On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Today, Song Zhou suddenly asked her to wash the dishes, so she felt that Song Zhou didn’t like her. Oh, I know. Lin Yin replied, and then packed up the bowls and dishes on the table and put them in the sink.
Lin Yin didn’t like her when she washed the dishes. Wearing those plastic gloves, I washed it with bare hands as a matter of course.
In fact, there were only a few dishes, but Lin Yin felt that the process of washing the dishes was very long.
After washing the dishes, she wiped the table and stove, and had to sweep the kitchen and dining room. It was already half an hour after these tasks were done. When Lin Yin was going out, he bumped into Song Zhou who had come out of the shower. She had to pass the bathroom when she returned to the bedroom. Lin Yin originally wanted to avoid Song Zhou, who knew Song Zhou stood in front of her and grabbed her wrists, refusing to let her go. She was still feeling awkward because of washing the dishes just now. The smell of shower gel on Song Zhou made her feel even worse. Don’t touch me.
My hands are dirty, you just took a shower, I will make you dirty, and you are angry with me. Song Zhou picked up Lin Yin’s hand and took a closer look. When he saw the piece of skin where her fingertips were wrinkled by blisters Song Zhou lowered his head and kissed her finger, and I will never let you wash the dishes again.
You are talking nonsense. I don’t believe that he didn’t mention this. Fortunately, when I mentioned this, Lin Yin’s tears came out of the grievance just now. She can cry when she says she’s not too strong. You said you wouldn’t let me do the dishes before, why don’t you let me do the dishes today? Yin wiped the tears from his face. As long as you don’t think about others, I won’t punish you for washing the dishes. I have to take a shower.
I’ll talk about it after I take a shower. Lin Yin feels that his mind is messed up, and I’ll tell him now. Why don’t you come here? Why don’t you just take a bath and think about it? Song Zhou was sitting in the living room waiting for her when Lin Yin was taking a shower.
It’s a boring thing, he just thinks that Lin Yin’s words today can’t be groundless, as expected, after clicking on the text message, the first thing Song Zhou sees is Meng Jingwei, and his note on Lin Yin’s mobile phone is still the same as before. I just overturned the vinegar jar and read the content of the text message. It challenged his patience limit. Meng Jingwei Guoguo still misses you and dreams of you.
Jingwei, I know, but it doesn’t affect me.
I think you Guoguo, you and Song Zhou are not worthy of him being three years younger than you.
Do you know what the concept is? Lin Yin, I know.
I told him about Meng Jingwei.
Let’s try it together, Lin Yin, how will you know if you don’t try it? Meng Jingwei, don’t you feel that you are taking care of a child instead of dating? Lin Yin Song Zhou is indeed still a child, but I believe he will grow up Big Meng Jingwei, can we still be friends? Of course, Lin Yin can. There are still many behind.
two texting The content of Song Zhou is full of fire, such an ambiguous tone, he can’t believe that Lin Yin can’t feel it, and the most outrageous thing is that she still allows Meng Jingwei to call her wife, does she know what these two words mean? He casually messes up It doesn’t matter if she asks her to correct them.
The man next to her is Song Zhou. How about Lin Yin? After taking a bath, Lin Yin reflected on herself for a long time. It happened because she was heartless. If she paid more attention to Song Zhou, she wouldn’t be so angry, so Lin Yin decided to apologize to Song Zhou. Think about it, and it’s normal for Song Zhou to be angry.
If she was a man, he heard My girlfriend will definitely be angry when she cries about her ex-boyfriend. In order to make Song Zhou happy, Lin Yin specially wears his black T-shirt when she comes out of the shower.
She remembers that Song Zhou really likes her wearing it like this. Threats and lures made her dress like this, and then bullied her. Lin Yin walked to the living room in a black shirt.
When Song Zhou saw her outfit, his hand on his side moved slightly. He almost subconsciously went up to hug her, but he held back.
Lin Yin didn’t expect Song Zhou’s attitude to be so indifferent. To be honest, she was a little bit shocked, but after thinking about it, she did such an exaggerated thing.
It’s normal for Song Zhou to ignore her.
She should be fine if she coaxes her again. Lin Yin also gave it up. She went to Song Zhou and sat down, then took his hand and put it on her lap.
She almost used all her strength to do it. Song Zhou, I’m sorry, what happened just now It’s my fault, so don’t ignore me, Lin Yin put her head in front of Song Zhou, blushed and smiled, and said to him that I wore your clothes today, you can bully me whatever you want, just don’t ignore me, Lin Yin even used it, so it can be seen that she is really going all out. If she hadn’t seen those text messages between her and Meng Jingwei, Song Zhou would have forgiven her long ago. His request is not high at all. No way, have you contacted him recently? Song Zhou put his hand between Lin Yin’s legs while touching her while blowing in her ear and told me if he contacted her. After thinking about it for a while, in order not to make Song Zhou unhappy, she still didn’t want to tell him about it.
Thinking of this, Lin Yin shook her head at him, and she said no, I didn’t contact him. Song Zhou’s heart turned cold at that time.
Most of the hands that were about to reach into her panties also stopped to look like this. He was cheated again. Sometimes Song Zhou couldn’t figure out whether Lin Yin was smart or stupid. Say she is smart, and she always does some stupid things. call her stupid