On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

She raised her head and looked at Song Zhou, as if she was caught doing something bad, and explained to him in panic, no, no, no, I didn’t look at that, I just ordered it casually, I didn’t think about it, don’t get me wrong though It’s too much to explain, but Lin Yin just couldn’t help explaining that she didn’t want Song Zhou to think that she was the kind of person who longed for that. It sounded weird.
Song Zhou stared at Lin Yin for a while, then lay down next to her and took advantage of her. Inadvertently, Song Zhou took out her mobile phone from the back.
He clicked on the post that Lin Yin had read just now, picked a line at random, and began to read, remembering that casual teasing is more attractive to men than direct and presumptuous seduction. Just read it. Lin Yin covered his mouth with her hands after she finished her sentence, she blushed and looked at Song Zhou, please don’t read it, okay? If she didn’t read the post, Song Zhou wouldn’t have discovered it.
Now it’s really embarrassing. Song Zhou must feel that she is very dishonest. When Lin Yin’s hand covered it, Song Zhou smelled a unique fragrance from her body. I have been reading it until now, every time I smell it, I will feel very desire. He sticks out his tongue and licks Lin Yin on her palm.
Song Zhou’s hand, which was itchy by Song Zhou’s action, let go of it.
Song Zhou took the opportunity to grab Lin Yin Grabbing her hand, she turned over and pressed her down to the bottom of Lin Yin’s body. The shoulder strap of the small sling that Lin Yin was wearing had already fallen off one side, revealing what should be exposed and what should not be exposed. Song Zhou lowered his head and pressed his face against her chest. Take a deep breath, I will be excited when I smell it Seriously, she grabbed Song Zhou’s hand and looked at him with blurred eyes After listening to Zhou, he was more satisfied than ever.
He had been expecting Lin Yin to talk to him like this for a long time. In the dream he had when he was adolescence, Lin Yin always spoke in this tone.
Sister Guoguo, I will come to save you soon, Song Zhou. Kissing Lin Yin’s ear, saying this sentence, and then it started. This time, Lin Yin finally understood what other people mean by “satisfaction”.
The feeling of being filled, thrown into the clouds and falling is really exciting Everything is under his control. This is the first time that Lin Yin completely trusts Song Zhou and unconditionally. Although the weather is very hot, Song Zhou still sleeps with his arms around Lin Yin all night. When they wake up, both of them are sticky. Song Zhou will definitely feel dirty, but today he only feels satisfied, and he is not afraid to say it out of embarrassment. Since childhood, his biggest dream is to be a lifelong husband and wife with Lin Yin. He really has no pursuit of career and future. Lin Yin is in Song Zhou’s arms. As soon as she woke up, she saw Song Zhou staring at her obsessively, thinking about what happened last night Qing Linyin was ashamed in an instant, uh, let me go and take a bath, Sister Guoguo, you really have no conscience Song Zhou leaned in Lin Yin’s ear and accused her wrongly of leaving me alone when she ran out of it, I’m so sad Song Zhou’s tone made Lin Yin There was a burst of guilt in Yin’s heart, it was that kind of real sad, it sounded like she was going to cry in the next second, when he said Lin Yin like that, he felt like he was really going too far, so she quickly hugged Song Zhou back, “I don’t really want to” No, let’s take a bath together, see if this works? Song Zhou laughed immediately. He took Lin Yin all the way to the bathroom.
The two of them took a bath together early in the morning. After falling into his tricks, she was regretful at the time.
She wondered how stupid she was. Why did she always jump into the hole Song Zhou dug for her? Lin Yin and Song Zhou stayed at home. In mid-August, the two of them went back to Qingdao together. During this month, the relationship between Lin Yin and Song Zhou became better and better.
Unknowingly, she became more and more dependent on Song Zhou. That’s why Lin Yin She will choose to go back with Song Zhou. She decided that before Song Zhou graduated, she would work in Qingdao. When Song Zhou graduated, she would go with Song Zhou. Maybe it was because she had to rely on Lin Yin to find a job, and she didn’t have so many requirements.
She thought that as long as she could spend a month, Song Zhou would always tell her that it would be fine if she didn’t find a job, even if she didn’t graduate, he would still be able to support her. Together, I really want to hear him say such things, but he doesn’t have him. He has been urging her to work hard.
No matter how hard or tired, she has to climb up the tree shade.
She is not the kind of person who does not seek to make progress. She also knows that people want to go to high places, but It takes time. She can’t suddenly become that kind of person who is particularly successful at work.
This time, Lin Yin is looking for a relatively leisurely job as a secretary in a medium-sized company.
Apart from opening new projects, she will be busy for a few days.
I usually spend most of my time free, and this job doesn’t have to go out to discuss business and be drunk. She thinks it’s right. Song Zhou also thinks it’s right. Lin Yin and Song Zhou rented a house not far from their school.
Zhou doesn’t live in school anymore, he comes back here after class. When he doesn’t have class at night, he will prepare dinner for Lin Yin and eat it when she comes back from work. In fact, Lin Yin will still receive a call from Meng Jingwei after she comes to Qingdao. The phone call or the text message Meng Jingwei said that he didn’t want to reconcile with her extravagantly, but just wanted to remain friends with her. Lin Yin thought about it and said it’s okay, one more friend is one more way, and Meng Jingwei is really kind Not bad, it would be interesting to be a friend. Lin Yin was already ashamed of him, of course she wouldn’t refuse this request, but