On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Song Zhou ignored Lin Yin, opened her mobile phone, and read all the recent calls and text messages.
In the inbox, there was only one person’s text message.
That person’s name in the address book was him. Song Zhou glanced at the text messages they sent. The content roughly knows the relationship between this person and Lin Yin, either it is the person she has a crush on or her boyfriend Song Zhou took off the back cover of Lin Yin’s mobile phone, pulled out the SIM card, put it in his trouser pocket, and then threw her mobile phone into the pocket. On the bed next to her, Lin Yin stared at him with wide eyes and asked angrily, what do you want? Do you still respect people? Song Zhou suddenly lowered his head and bit her neck hard. Now that my account has been deleted. Then there is no need to use Sister Guoguo’s number anymore. Song Zhou let her go after biting a row of tooth marks on Lin Yin’s neck. The smile on his face was the same as before.
Having no idea what to do, he could only look at him indignantly. Song Zhou was amused by Lin Yin’s appearance. He picked up the volunteer form from the table and handed it to her, changing his tone with an extremely relaxed tone.
All the schools are sister Guoguo from Qingdao. We may go to school together this year.
Like you, I took the college entrance examination at the age of 21.
He repeated the grade and re-elected arts and sciences. Of course, Lin Yin knows that Lin Yin really thinks there is something wrong with Song Zhou.
I just heard from the neighbors at the door.
He scored more than 600 points in the test, and this score can be studied in Tsinghua University if he stays in Beijing.
Why did he go to Qingdao? Is it because of her? Isn’t it such an exaggeration? This recognition makes Lin Yin a little breathless. Unable to respond, I calmed down my emotions.
Lin Yin persuaded Song Zhou not to do things that he regretted because of impulsiveness. At your age, children don’t know how to get good grades. It’s the best choice to stay in Beijing and go to university. You are not allowed to use this.
Song Zhou frowned and looked at her.
I’ve said it many times.
I’m much more mature than you think.
I’m 21 years younger. Every immature person thinks he’s very mature. Lin Yin retorted him.
Sister Guo, Song Zhou grabbed her wrist again, he approached her bit by bit, and finally stopped at her mouth, bowed his head and touched her lips lightly. Do I have to prove to you that I am not a child? Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Song Zhou hates being called a child by Lin Yin. He hates being described by a woman he likes.
Few men can accept it.
When he kissed Lin Yin just now, Song Zhou felt her body tremble slightly.
I’m so proud to see that he’s not a child anymore. A child kisses her like this, is she so excited? Lin Yin didn’t expect Song Zhou to kiss him at this time, so he stuck his lips up without any precaution.
After realizing it, Song Zhou had already Leaving Lin Yin looked at him with a little more impatience in your eyes, you can’t finish Song Zhou, if you do this again, I will tell your parents Lin Yin raised his hand and wiped his mouth I don’t like it, you never will I like you. Song Zhou saw Lin Yin say this with such an expression, his eyes instantly turned cold. He pulled Lin Yin’s hand over and interlocked his fingers tightly. After she refused to let her leave, Song Zhou began to smile innocently again.
It’s okay, Guoguo’s feelings can be cultivated slowly.
Song Zhou raised his other hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead for her, and then he put his hand in front of his nose.
Sniff, sniff, um, it’s actually a very common smell of sweat, but he still thinks it smells good, as long as you have a new understanding of me, don’t treat me like a child anymore, and this summer vacation, you are my shade, I feel like I’m about to be given by Song Zhou What does it mean to have a new understanding of him? She had a new understanding of him a long time ago, okay? Before high school, Lin Yin always thought that Song Zhou was an obedient and sensible child, but since he was so serious with her After the confession, Lin Yin’s perception of Song Zhou was completely overturned, and when she thought of the name Song Zhou, she would feel an inexplicable annoyance. I always thought that she knew Song Zhou very well. The relationship between the two of them was like a brother and sister. She had been hypnotizing herself like this for the first ten years, but then one day, the person she regarded as her biological brother suddenly told her that I have a relationship with you. Qing not only said so, but also proved it with his actions. Who can not respond to this matter? Lin Yin has never dared to think deeply about this matter in the past few years. She doesn’t even know when Song Zhou started to have such feelings for her. The way Zhou expresses his emotions is too naked. Lin Yin is a very well-behaved person. Lin Yin really can’t accept the way he pursues so enthusiastically. Just imagine that the little kid in your eyes suddenly said such words to you one day. Everyone will accept it. Incompetent though Song Zhou was already nineteen years old at that time, remembering all the shadows in the past, he struggled more and more fiercely, his psychological defense line was breached, tears began to form in his eyes unconsciously, Song Zhou lowered his head and kissed her when he saw her tears Why is Sister Guoguo crying? Don’t cry, I feel sorry for Song Zhou.
When he put his lips to her ear and talked, the warm breath was on her ear. The goosebumps on his tightly clasped fingers also started to cool down. His fingertips were as cold as if he had just played in the snow.
Song Zhou Linyin took a deep breath and mustered up the courage to call his name. Song Zhou said yes what’s wrong Sister, I beg you, please don’t bother me, okay? Lin Yin glanced down at the two of them’s tightly clasped hands, and his emotions almost collapsed.
I have a boyfriend, and I like him very much. We’ve known each other since we were young.
For the sake of it, please don’t make any more mistakes. Don’t make me hate you. Lin Yin was already crying while talking.
After all, she’s a girl whose psychological endurance is not very good.
It’s not normal not to cry when encountering such a thing. Song Zhou is not like that. Gently wipe away the tears on the face of the tree shade as before