On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

She didn’t tell Song Zhou about this. Song Zhou will definitely be jealous if he finds out. Then it will be her again. Lin Yin thinks she made a very wise choice.
There are group photos he and Lin Yin took together when they were in love, and the text messages they sent in the past. He has changed his mobile phone three times since he was in college for four years. He has to back up their text messages and photos every time. Meng Jingwei’s attitude towards Lin Yin is true Seriously, if it weren’t for the things that happened after that, the two of them would definitely be able to go on together. It’s a pity that there is no such thing. Now he is forced to be with Wang Jing, and he has no choice.
What are you staring at your phone again, Meng Jingwei? When she was in a daze, Wang Jing came over, she snatched Meng Jingwei’s cell phone, flipped through the text messages on it, and then she was so angry that she dropped Meng Jingwei’s cell phone, why did you drop my cell phone, Meng Jingwei saw that the cell phone was dropped His anger rose slowly, he walked over, picked up the phone, and looked at Wang Jing and yelled at her, I hate it when people touch my things casually, Wang Jing, don’t go too far, I’m a free man, you still talk to Lin Yin contacted, right? You still think about her, right? Wang Jing questioned him with red eyes. Meng Jingwei, do you have a conscience? I died for you once and you still think about your ex-girlfriend.
Even if you commit suicide again, I still only have Lin Yin in my heart, and I only think about her when I do it with you. After a long pause, he continued to say that if you can’t stand it, you should break up with me as soon as possible, don’t waste time on me, I’ve loved Lin Yin all my life, and I’m not. Wang Jing yelled at Meng Jingwei, you give me Waiting for me will definitely make you regret it. Wang Jing left Meng Jingwei’s house after leaving this sentence.
She drove to her father’s company and went directly to the secretariat to find Lin Yin.
That’s right, the company Lin Yin works for is Wang Jing Her father drove it, but Lin Yin didn’t know about Wang Jing at all, nor did she know about the relationship between Wang Jing and Meng Jingwei. After knowing that Lin Yin worked here, Wang Jing secretly visited it a few times. She just wanted to see if Meng Jingwei liked it. How good-looking is she, but she doesn’t think that Lin Yin is better than her. Lin Yin is really too ordinary. She has ordinary looks, ordinary clothes, and more ordinary clothes. How can a girl like this be liked by men? When Lin Yin was sorting out documents in the office, Wang Jing rushed in.
Wang Jing was not a particularly aggressive girl.
She dragged Lin Yin from the office to the corridor before questioning her.
Lin Yin was always in a daze all the way She didn’t even know who Wang Jing was.
She felt awkward being dragged by a stranger like this. After stopping in the corridor, Lin Yin tentatively asked her who are you? Jingwei’s girlfriend, Wang Jing, is not a person who can beat around the bush. When Lin Yin asked her, she revealed her identity.
This answer stunned Lin Yin for a while.
For a second, she felt a little uncomfortable. She didn’t know why, but she didn’t show it. Lin Yin still asked Wang Jing very politely. What can I do for you? Please tell me quickly that I still have a lot of work to do.
Wang Jing said it was very simple. I hope you don’t contact Meng Jingwei again, even if he takes the initiative to contact you, don’t bother him now that the two of you have no relationship and there is no need to contact Lin Yin thinks Wang Jing’s request is too much and she just agreed After we got Meng Jingwei, we still became friends with him. If she agreed to Wang Jing now, wouldn’t that mean nothing? If you are friends with him, I know you are worried that I will reconcile with him or I will take the initiative to contact him or something. I can assure you that I will not reconcile with him. Friends, you don’t need to think of me as your threat Wang Jing certainly won’t listen to Lin Yin’s guarantee, in her view ex-girlfriend’s guarantee is worthless unless they really cut off contact, otherwise the threat will always be there, I think you are a little bit It’s too simple, do you know what Meng Jingwei has done behind your back? Wang Jing looked at Lin Yin and smiled sarcastically. You must not know. If you knew, you probably would never contact him again in this life. Jing spoke in such a tone, Lin Yin suddenly felt scalp numb, she always felt that what Wang Jing said next might destroy all her beliefs all the time.
Just when she thought this way, Wang Jing had already opened her mouth, she said, are you just Don’t want to know how Meng Jingwei and I met? Lin Yin said that you, an ex-girlfriend, are sad enough. Lin Yin’s heart beats fast, but she can only pretend to be calm and interrupt Wang Jing. She said, I don’t want to know you now.
It’s useless to talk about the past, do you think it’s useful for you to escape? Hahahaha Lin Yin, I’ve slept with him before the two of you broke up The smile on Wang Jing’s face is getting more and more distorted. The two of you haven’t been together for four years, haha.
It’s a pity that you have no chance. He tried his best to get rid of me and stay with you. How could I let him As I wished, I committed suicide once.
He was trained by my family to be almost inhuman. He wanted you to comfort him that night, but you broke up with him.
If you cooperate with me, you can’t pry the corner of the wall. Don’t say it anymore.
Lin Yin interrupted Wang Jing’s words with a trembling voice.
I don’t want to hear it anymore.
I don’t want to listen to it anymore.