On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Song Zhou got even more angry, Song Zhou, you don’t even know what I want Lin Yin was hurt by Song Zhou’s attitude The problem is that Lin Yin thinks that he doesn’t understand her mind at all. The reason why she will go out with Xu Qian tonight is because she doesn’t want to stay at home alone. If Song Zhou can come back, she will definitely not play with Xu Qian. What about me and Xu Qian? He didn’t do anything, he’s just my friend and you are different Lin Yin’s words provoked only Song Zhou’s chuckle He squeezed Lin Yin’s chin and looked at her I don’t understand you, so who understands you maybe only talked Only those who are in love will know how hurtful you don’t understand my words. Song Zhou has just started a new project recently.
This project is related to his future development in the company. In order to complete this project, Song Zhou has to work overtime endlessly. He is also very tired. Wanting to rest, when he was working overtime in the company and facing the boring data on the computer, Lin Yin was his motivation. After joining the work, Song Zhou’s attitude towards life has undergone a big change. The people around him are basically much older than him. They have already married and started a business. Song Zhou is considered the youngest in the whole company. After hearing that he has a girlfriend, everyone asks him when he got married and bought a house. Every time he is asked these questions, Song Zhou doesn’t know how to answer. He is more mature than boys of the same age, but he is nothing compared to those men who start a family and start a business. After realizing his own shortcomings, Song Zhou began to face up to these problems. He worked desperately overtime and worked hard on projects just to give Lin Yin a better life. They are no longer children. The road ahead is for two people to walk together. Song Zhou never thought that after doing so much, what he got was Lin Yin’s words that you don’t understand me.
At that moment, Song Zhou can be said to be disheartened. He directly grabbed Lin Yin’s clothes and dragged her to the bedroom. Lin Yin originally wanted to struggle, but Song Zhou used so much strength this time that Lin Yin didn’t have to struggle at all. Song Zhou had completely lost his mind this time.
She tore off her clothes and threw them on the ground, then pushed her shoulders and pushed her down on the bed.
You let go of me. Lin Yin was grabbed by Song Zhou’s wrist. His strength was so strong that her tears were almost forced out. For Lin Yin’s words Ask Song Zhou to ignore what I said, and I won’t take it back again. Sister Guoguo, Song Zhou raised the corner of her mouth and lowered her head to kiss her lips lightly. Tonight, I will use the top mouth to make me happy.
Lin Yin’s eyes widened in fright Shaking my head non-stop, don’t I will hate you, I don’t want to be disgusting with my mouth, didn’t Sister Guoguo feel disgusting when I didn’t do it before? Otherwise, let’s make a bet.
If you win, I’ll let you go.
Lin Yin nodded in a hurry.
Let’s bet for five minutes. If you’re not wet, I’ll let you go, but just don’t use your mouth. Song Zhou still needs to rub it while talking.
Looking at her body, Sister Guoguo, do you dare to bet? The bet is that Lin Yin gritted her teeth and agreed, she thought it would only be five minutes, and if there was no response for five minutes, she should be able to do it. Now Lin Yin feels that it doesn’t matter how Song Zhou tosses her, as long as she doesn’t let her touch that with her mouth.
Things are just like ideals, plump, reality is very skinny Lin Yin finally understands Lin Yin naively thought that she could control her body, but she couldn’t at all Song Zhou just moved her fingers casually and she got wet What’s more terrible is that today’s reaction was stronger than usual.
His body was itchy, and his underwear was dripping without realizing it.
Song Zhou touched his hand outside, put it in front of his nose, and sniffed, and then he Putting his finger into Lin Yin’s mouth, Song Zhou gave Lin Yin an evil smile, Sister Guoguo, you look like a kid who pissed his pants, you’re so useless, five minutes haven’t arrived yet, Sister Guoguo, you lose, Song Zhou smiles brighter and brighter He adjusted his glasses and helped Lin Yin up. Song Zhou sat with his legs open in front of Lin Yin and hooked his fingers to her. Come on, Sister Guoguo, it’s only once if you suck it all out. Later, Song Zhou invaded even more, Lin Yin had no choice but to climb up in front of Song Zhou and raise his hand to untie his pants.
Actually, it’s okay, isn’t it? After doing mental training for a while, Lin Yin finally lowered his head. Song Zhou never expected that Lin Yin would be so obedient.
He thought she would struggle for a while before compromising so quickly.
It was unexpected. That strange feeling made Song Zhou’s whole body tremble. Every pore is open, the scalp and back are numb, that deadly pleasure is running back and forth in his body, there is nothing better than this in this life She had read some books on this subject before when she was in college.
Girls in a dormitory often exchanged these books. There are not a few such books read in the shade, but reading and practicing are completely different things.
She really can’t do it like those in those novels. The heroine is as powerful as she is, she is not that capable.
You can see Lin Yin’s hesitation and retreat.
Song Zhou directly pressed the back of her head and pushed her forward forcefully, which reached her throat. Lin Yin was confused by Song Zhou’s actions. She was startled, her throat was stretched open, her eyes widened in an instant, tears came out, this feeling was really uncomfortable, painful and disgusting, Lin Yin didn’t remember what happened afterwards, she just felt that her throat was very tired He wanted to speak like he was torn apart, but he couldn’t say anything.
Song Zhou was really cruel. He never considered whether she could bear such a thing.