On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Isn’t it good for one to go to graduate school and the other to go to work? Well, I know Song Zhou doesn’t want to talk about this issue with him.
He doesn’t want his parents to think that Lin Yin is ignorant.
Lin Yin’s temper was involved, he knew too well that she couldn’t stand any grievances Song Zhou sat on the sofa after hanging up the phone and thought for a long time, finally he decided not to take the postgraduate entrance examination, forget it, in his world Lin Yin will always be He was the first one.
After thinking about it, Song Zhou got up from the sofa, took the spare key, and opened the bedroom door. When he entered, Lin Yin was sitting on the ground alone, wiping tears.
Song Zhou went up and knelt down in front of her and circled her. I’m in my arms, I’m sorry, Guoguo let go, I heard Song Zhou’s voice, Lin Yin began to struggle, she hates Song Zhou to death, it took me so long to come in to find her, it turns out that men are all the same, only when they can’t get it I will be interested in women. Once I get it, I will be bored.
Now Song Zhou should be bored with her too.
Thinking of this, Lin Yin is struggling even more.
Let go of me, don’t touch me, go to the postgraduate entrance examination, don’t hug me, let go, you. It hurts me, Song Zhou pinched her chin, tearing her eyes from the pain, she was about to scold Song Zhou, when Song Zhou lowered his head and bit her lip, he bit her tongue so hard and sucked Song hard As soon as Zhou met Lin Yin, he couldn’t hold it back. Originally, he just wanted to kiss, but he couldn’t hold it back. After kissing for a while, Song Zhou pinched Lin Yin’s chest and rubbed it hard.
In fact, he was not in a good mood. I also need to vent. The only way to vent my anger is probably that thing.
Lin Yin didn’t wear underwear. Song Zhou’s hand was sticking to her without gaps. Rubbing her while blowing on her ear, I’m not going to take the postgraduate entrance examination, you don’t get angry with me, I shouldn’t make you cry, you don’t talk to me, ah, Song Zhou, I want to break up with you, Lin Yin stared at him talking with red eyes The voice trembled so badly that every word was soft.
How could Song Zhou let her go? He directly grabbed Lin Yin’s collar and dragged her onto the bed, then pressed her under him.
Lin Yin seemed to be going crazy.
Struggling, biting Song Zhou’s arm and kicking him, but these struggles were nothing to Song Zhou. He quickly took off her clothes.
Yin’s legs were held by him and hung in mid-air.
At the end, he had cramps, did he still want to break up with me? After the end, Song Zhou lay down next to Lin Yin’s ear and asked this question in a hoarse voice. The grievance hasn’t gone down yet, she doesn’t turn her head, doesn’t look at Song Zhou, and doesn’t talk to him, Lin Yin, look at you now, seeing Lin Yin doesn’t talk, Song Zhou’s attitude is getting tougher, he put Lin Yin’s two Fold one leg to her chest and force her to look down at that place You don’t want me at all You just rely on I like your shade Close your eyes in humiliation She tightened her grip The bed sheet under the bed gritted your teeth and said that you never considered my feelings at all, you clearly promised me not to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and now you come to discuss with me, I know I delayed you, Lin Yin tremblingly said that you should have found a young and beautiful girlfriend in Tsinghua University I’m the one who delayed you, shut up, don’t you? You see, I’m so annoying now. In fact, I think I’m annoying too. I obviously didn’t like you so much before. Why is it like this now? I feel so bad. Chapter 26, Second Chapter Sixteen Lin Yin has never been so concerned about gain and loss before. When she was with Meng Jingwei, she never worried that he would be snatched away by others. Maybe it was because Meng Jingwei was not good enough, but he was still very popular in Normal University.
There were quite a few girls chasing him, Lin Yin felt quite proud at that time, seeing her boyfriend being so popular and so many girls chasing him with this mentality, when Lin Yin and Song Zhou were in a relationship, there would never be her every day She is afraid that someone will snatch Song Zhou away, she wishes she could guard Song Zhou every day, she doesn’t want him to be so good, she just wants him to be an ordinary person, don’t be so eye-catching, don’t stand out and be mediocre, Lin Yin also knows what she thinks She is very selfish but she can’t control her thoughts. Song Zhou feels uncomfortable seeing Lin Yin crying like this. He touched Lin Yin’s head and told her not to think about it. After Song Zhou thought about it, he felt that he might be too greedy. He always said that his biggest goal in life is Lin Yin. Now that his dream has come true, he has nothing to pursue. He is too greedy.
It’s easy to want this and that.
If the postgraduate entrance examination and Lin Yin asked him to choose one, Song Zhou would definitely choose Lin Yin without hesitation Standing on the balcony thinking about how to tell his parents not to take the postgraduate entrance examination all night, he felt that he was not filial, but he couldn’t help but say that he would rather not be filial once than to separate Lin Yin from him.
The next morning, Song Zhou sent text messages to his parents and told them about his decision not to take the postgraduate entrance examination.
Song Zhou was better at analyzing people’s psychology. He told his father that he wanted to work early to take responsibility for the family, although it was very grandiose.
But he knew it would work for his dad.
After sending the text messages, Song Zhou felt a little relieved.
It was 6:30 in the morning, and the dawn in June was beautiful.
The whole Qingdao was warm and occasionally a cool breeze blew.
I don’t think it’s very cold.
I’ve been here for four years.
Song Zhou likes seaside cities. Lin Yin cried for too long last night.
This morning, my eyes are so swollen that my eyelids are gone.