On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

She didn’t understand what Song Zhou meant, I let you go and you are free Song Zhou was still laughing, but his voice was already a little choked, Sister Guoguo, let’s go here, I won’t force you anymore, are you going to break up with me? Lin Yindu I don’t know how I asked this question, she felt like she was dreaming Song Zhou liked her so much, how could he break up with her? Yes, Song Zhou didn’t look at Linyin. After that, we have nothing to do with each other anymore.
It would be great if someone would force you to do something you don’t like. This is already Song Zhou’s limit. He felt that if he continued speaking, he might end up crying in front of the trees, so after saying this, Song Zhou turned around and was about to leave.
Seeing that he was going to leave, Lin Yin became anxious immediately, she stumbled up and blocked the door, staring at Song Zhou with red eyes, can you tell me why? Yin was crying so hard that she originally wanted to ask Song Zhou if he fell in love with another girl or if he didn’t love her anymore, but she found that she didn’t even have the courage to ask that.
She was just so cowardly and cowardly that she didn’t want to face reality. I just want to live in the world I created for myself for the rest of my life, seeing Lin Yin cry like this Song Zhou is lying if he says he doesn’t feel sorry but he is really tired. The relationship between the two of them is too hard for him to maintain.
Song Zhou knows his own psychology. It’s very distorted and dark.
Lin Yin was wronged by following him.
He didn’t want to let Lin Yin be wronged anymore, so he let go. When we were not together before, Song Zhou always felt that only he in this world could give Lin Yin happiness, but we are really together.
He just realized that as long as there is no him in Lin Yin’s world, she will be happy.
Well, then let her be happy.
Ruthless, Song Zhou slapped Lin Yin’s hand away, but he thought it was boring, so let’s break up. This answer is really cruel Lin Yin’s Her heart was hurting to death, she refused to give up and continued to hold Song Zhou’s waist tightly, no matter how hard she refused to let go, you don’t like me, you like your colleague, right? You like her, that’s why you go shopping with her Are you right? Lin Yin buried her face in Song Zhou’s chest and wiped Song Zhou hard.
Please don’t like her. I know I’m not as good as her, but you said you would always like me.
This is definitely Lin Yin’s right. The most humble thing Song Zhou said was so humble that she couldn’t find herself.
She never thought in her life that she would love Song Zhou so much.
Song Zhou quickly read the message from Lin Yin’s words It turns out that she didn’t go home because she saw him shopping with Chen Lin tonight, um, trust has never existed between the two of them.
Lin Yin doesn’t believe in him, just like he doesn’t believe in Lin Yin.
What is the need to be together? Song Zhou pushed Lin Yin away again.
He looked at Lin Yin expressionlessly.
Since you asked me to give up the postgraduate entrance examination, I have no feelings for you.
Lin Yin, you are too self-willed and I am tired. Oh, Lin Yin nodded in a daze, tears were falling down, she felt that she was in such a mess, so she raised her hand and wiped it indiscriminately The snot, nose and tears were wiped on the sleeves, she grinned at Song Zhou, you just wanted to see me smile, now I can laugh, let’s take the last photo, and you break up with me, okay? I brought my phone over and took a photo with my arms around Song Zhou.
Song Zhou didn’t move the whole time, he stood there motionless and let Lin Yin hug him to take the picture.
After taking the picture, Lin Yin put the phone away.
I know you want to take the postgraduate entrance examination so much.
Is there still time for this year’s exam? I’m sorry, Song Zhou, I don’t want to delay you at all.
Lin Yin apologized to Song Zhou very seriously, and then she said that I will never delay you again, you do what you want Let’s do what we are doing, we must work hard and live well. Song Zhou twisted the doorknob and walked out of the room. He took the elevator down the stairs and left the hotel as fast as he could. Next to the hotel is a narrow street with no street lights.
Song Zhou walked in to find someone. Sitting on the stone steps, he hit the stone with his fist, and the back of his hand was scratched, but he didn’t feel any pain at all, and now he has nothing left.
The relationship that lasted for more than 20 years finally came to an end today. Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirty-Second In the first twenty years of his life, Song Zhou never thought about what his life would be like without the shade of the tree. The shade of the tree is his dream and his obsession to pursue it for so long People suddenly let go, as if the goal of life has been subverted. In fact, Song Zhou’s life has never experienced ups and downs.
He has studied well since he was a child, and his family conditions are not bad.
Zhou feels ups and downs, except for Lin Yin, who knew that it would hurt so much, he would rather be unrequited love for the rest of his life. Song Zhou kept hitting the stone steps with his hands, the back of his hand was bloody, and he couldn’t even see a piece of intact skin. He looked at himself.
The back of his hand laughed and laughed and cried at the same time. At that time Song Zhou thought he was crazy, he was like a psychopath, and he was splitting up. Song Zhou sat in the alley for a long time until midnight, and he returned to the apartment to take a cold shower.
Then I lay down on the bed, and there was the doll that Lin Yin liked, Song Zhou picked it up and hugged it in my arms, the whole bed smelled of Lin Yin, closing my eyes, it was as if she was sleeping next to her Going to work, he sent a resignation email to the manager, packed his things into a box, and was about to leave Dalian. This city was chosen for Linyin.
Now that he and Linyin are separated, there is no reason to stay here. Song Zhou bought it that afternoon. He got the plane ticket back to Beijing and he didn’t even say hello to Lin Yin.
He threw the phone card in Dalian into the trash can at the airport.