On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Just doing it unscrupulously when Song Zhou held her head down, Lin Yin felt that she was not his girlfriend at all The girlfriend’s also started from this night.
Lin Yin has some doubts about whether Song Zhou really likes her. Lin Yin has never been in love. When she talked with Meng Jingwei, Meng Jingwei respected her very much.
Chapter 29 Chapter Nineteen Lin Yin is really chilling what happened. This is a relative.
She doesn’t know how to go on with Song Zhou.
She is a girl. What she wants most in a relationship is companionship and understanding. But these two things Song Zhou She didn’t give her Lin Yin hated the current life of worrying about gains and losses and hypocrisy.
She didn’t want to continue.
What you do is not bad, why do you want to die with Song Zhou? The next morning, Song Zhou gets up to make breakfast for Lin Yin. Lin Yin doesn’t eat it. She washes up and then goes to work. Because there is relatively little movement when she leaves, Song Zhou Zhou didn’t even hear Lin Yin came out of the house and just caught up with the latest bus.
Sitting on the seat, Lin Yin put on headphones and listened to music. This is her daily habit. When the bus is crowded, it is very boring and there is nothing else to do.
Songs are a good pastime, so Lin Yin listens to them every day on the way to and from work. Today, Lin Yin heard a folk song. It was sung by a man with a deep and hoarse voice.
Before it’s too late, I want to forget your eyes. I can’t finish a dream in my life. Lin Yin feels that this song has sung her heart.
She wants to forget Song Zhou’s eyes now. For the rest of her life, don’t remember that Song Zhou is here. Calling Lin Yin to eat, he found that she was not there. He saw the messy sheets and quilt covers on the bed, and the clothes scattered on the carpet.
He couldn’t help but think of what happened last night. Of course Song Zhou knew that he did too much last night, but he I don’t regret it, because otherwise, Lin Yin would not be able to remember this lesson at all. Song Zhou has known her for more than 20 years, and he knows her character very well.
Song Zhou picked up the clothes on the carpet and put them aside, then He took off the bed sheet and quilt cover together with the clothes and took them to the clothes basket in the bathroom. Song Zhou was going to wash them before going to work, but he couldn’t catch up with the time, so he had to wait until he came back from work before washing them. Yin does housework, no matter how busy he is at work, he will wash out the clothes that Lin Yin changed at the first time, even if he stays up late, Song Zhou goes to work after eating. Today he is a bit late. Usually Song Zhou is the first and second.
Today I came back late for the first time.
A colleague sitting next to him curiously asked him what happened to Song Zhou today. I haven’t seen you so late.
Song Zhou smiled at her and responded lightly.
I thought you had a fight with your girlfriend haha ​​The colleague who talked to Song Zhou is called Chen Lin This year, she is the same age as Lin Yin and has just graduated from graduate school.
She is the person with the smallest age gap between Song Zhou and Song Zhou in this company, and she fell in love with Song Zhou at first sight when Song Zhou first joined the company.
Later, she found out that Song Zhou had a girlfriend, and she was sad for a long time.
Chen Lin is from Panjin University, Liaoning Province, and her postgraduate students are both studying in Dalian.
She is a very good girl, and she is pretty. She is very popular.
After everyone knows that she likes Song Zhou, they all help her chase Song Zhou.
Chen Lin is sitting now. This position is changed with a colleague, right? Have you finished editing the project? Seeing that Song Zhou didn’t speak, Chen Lin shifted the topic to work.
This time, Chen Lin and Song Zhou are in the same team. Song Zhou is in charge of the programming. After the programming, Chen Lin It’s almost over for tonight.
Song Zhou glanced at the process and answered casually.
Chen Lin nodded and smiled and said to him, “Well, I’ll wait for you. Then Song Zhou didn’t talk anymore.
To be honest, Chen Lin used it for nearly a month. He hasn’t found a way to get along with Song Zhou for a long time. Although he doesn’t reject people thousands of miles away, he won’t communicate with anyone except for work. If he has a good friend Chen Lin, maybe he can get along with him.
Song Zhou’s friends were there to attack, but Song Zhou didn’t even have a better friend. This made Chen Lin very distressed.
She wanted to chase Song Zhou, but she couldn’t do anything. Song Zhou and Lin Yin hadn’t contacted Lin Yin all day long. Yin was very busy at work today, and after getting busy, she threw Song Zhou aside.
Lin Yin followed Xu Qian to lead the interns for a day, and she was very tired.
After work, Lin Yin hurried home. She was so tired that she was dying of eating and so on. After forgetting everything, she just wanted to sleep well.
When she got home, the house was empty.
She didn’t turn on the light, went to the bedroom in the dark, and fell asleep. Song Zhou was not at home. She was the only one in such a big house.
Lin Yin fell asleep as soon as he lay down.
He didn’t even take off his shoes.
He worked overtime for a month. Song Zhou finally finished this latest project at 7 o’clock this evening.
When he pressed save, he finally finished it with a sigh of relief.
Hearing Song Zhou’s voice, Chen Lin quickly stretched her head over to ask him. At this moment, there are only the two of them in the huge office. Chen Lin stayed here entirely to be alone with Song Zhou.
Chen Lin had majored in psychology in college, and she knew men and women.
In which environment is it easier to have ambiguity? Song Zhou said to Chen Lin and handed her the CD.
There is a model in it.
You can do it according to this. You have worked hard. Chen Lin should be considerate and said that it is actually you who worked harder for us.
That is to say, a technical talent like you is a striker. Song Zhou smiled and said nothing. He has always had this attitude towards other people’s praise.