On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Lin Yin was finally made to fall asleep by Song Zhou. She was carried out by Song Zhou. When she went to sleep at night, Lin Yin hugged Song Zhou and did not let go.
Song Zhou looked at Lin Yin leaning on his arm and smiled contentedly. It would be great if this kind of life can last forever. Song Zhou is actually a person without much ambition. He has learned everything since he was a child, and he just went with the flow, except for choosing a school for the college entrance examination. Life is basically smooth and stable.
He has no special hobbies or dislikes.
Except for the shade of the tree, there seems to be nothing that can make him have particularly strong feelings.
He has said long ago that he can give up everything for the shade of the tree, and absolutely nothing.
No complaints. Since that day, Song Zhou has never participated in the competition of the modeling team. He has also participated in less and less other school activities.
Outside of class, Song Zhou gave Lin Yin all the points because of this matter. The relationship with Song Zhou is one step closer.
After one semester, Lin Yin is completely inseparable from Song Zhou. January is Song Zhou’s winter vacation, but after Lin Yin works, there is no winter vacation to speak of.
Their company will be 29 years old. In order to accompany Lin Yin during the holidays, Song Zhou did not buy a train ticket home after the exam. His parents heard that he wanted to accompany Lin Yin. Although they didn’t have any objections, they still wanted him to go back as soon as the new year was approaching. The company had a lot of things to do. Working overtime almost every day, she was so tired that she almost passed out. After staying up until the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month, she finally finished the work at hand. Song Zhou, when will we go home? During supper, Lin Yin began to discuss this issue with Song Zhou.
Song Zhou trims Lin Yin’s hair casually, you eat carefully, your hair will dip into it, then let’s go back tomorrow, Lin Yin smiled and said to Song Zhou that if you don’t go back, your parents should say that your son was kidnapped by me.
It’s time for me to settle the score.
Lin Yin and Song Zhou’s relationship has improved a lot after going back this time.
The adults of the two families are happy to see it in their eyes. Lin Yin and Song Zhou stayed together for two years until Song Zhou graduated. Song Zhou The teachers have always regarded Song Zhou as a favorite student. They all know that Song Zhou’s college entrance examination results allowed him to enter Tsinghua University. When he was about to graduate, a professor even talked to Song Zhou, which probably meant that he should not rush to work for the postgraduate entrance examination. Song Zhou smiled at the time. Speaking of it, he actually had the idea of ​​taking the postgraduate entrance examination at the beginning.
His parents kept letting him take the entrance examination, but Lin Yin refused to do so. Song Zhou asked her insinuatingly. I mentioned to Lin Yin about the postgraduate entrance examination, and before Lin Yin finished talking, he interrupted him Looking at him, have you ever thought about how old I am when you study for another three years? On the one hand, he sat beside the tree shade, touched her face, and coaxed her, Sister Guoguo, I’m going back to Beijing to study for graduate school, you go back to Beijing to work, don’t you like it? Song Zhou wants to fight for a chance to go to graduate school. The teacher said today that he is also tempted. Many people in the class who are not as good as him are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination.
I like Lin Yin, she sniffed her nose, she almost couldn’t help crying, Lin Yin is a very emotional person, she couldn’t stop crying when she was wronged, Song Zhou had promised her not to go to graduate school, but now she changed her mind She’s really angry, angry, and sad, Sister Guoguo, what are you worried about? Song Zhou raised Lin Yin’s head and wiped her tears. All I could see was you alone. Lin Yin got out of Song Zhou’s arms and trotted. Back in the bedroom, Lin Yin doesn’t want to listen to Song Zhou anymore. In her opinion, what Song Zhou said is just an excuse.
She just wants to be alone for a while. Lin Yin can feel the change in herself.
Lin Yin has never forgotten the words they said. She knows that in the eyes of others, she is not good enough for Song Zhou, and she herself feels that she is not good enough for Song Zhou.
Girls who are with him will definitely support him, but Lin Yin can’t do it. She doesn’t want Song Zhou to become so good at all, because someone will come to compete with her.
Whenever she thinks about this, Lin Yin will feel uncomfortable. After returning to the bedroom, Song Zhou sat alone on the sofa in a daze. Normally, he would have chased after her to coax her, but this time he was a little tired.
It wasn’t because he didn’t like Lin Yin, he just felt that Lin Yin was making a lot of trouble this time. When Song Zhou was having a headache, his father called him.
After Song Zhou picked up the phone, the first sentence he heard was about Song Zhou’s postgraduate entrance examination. What do you think? Hurry up, Song Zhou, what his parents expect from Song Zhou Especially tall, both of them are intellectuals, and they only gave birth to a son named Song Zhou.
It can be said that all expectations were placed on him. Song Zhou is not the kind of unfilial child. He understands the hard work of his parents I was discussing with Guoguo just now, and I will call you back when the discussion comes to fruition.
Song Zhou’s father heaved a long sigh after hearing what he said.
Song Zhou, you should think about it carefully. Did you fall in love with Guoguo? Opinion, but as a man, you can’t always be entangled by the love of your children. Why did you report to Qingdao? We all know this kind of thing once in a lifetime. Dad, I understand. Wait for me for too long, let me think about it, I will give you the answer tomorrow, does Guoguo support you to take the postgraduate entrance examination? Hearing what Song Zhou said, his father then asked a question. Let’s discuss it, the two of you go back to Beijing together