On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

The first thing she did as soon as she opened her eyes was to look for Song Zhou.
When she saw Song Zhou standing on the balcony in a daze, she put her heart back into her stomach.
Lin Yin put on her shirt, went outside and leaned her head Song Zhou fell asleep on his back, and Lin Yin’s mood calmed down a lot. Song Zhou, am I being too selfish? Song Zhou holds her hand Sister Guoguo, you are my biggest dream, you are enough, this is the most touching love story Lin Yin has ever heard, her eyes are sore all of a sudden, I’m sorry, I really don’t want to be like this, I think I am If it delays you, then don’t break up with me easily. Song Zhou turned around and took Lin Yin into his arms.
He pressed his lips to Lin Yin’s ear. Don’t let me hear the word break up again, okay Lin? Yin nodded obediently, she also knew that she did too much yesterday, Song Zhou was already under enough pressure, she would put pressure on him again, she would never be so self-willed again, the two of them got bored on the balcony for a while, and then went out After breakfast, the breakfast was made by Song Zhou.
It was very delicious. After eating on Saturday, Song Zhou sat on the sofa and began to receive emails. When he opened his mailbox, he saw an unread email from a foreign company in Dalian. When he was reading the email, Lin Yin happened to be right next to her.
She saw a large string of English responses on it, and it took her a long time to understand. Lin Yin tugged at Song Zhou’s clothes and asked him, are you going to Dalian? Seems pretty good.
I have to say that Song Zhou is really good.
Looking at the invitation letter, Lin Yin remembered when she just graduated. She remembered that she searched repeatedly for a long time but couldn’t find a suitable one. Song Zhou does not need to look for a job at all, but a job comes to him. This is probably the difference between people.
He is good at studying, but he is not the kind of person who can only study hard. This is what Lin Yin envies Song Zhou the most.
Song Zhou carefully looked at the content of the email. The salary offered on it was 10,000 plus bonuses. For a person who just graduated, this kind of treatment is already considered very good, and Song Zhou is also very good for Dalian.
My favorite Dalian is similar to Qingdao, and he still has some contacts there.
After I passed by, Lin Yin can follow Jiang Yanjin to do things and earn some money.
The house price in Dalian is much cheaper than that in Beijing. The pressure to buy a house is not so great.
Song Zhou is careful.
After thinking about it, she said to Lin Yin, Sister Guoguo, why don’t we go to Dalian? Over there, there is also the sea, which is similar to Qingdao. In fact, it doesn’t matter where Lin Yin is.
She thinks that as long as she can be with Song Zhou, it is a good love. One feeling is that wherever he is, home is the truth. Lin Yin finally understands, and she can’t bear to let Song Zhou give up this opportunity. In a day, Song Zhou has given up the postgraduate entrance examination for her.
If he is asked to give up this job, Lin Yin will probably feel guilty for the rest of his life.
Lin Yin nodded to Song Zhou and told him firmly, Song Zhou, I will go wherever you go. Song Zhou is already very satisfied to get such an answer from Lin Yin’s mouth. He hugged Lin Yin and kissed him, and then began to reply to emails. After deciding to go to Dalian, Lin Yin began to prepare to resign.
Her job is not particularly important. After the resignation, Lin Yin and Song Zhou started to pack their things. At the end of June, the two of them took the train together to Dalian.
Before going to Dalian, Song Zhou called Jiang Yanjin. Jiang Yanjin said that he would arrange someone to pick him up.
After Song Zhou and Lin Yin came out of the train station, he saw Yang Di standing at the door with a look of disgust waiting for them.
After Song Zhou and Lin Yin came up, Yang Di looked at Song Zhou with a displeased expression. You two are absolutely amazing. This is the first time I have never been to a train station in my life, and I dedicate it to you two. Yang Di was going crazy when he was standing at the gate of the train station waiting for someone.
He has stayed in Dalian for more than ten years and has never been to a train station. He came here today. Lin Yin couldn’t help laughing when she saw Yang Di’s expression.
We both like to take the train. Lin Yin smiled and explained to Yang Di what she thinks Yang Ji is quite interesting.
It’s rare to see Song Zhou have such a friend. Let’s go. Song Zhou, your girlfriend is cute. Lin Yin walked straight forward, Yang Zhen looked at the backs of the two of them and smiled. Song Zhou is quite a personality, his girlfriend is estimated to be eaten to death by Lin Yin and Song Zhougang. They came to Dalian where they lived, arranged by Jiang Yanjin.
Song Zhou and Lin Yin went to the apartment to put down their things, and then went to Jiang Yanjin’s house with Yang Zhen. Jiang Yanjin was really interesting.
The one-stop service was arranged for them by Song Zhou. I think he was right to give Yang Liu Yiyi to him at the beginning, he is indeed a caring man, this is the second time Lin Yin sees Yang Liu Yiyi, because there are too few girls around Song Zhou, so once in a while, Lin Yin will remember It is very clear that when she saw Song Zhou and Yang Liu Yiyi communicating, she felt very uncomfortable.
Lin Yin originally thought that Song Zhou would only be gentle with her alone, but this time she discovered that Song Zhou was also very gentle with Yang Liu Yiyi, let’s exaggerate Er said that he was gentler to Yang Liu Yiyi than to her, because of this matter, Lin Yin was in a bad mood for several hours, when she returned from Jiang Yanjin’s side, she kept getting awkward all the way Song Zhou talked to her, she ignored Song When Zhou got off the taxi, Song Zhou hugged Lin Yin and went into the corridor of the apartment.
Looking at Lin Yin’s awkward expression, Song Zhou asked her why she was having trouble again.
Is Dalian in a bad mood? After struggling for a long time, I mustered up the courage to raise my head and ask Song Zhou. She asked him if your relationship with Yang Liu Yiyi has always been so good.