On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Song Zhou touched Lin Yin’s thigh and looked up at her with a smile. I can sing to you whatever she wants to hear. Isn’t it tiring to sing so high? There’s one thing I haven’t asked you yet. Song Zhou stared at Lin Yin for a while and suddenly remembered that when she introduced him to her classmates, she said he was her younger brother. When she remembered Song Zhou He pulled Lin Yin onto his lap and told her to sit down with her legs apart.
Why don’t you just tell them that I am your boyfriend’s younger brother? Do you think there is a younger brother who treats her sister like this? He asked while touching her with his hand His fingers became wet after a while.
Song Zhou picked it up and took a look.
He asked her sister what would happen because of her younger brother? Lin Yin was tortured by Song Zhou so much that she wanted to cry without tears. She grabbed Song Zhou’s collar and grabbed you hard. He was originally my younger brother, I mean he used to be my younger brother, good Guoguo sister Song Zhou bit her ear punitively, your first time was taken away by younger brother, after that you have to tell others like this Song Zhou this time Before Lin Yin arrived, she took out her hand.
Lin Yin felt that her body was too empty.
The feeling of insatiable desire made her feel uncomfortable. When Song Zhou was about to pull her away, Lin Yin grabbed Song Zhou’s hand.
What’s wrong with her arm? Sister Guoguo doesn’t want to go home? Lin Yin doesn’t know what’s wrong with her, she just doesn’t feel well. I miss the feeling before. It turns out that what he said is true, but after a few times, she can’t forget that feeling. Even wanting more and more. Song Zhou Linyin took a deep breath and tried to calm her voice.
She came down and looked at Song Zhou.
My parents are not at home tonight. Can you sleep with me? I am afraid that Lin Yin will definitely not be able to bear it if she thinks about Song Zhou spending the night with her, so that she doesn’t have to be ashamed to beg him to do that to her. He will come back by himself after that, well, let’s go home first Song Zhou nodded solemnly, he stretched out his hand and put his arms around Lin Yin’s waist, when he felt her trembling, Song Zhou asked her why she was shaking so badly, Sister Guoguo, are you okay? Are you comfortable? No, let’s go home quickly.
How could it be possible for Lin Yin to tell Song Zhou that she was not feeling well? If she had to say, she must not lose her life.
In fact, why did Lin Yin behave like this? It seems that he succeeded. On the way back, Lin Yin kept biting her lip and didn’t speak. Although the uncomfortable feeling was not as serious as before, it was still a little bit. After returning home, Lin Yin went to take a shower.
It was what Song Zhou did to her just now. Thinking about it, she started to feel wrong again.
Lin Yin took a shower as fast as she could, and then came out of the bathroom wearing a suspender nightgown.
When she went out, Song Zhou was sitting on the sofa.
Lin Yin bit his lips and snatched the phone from his hand, you should wash it quickly Let’s take a bath. It’s so late.
I want to sleep. Song Zhou deliberately pretends to be stupid.
You can sleep if you want to sleep. Anyway, I can sleep on the sofa and take a shower later. You can go to sleep.
It will wake me up, you go wash it or it will affect my sleep quality Sister Song Zhou Guoguo yesterday when you were sleeping, I vacuumed up your bedroom and you didn’t wake up The excuse is so stupid, she can’t wake her up when the sky is falling when she’s sleeping Anyway, if you are in my house, you have to listen to me. I tell you to do it whenever you want. You can do whatever you want. Do you know? Ah, what happened to him today? How about I go back to my house? Song Zhou stood up from the sofa and pretended to leave. He said to Lin Yin, sister Guoguo, if you want to drive me away, just say so, and I will leave immediately. Seeing that Song Zhou was about to leave, Lin Yin was completely anxious, she hugged him directly from behind and put her head on his back, don’t go, don’t go, Song Zhou, I think, I want Song Zhou to ask what you want, if you don’t tell me, how would I know? Lin Yin gritted her teeth and said, I want to sleep with you Chapter 22 Chapter 22 Lin Yin is really willing to go all out, otherwise she would never be able to say such a thing, she blushed after she said this He was about to bleed. This is the first time she took the initiative to keep Song Zhou.
Song Zhou’s eyes lit up when he heard Lin Yin say this. He turned around, looked at Lin Yin innocently, and continued to ask her what do you want me to do? Sleeping with you under the quilt? Lin Yin blushed and nodded. She was really uncomfortable. Grabbed Song Zhou’s wrist and discussed with him in a low voice, can you take a bath now? Song Zhou is finally satisfied. He thinks Lin Yin was already relaxed enough, so I didn’t make it difficult for her to go to the bed and wait for me. Lin Yin went back to the bedroom with peace of mind when she heard the sound of water in the bathroom. She was lying on the bed, nervous and looking forward to her taking out her mobile phone to go to Douban’s group. I found a few posts to read, probably to teach girls how to use body language to talk to their boyfriends about their needs. Lin Yin looked very seriously and didn’t even hear Song Zhou coming in.
Song Zhou walked up to Lin Yin and leaned over his head to glance at the screen.
The scale of the content is too big. Song Zhou thought it was too unhealthy just after reading a few lines, but the name of the post gave him a sense of accomplishment.
What are you doing? Are you preparing for lessons? After Lin Yin heard Song Zhou’s voice, she immediately stuffed her phone behind her back.