On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Her mind is full of what Wang Jing said to her just now, and she almost couldn’t help crying several times.
It turns out that her first love, which she thought was beautiful, was actually so dirty. When she came home at night, Lin Yin looked at Song Zhou in a daze. Seeing that something was wrong with Lin Yin, he held Lin Yin in his arms and asked her with concern if she had been wronged, Lin Yin Mumu nodded, then she leaned into Song Zhou’s arms and cried, Lin Yin cried hard Tears kept falling down, she really felt that she was a failure in life, she thought that Meng Jingwei was very good and would never do that kind of thing, it turned out that she was really stupid and stupid, and she got along with her for four years People, she can’t see through how there is someone as stupid as her in the world, Song Zhou, I’m so sad, Lin Yin wiped her tears in Song Zhou’s arms and muttered to herself while crying, how could he be like that? I’m so serious with him Why am I so stupid that I didn’t know that he was carrying me and other people behind his back? Song Zhou originally felt very distressed and wanted to comfort her, but when he heard Lin Yin’s words, his expression turned cold in an instant. Are you crying for Meng Jingwei? Chapter 23 Song Zhou originally felt very sorry for Lin Yin.
He thought that she was bullied by others at work, or that she was scolded by the leader for not being good enough to take a little blow when she was at work.
Song Zhou knew all about crying, he was ready to comfort Lin Yin, but who knew she threw herself into his arms and talked to him about Meng Jingwei Song Zhou asked that question with a cold face and asked this After the question, Song Zhou pushed Lin Yin into a corner. He pinched her chin and stared at her.
I’m asking you a question.
Answer me, no. It’s ridiculous to say that it’s inappropriate. She thinks about it. She feels very stupid. Now that Song Zhou is her boyfriend, how can she talk to her boyfriend about this kind of thing? Lin Yin has been here since she was a child.
Her parents always It is because of this that they want Lin Yin and Song Zhou to be together and find someone who knows everything, at least to ensure that she will not be cheated. I just think I am stupid.
I am not crying for him.
Lin Yin really panicked Song Zhou’s look was really scary.
She was afraid that he would do something scary on impulse, so she coaxed him patiently. I, let’s go to eat, the dish you made is so painful, don’t do it like this Song Zhou doesn’t want to listen to Lin Yin’s explanation. Ever since he saw Lin Yin crying so sad because of Meng Jingwei’s incident, there was only one thought left in his head.
I also want Lin Yin to cry for him once, no matter what method is used, so before Lin Yin finished explaining, he started to tear off her clothes and gnaw on her neck randomly Zhou likes to vent his emotions in this way, but before he was afraid of Lin Yin’s pain, he restrained himself every time he wanted to bite her, but this time she provoked him, Lin Yin didn’t cry Later, he was bitten by Song Zhou and cried, he slapped too hard, Lin Yin could feel the blood on her neck, she was really afraid of pain, whenever it hurts, she wanted to cry Song Zhou, I was wrong, please, Lin Yin cried He grabbed his hair and hoped that he would let her go.
When Song Zhou got up, his mouth was full of blood. Seeing Lin Yin’s face full of tears and the bloodstains on her neck one after another, he finally felt a little better.
He raised his hand and lightly touched the wound on Lin Yin’s neck. Lin Yin was in great pain. Seeing Song Zhou reaching out, he subconsciously wanted to hide, but to no avail.
Sister Guoguo was always so disobedient.
Song Zhou pressed her with his finger. Seeing Lin Yin crying, Song Zhou smiled happily.
He bowed his head close to her and gently licked away the tears on her cheek with his tongue. This drop is for me, right Song Zhou? I hate you. Lin Yin yelled at him holding back tears.
Lin Yin knew that what she did was inappropriate today, so she was very guilty.
That’s why she apologized to him so nicely. She endured it but came to poke her wound after biting.
Lin Yin really couldn’t accept it.
She felt that Song Zhou was not jealous because he liked her. He just felt that his things were touched by others.
This kind of mentality is too naive and she hates it. He is dead, Sister Guoguo, I really hate you thinking of other men in front of me I’m stupid, stupid, I shouldn’t have said this to you, but you didn’t believe me, I didn’t cry for him, I explained to you, you didn’t listen to me, and you bit me like this Lin Yin rarely behaved like this in front of Song Zhou Wronging her, she has always regarded herself as an older sister, and would deliberately act like a mature young man in front of him. Occasionally, this was very useful to Song Zhou. It’s not good, Lin Yin didn’t eat much after eating, she just drank a bowl of porridge and took a few mouthfuls of food, she couldn’t finish it, I’m full, go take a shower, you eat first, Lin Yin put down her chopsticks, said hello to Song Zhou, and she’s about to take a bath Song Zhou glanced at her and said coldly, wash the dishes and then take a shower.
Song Zhou’s words made Lin Yin feel inexplicably wronged.
Her eyes and nose were sour. She clearly remembered that Song Zhou said that if she was with him, she would never be together in her life.
They need to do housework.
They have been together for the past few months. They cook, wash dishes, wash clothes and tidy up everything at home. Except for underwear, Lin Yin has nothing to wash by herself.
Sometimes she changes the underwear Song Zhou will wash off the shade with her, and I’m almost used to this kind of life