On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Because Lin Yin always has the ability to fool Song Zhou around.
The few days when Lin Yin and Meng Jingwei texted were the best time for their relationship. Those few days Song Zhou was very happy every day. Under such circumstances, Lin Yin would contact Meng Jingwei. At first, Lin Yin thought that she was going to coax Song Zhou well.
She closed her eyes and was ready to accept what happened next, but Song Zhou stopped suddenly. Xie opened his eyes and looked at him suspiciously, why didn’t he do it? It stands to reason that with her dressed like this, Song Zhou shouldn’t let her go so easily, right? There is still some awareness of Lin Yin, and Song Zhou seems to be like this now.
If Song Zhou didn’t return to Lin Yin, he sneered.
He picked up Lin Yin’s cell phone from the coffee table and transferred the text message between her and Meng Jingwei. Then he smiled and pinched Lin Yin’s chin, it turns out that in Sister Guoguo’s heart, I am such an easy-to-deceive person, tell me how many times you have lied to me, I don’t have Lin Yin, he lowered his head and retorted in a low voice I said that I lied to you because I was afraid that you would get angry, and I didn’t say anything excessive to him. I just replied him politely.
You can see for yourself that I’m not lying to you. Song Zhou smiled and didn’t say a word. He bowed his head.
Kissed Lin Yin lightly on the tip of Lin Yin’s nose. Song Zhou’s action made her heart beat faster and her scalp numb. She was most afraid of this. Song Zhou, I really didn’t mean it, don’t be angry, I’ve been coaxing you like this Lin Yin looked at him pitifully Song Zhou still didn’t reply to her words, he directly dragged Lin Yin from the sofa all the way to the bedroom One forcefully threw her onto the bed, Lin Yin was thrown by Song Zhou, her eyes turned black, her large shirt was rolled up, her waist was exposed outside, and before Lin Yin could react, Song Zhou came up, he grabbed her two arms Only the ankle touched him, the expression on the face below was terrible, Lin Yin frightened her, she looked at Song Zhou in disbelief, what are you doing, how can my feet be like that, as long as I like any part of your body, Song Zhou finally spoke After talking, he leaned forward and looked at Lin Yin’s feet, his voice became hoarse, Sister Guoguo, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, you’re right, I’m a pervert, and I’ll treat you like this after you make me angry Once it was the feet this time, the next time it was the mouth Lin Yin really couldn’t accept Song Zhou’s so-called punishment, she wanted to move her legs but she couldn’t move her legs, she cried and looked at Song Zhou and discussed with him, “Don’t do this, okay? It’s so cool, Song Zhoushen I stick out my tongue and lick my lips, and the result is that my sister can continue to make me angry.
I really want to try your mouth.
Disgusting, disgusting. Lin Yin only has these two words left in her mind. Fear and anger eat away at her sanity little by little. Close your eyes, push Song Zhou with all your strength He was kicked by Lin Yin without parrying.
He was gnashing his teeth in pain, but he refused to let her go. Getting kicked at a time like this is really a terrible man.
The most vulnerable place of a man is there.
Lin Yin sees Song Zhou in pain. Her expression was distorted, so she knew that she had done too much.
In case she kicked Song Zhou out of order, it would affect her because she felt ashamed. Afterwards, Lin Yin stopped struggling.
Song Zhou made all her feet hurt It’s a thing, this is Lin Yin’s first contact with such a thing, and there is an indescribable feeling, but Song Zhou finally stopped being angry. After this incident, Lin Yin kept telling himself how careful he must be. Don’t mess with Song Zhou anymore.
Lin Yin would repeat these two sentences many times to herself every day. Over time, she really did it. During the time she was with Song Zhou, Lin Yin probably figured out his personality.
Temperament When the two of them are talking, as long as no one else is involved, Song Zhou will not be angry. Lin Yin has been paying attention to this since then. If she doesn’t know what to say, she will keep silent, so Song Zhou can’t get angry anymore. There are more and more competitions in Song Zhou’s sophomore school this year.
Others say that sophomore year is the hardest year in college. Song Zhou has now realized that he has participated in many competitions in the school’s modeling team and he is the mainstay.
So he is busier than the average team members. Song Zhou is very good at mathematics. People in the same major fail in high mathematics one after another, but he can easily pass the exam.
People in the same class say that he is a legend. In fact, Song Zhou is special in school. Famous people, many freshman girls tried every means to get Song Zhou’s contact information. For a while, Song Zhou’s roommates took his WeChat account and sold it for 888 yuan at auction, but Song Zhou knew this.
After the incident, he changed his WeChat account. Even the people in the dormitory didn’t know his number. Song Zhou didn’t have any good friends at school.
Even if he was in the same dormitory, he was relatively close, but he wouldn’t get too involved with them. An activity organized by my son, because everyone in this school who knew Song Zhou said he was a high-cold young lady.
After Song Zhou knew this title, he smiled faintly. I don’t mind what they call him.
Anyway, he only sees Lin Yin alone in his eyes. He has been like this since he was born. Lin Yin knows nothing about Song Zhou in school. She always thought that Song Zhou didn’t participate in any activities, but just went to school safely. She didn’t even know that there were a lot of girls chasing Song Zhou at school.
On the same birthday as Song Zhou, the modeling team that Song Zhou was with had just won the competition