On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

The people in the team booked a place for Song Zhou to celebrate.
Song Zhou couldn’t refuse, but he still wanted to celebrate his birthday with Lin Yin, so he could only call Lin Yin to come over. The big guy laughed when he saw Song Zhou call someone. To tease him, Song Zhou, are you calling his girlfriend? Didn’t you see it? Didn’t you see it? My girlfriend Song Zhou responded indifferently, and then everyone present was stunned.
Today, many little girls who like Song Zhou are all I came here because I wanted to take this opportunity to have a close contact with Song Zhou. When they heard Song Zhou talking about a girlfriend, their first reaction was that it was impossible for someone as cold as Song Zhou to have a girlfriend. He was usually alone at school. It doesn’t look like he has a girlfriend when he is alone.
When Lin Yin received Song Zhou’s call, he was buying gifts for him in the mall.
Are the two of us private? She was shocked when Song Zhou said that it was such a luxury.
It doesn’t look like he made it. You’ll know when you come here. Song Zhou didn’t explain directly to Lin Yin, pretending to be mysterious. He hung up the phone after saying this sentence.
After death, Lin Yin bought Song Zhou a birthday present of a pair of hoodies, and she also had one.
For this gift, Lin Yin racked his brains. Originally, other people gave their boyfriends lighters, belts, cufflinks, and ties. Ah, but Song Zhou is still a student and he doesn’t need to give these.
The only thing he can give away is a lighter, but Song Zhou doesn’t smoke, and the gift is for nothing.
This one hasn’t worn a couple outfit yet, and Song Zhou should be very happy with this gift, right? The sweater Lin Yin bought is red.
Seeing that Song Zhou’s clothes are usually monotonous in color, she decided to choose a bright color. Lin Yin bought the sweater first. Then I took a taxi to find Song Zhou. As soon as she entered, she saw a banner on the stage in the middle of the field, wishing Song Zhou, the soul of the modeling team, a happy birthday and another success. At that time, Lin Yin was in a daze. She had no idea Song Zhou had this skill As soon as Lin Yin entered, Song Zhou saw her. He got up from the sofa, walked up to hold Lin Yin’s hand, and then pulled her back to where he was just now. The people present saw Song Zhou holding a woman so considerately. Everyone was shocked, not only the little girls who liked Song Zhou, but even Song Zhou’s roommates and team members were shocked.
After all, they have known each other for a year. They still don’t know that Song Zhou has such a considerate side. Everyone stared at him.
Gathered on Lin Yin, they are very curious about what kind of girl can conquer Song Zhou, but after looking at it for a long time, they don’t think Lin Yin is any different, she is very ordinary, a girl looks like she should be working.
With a ponytail combed and a face that is exposed outside, it is pretty but not amazing. I knew that the little girls who chased Song Zhou in the freshman year were no worse than the one sitting next to him.
Come here, Song Zhou. Everyone, let me formally introduce you. It’s really embarrassing. Some girlfriends didn’t even tell us. Song Zhou and a roommate stared at Lin Yin for a while.
After a while, he started booing.
Song Zhou didn’t refuse.
He generously introduced Lin Yin to them. This is my girlfriend Lin Yin. That’s it.
The pretty seniors are all here for you, you should let them know what kind of person you lost to, right? Roommate Song Zhou, after hearing this, Lin Yin always felt weird, she felt like there was no one present People who really like her look at her and don’t understand who she provokes who? Isn’t it just a relationship with Song Zhou? We two grew up together. It was thrown out lightly, and then the theme of the birthday party became gossip.
Song Zhou and Lin Yin felt that they couldn’t get along with this group of people, so they kept silent the whole time. Participating in any association or department, she doesn’t like to deal with too many people.
At the beginning, her circle of friends overlapped with that of Meng Jingwei.
Many friends were introduced to her by Meng Jingwei. She wanted to let her find friends by herself. The atmosphere was a bit depressing, so I went to the corridor to stay for a while, so that she could breathe and her mood would be better. After standing in the shade of the tree, a pretty little girl came up to look for her.
As soon as she came here, she announced her family name first. Hello, I’m Chen Jialin, Song Zhou’s school girl.
I don’t know why Lin Yin can always hear some hostility from her tone, but she thinks it’s impossible for a little girl to have no grudges against her. Hostility? After thinking about it, Lin Yin responded enthusiastically. Hello, I am Lin Yin, Song Zhou, his girlfriend. How did you and Song Zhou know each other? You chased him first, right? How could he fall in love with you? That’s it, Chen Jialin stared at Lin Yin for a while and still couldn’t see anything special about her Right, Lin Yin originally comforted herself that she was thinking too much, but once she heard Chen Jialin’s words, she couldn’t comfort herself anymore. Tonight, she was already aggrieved enough, so many people asked in that exaggerated tone. The relationship between her and Song Zhou is as if Song Zhou’s liking for her is unbelievable.
Lin Yin is just an ordinary girl. She knows that she doesn’t look good, but Song Zhou just likes her. What can I do? It seems that she deliberately seduced Song Zhou, as if he was chasing me, and I agreed to him. Not long after, Lin Yin was upset and her tone of voice was not much better.
She had overcome a huge psychological barrier to be with Song Zhou.
She was already very inferior in front of Song Zhou, and when others said that, she felt that she was worthless