On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Song Zhou is a person who is not easy to be influenced by the outside world.
It doesn’t matter if others scold him or praise him. After handing over the model to Chen Lin, Song Zhou is ready to go home.
After the project is completed, he doesn’t need to work overtime in a short time. Zhou is going to take advantage of this time to spend a good time with Lin Yin. He doesn’t want to see her go out with other men anymore. Then I’ll go back. Do you work overtime? Song Zhou tidied up the things on the table and asked Chen Lin symbolically.
Chen Lin shook her head with a smile and said to him no more.
Let’s be lazy today and talk about it tomorrow. Let’s go home too.
Let’s go together.
Song Zhou didn’t refuse Chen Lin, so the two of them got off work and walked out of the company together. Sending Song Zhou home, Song Zhou didn’t refuse. Chen Lin has a good personality.
She talked and laughed along the way.
She asked Song Zhou a lot of questions about his girlfriend intentionally or unintentionally. Hey, I’ve always wanted to ask you why your grades are so good.
After chatting for a while, Chen Lin suddenly changed the topic to the postgraduate entrance examination, but she asked this question out of curiosity and had no other intentions.
When Song Zhou got up, he felt empty and silent in his heart.
After a while, Song Zhou said that he suddenly didn’t want to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Isn’t it just to find a job? Sit down and get to know his girlfriend. Out of politeness, Song Zhou didn’t refuse. He just took this opportunity to let Lin Yin experience his mood yesterday.
After all, Song Zhou is still young and naive.
She is considered very high among her peers, but no matter how high an EQ is, people can’t escape the word jealousy.
Chen Lin didn’t expect Song Zhou to agree so happily.
After the accident, she was secretly happy.
She thought maybe she and Song Zhou It’s still possible that men like to eat what’s in the bowl and look at what’s in the pot. What’s more, Song Zhou just has a girlfriend and isn’t married.
Chen Lin thinks that what she does is at most called prying the corner of the wall, not a mistress.
Lin Yin fell asleep in a drowsy sleep, and then woke up from hunger. She went to the toilet and glanced at the watch in the living room. It was nine o’clock and Song Zhou hadn’t come back. Maybe he was working overtime again. Lin Yin took a shower in the bathroom. She prepared herself to cook something for herself and wiped her face when she heard the sound of the key opening the door. In fact, Lin Yin was secretly pleased at the time, because Song Zhou’s return meant that she didn’t need to cook anymore.
It’s embarrassing to say it. Lin Yin originally only knew how to cook instant noodles. After being with Song Zhou, she was so used to it that she never even cooked instant noodles herself.
She was particularly worried about cooking.
Lin Yin walked out full of expectations when she saw Song Zhou and a pretty girl. When the girls entered the door together, their footsteps froze for an instant.
Song Zhou, this is your girlfriend, right? Chen Lin was startled when she saw Lin Yin walking out suddenly, but she quickly recovered. Chen Lin used the most She took a quick look at Lin Yin. She was dressed in ordinary clothes, and she looked ordinary, and she was not tall.
It’s a bit silly, it’s so different from the image of Song Zhou’s girlfriend in Chen Lin’s imagination. She originally thought that someone like Song Zhou would definitely find a girlfriend like a goddess.
She is very beautiful and Yujie, anyway, it shouldn’t be like this now. Lin Yin didn’t answer Chen Lin’s question, she stared at Chen Lin for a while, then turned her eyes to Song Zhou, is she your new friend? The sentence “Same age as you” was added on purpose by Song Zhou, because he knew that Lin Yin was already jealous, all he had to do was continue to provoke her, maybe it was despicable, but he didn’t care, as long as he could achieve his goal, no matter how despicable the means were, he would use it. After listening to Song Zhou’s introduction, Yin’s eyes dimmed. She forced a smile at Chen Lin. Hello, I’m Lin Yin. This is Lin Yin’s limit. She felt that if she continued talking, she might not be able to bear it. Crying out, she said, “I’m hungry, let’s get something to eat, you can do whatever you want, and then quickly ran to the kitchen.
Song Zhou knew that Lin Yin didn’t know how to cook. If it was normal, he would go to the kitchen to cook for her without hesitation, but today.
He didn’t go.
Song Zhou and Chen Lin were sitting in the living room. Chen Lin looked at their childish attire and smiled so hard that her eyes couldn’t tell.
You like this style. The sofas are all sofas. Song Zhou glanced at the sofa. This is her choice. She likes it better, right? Chen Lin gave a meaningful oh, and then she asked Song Zhou, I remember your girlfriend is older than you, doesn’t she look different? Chapter 30 Chapter 30 Song Zhou and Chen Lin are sitting in the living room Chen Lin looked at their childish attire at home and smiled so much that her eyes were bent. I can’t tell that you like this style.
The sofas are all sofas. Song Zhou glanced at the sofa. This is the one she chose, she likes it better, right? Chen Lin said meaningfully. Then she asked Song Zhou, I remember your girlfriend is older than you, doesn’t she look like that? Song Zhou said yes and casually replied to Chen Lin that she is three years older than me. Actually Song Zhou was quite unwilling to say that.
Age has always been the biggest conflict between him and Lin Yin.
They have spent a lot of effort and still can’t overcome it. Yes, you just said that I am the same age as her. Chen Lin suddenly realized and patted her head. Look at me. I forgot about my memory. Song Zhou didn’t say anything. He’s never been a talkative person.
He didn’t respond too much to Chen Lin’s deliberate behavior of talking out of words.
Lin Yin probably couldn’t stand it, so Song Zhou sent Chen Lin away while Lin Yin was cooking. Although Chen Lin didn’t want to leave, but considering the situation, she reluctantly left. Chen Lin is a very smart girl. child