zhou burrow into her clothes.
His glasses were covered with a layer of mist Lin Yin tidied up his clothes and reached out to take off his glasses and wiped him with his clothes. When Song Zhou put on his glasses, Lin Yin said sorry to him, what I just said was not intentional.