On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Not only did he not wipe away the tears for her, but he also let go of the hand that was clasped with her. His expression showed no joy or anger. Lin Yin thought that Song Zhou was persuaded by her.
Just as he was secretly rejoicing, Song Zhou suddenly stretched out his foot and tripped her.
Yin subconsciously called out, and when she was about to fall, Song Zhou grabbed her shoulders and pushed her onto the bed.
You never take what I said to heart.
Song Zhou grabbed Lin Yin’s calf and leaned closer to her and his.
The expression was terrifying, like an angry wolf, but just looking at the shade of the forest made her back shiver with fright. She suddenly felt that she had never understood the dark and perverted boy in front of Song Zhou, as if he had never been in front of her. Sister Guoguo appeared in my life the night before you went to college, I told you that you were not allowed to fall in love, wait for me, you forgot so quickly Song Zhou grabbed her neck, but I still remember Sister Guoguo taught me Children who disobey me will be punished. I also said that you have no right to interfere with my affairs. Lin Yin said that I will not only have a boyfriend but also get married.
Sister Guo, be obedient, let’s go out to play tomorrow, okay? I don’t. You have to go whether you want to go or not. So after leaving this sentence, Song Zhou took the volunteer form and left in the shade of the forest, sitting on the bed and panting heavily. Now she I really regret that I should have stayed in Qingdao if I knew it earlier.
Why did I have to take my brain off to spend the summer vacation? It’s asking for trouble. Song Zhou’s parents have never interfered with Song Zhou’s decision-making. Usually, his parents will unconditionally support whatever decision he makes. But this time they made an exception.
Knowing that Song Zhou had submitted all the volunteers to Qingdao, they were almost so angry that they carried them back, but Song Zhou was determined to follow Lin Yin, and it was useless for them to say anything, and Song Zhou had already filled in all the volunteers. Well, there is no way to change it.
Song Zhou was finally admitted to Ocean University of China.
Although it is a nationally famous key school, it still has a gap with Tsinghua University.
Song Zhou’s major is communication engineering, which is also his choice.
The neighbors heard that Song Zhou also went to Qingdao and started laughing and teasing Song Zhou and Lin Yin again. Don’t say that Song Zhou is really infatuated with Guoguo.
He has chased him to Qingdao. This childhood sweetheart is destined to be the two of you. Waiting to be in-laws? A neighbor half-jokingly said that Lin Yin’s mother and Song Zhou’s mother looked at each other knowingly. In fact, both of them really hope that Song Zhou and Lin Yin can really be together so that it will be convenient for them to do things in the future. When everyone was teasing, Song Zhou basically couldn’t speak, just smiled faintly, but Lin Yin was different, she wanted to explain to everyone that she had nothing to do with Song Zhou, it had nothing to do with Song Zhou, it was his wishful thinking, nothing to do with her had anything to do with Song Zhou On the day of the acceptance letter, everyone sat together again and teased them. Lin Yin couldn’t stand it anymore.
She just made up an excuse and was about to go out.
She felt that if she sat still, she might go crazy. Lin Yin just walked a few steps away Song Zhou I just followed her out, Song Zhou has grown very tall in the past two years The visual estimate is 1.83 meters and Lin Yin is 1.6 meters tall. Standing in front of Song Zhou, she always has to look up to see his face. Lin Yin still remembers the time when everyone always liked to compare her with Song Zhou. Song Zhou is just a kid, he is a head shorter than her every time, then Lin Yin is no longer tall, Song Zhou has grown so tall, Sister Guoguo, we are really going to go together next month Song Zhou holds Lin Yin With his hand, he pulled her towards him, and he used too much strength, and the shade fell on him in an instant.
The two of them stuck tightly together, and the shade smelled Song Zhou’s body, and there was gold spinning and soap on his clothes. The smell of the powder and the strong male hormones on his body mixed together and penetrated straight into her nostrils. Why is Sister Guoguo so anxious to throw herself into my arms? Song Zhou raised his hand and gently touched it. Seeing her cheeks and lips getting closer and closer, you Lin Yin was stunned for a few seconds before realizing what Song Zhou meant, and then her face turned red all of a sudden, she stared at Song Zhou and yelled shamelessly at him through gritted teeth Is it shameless to feel the woman you like? Song Zhou smiled very softly. If Lin Yin gave up, she shouldn’t argue with Song Zhou.
Every time she digs a hole and jumps, she is speechless when he pushes her away.
I won’t argue with him anymore, what did he say? Let him go. I’m in a bad mood today.
Let’s go, let’s go. Song Zhou released her from his arms, took her hand and continued walking.
It doesn’t help.
Song Zhou pulls too tightly. Lin Yin has been in such torment during this time. Song Zhou would ask her to go out to play almost every day.
She didn’t even have a chance to refuse, so she was urged to go out by her parents. Lin Yin really wants to cry but has no tears. Every time he goes out with Song Zhou, he will inevitably be slighted by him. Song Zhou is really a pervert.
Lin Yin is very sure of this now. Song Zhou likes to take her to those little places without street lights Alley, Xiao Hutong also likes to get her head under her clothes. Once Song Zhou forced Lin Yin to ride a bicycle and took him out. It was originally to guard against Song Zhou, but it was convenient for him.
He directly reached into the coat and messed with the shade of the trees several times.
She couldn’t ride steadily when she reached a place without street lights. She rode completely by feeling and finally fell down. The two of them fell to the ground together.
Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Lin Yin felt that this summer vacation was the most embarrassing one she had ever experienced.
Holding hands together, I don’t know why she wants to die so much, she obviously doesn’t want to hold hands with Song Zhou, but she can’t afford to provoke him